Cosmetology in Moscow: a rating of doctors and clinics

Visiting cosmetologist recently more and more is turning from a kind of luxury for the elite to a familiar procedure for everyone who loves himself and wants to look as good as possible. However, the science of beauty remains for many an uncharted and mysterious area, and the problem of choosing a doctor and institution is still acute. What is the basis of cosmetology as a science? Which Moscow clinics are recognized as the best and in what directions? Which doctors of the capital deserve the general recognition due to their professionalism?

Key directions of

There are 2 main types of cosmetology - decorative and medical. In the first case, the measures are aimed at improving the appearance without significant interference in the structure of tissues and organs. These include staining and correction of the shape of the eyebrows, permanent make-up, eyelash extensions and curling, various depilation methods, piercing, facial massage, henna tattoos.

Medical cosmetology is engaged in deeper and more thorough work on the appearance of the client. The peculiarity of this trend in cosmetology is that a graduate doctor who has received a special education in this sphere is in charge of solving the problem. Here the methods are aimed at improving the structure of the skin, eliminating age-related changes, correcting certain parts of the face, if their form does not suit the client. Medical cosmetology uses physiotherapeutic, surgical and anti-aging techniques. Among its means - lifting, various peelings, rejuvenating procedures with the help of ultrasound, micro-grinding, mesotherapy.

medical cosmetology

The best metropolitan clinics

Despite the conditions of high competition in which cosmetology is located in Moscow, the rating has been steadily headed by practically the same centers and clinics for several years. This is due to the high quality of the services provided and the constant work on raising the level of qualifications. Among the best cosmetic institutions of the capital, the following can be singled out: "Strauss" salon, Clazko Clinic group, Frau Klinik, "A Clinic", "CM Cosmetology", Beauty Trend, Moscow's Grand Clinic and Stolitsa chain.

"Strauss" salon

Beauty and aesthetic cosmetology shop "Strauss" is located in Moscow on Neopalimovskiy pereulok, 8. One of the priority directions of the clinic's work is aesthetic cosmetology. Moscow has long known "Strauss" as a luxury-class salon, since its services are enjoyed not only by residents of the capital, but also by customers from abroad. cosmetology in moscow rating

This institution is a clinic of non-surgical rejuvenation. Procedures are performed without surgery, but the quality of their conduct allows you to achieve no less impressive results. Among the main anti-aging procedures of the salon are cryotherapy and cryolifting, which is based on the effect of cold on the skin. A pleasant news for many will be that injection techniques of rejuvenation, such as botox, restylane and dysport, in the "Strauss" salon are painless, and all thanks to the use of special soft cannulas. For this reason, the specialists of the clinic underwent special training in France.


This cosmetology clinic is part of the developed network of medical institutions "SM-Clinic".It is located at: ul. Cosmonaut Volkov, 9/2, m. "Voikovskaya".The institution has 17 equipped offices and has more than 40 employees. The clinic provides a wide range of services, a special place among which is laser cosmetology. Moscow had the opportunity to assess the quality of the work of specialists in this field, beginning in 2010.To date, the clinic uses a laser in three versions: on the Fraxel DUAL, Duetto Quanta System and a fractional CO2 laser. The choice of methodology is individual for each client, while the prices for procedures do not change much, regardless of the technique used. Rejuvenation with Fraxel DUAL will cost from 5000 r., Duetto Quanta - from 4000 r., CO2-laser - from 4000 r.

Clinic of Plastic Surgery "Klazko"

This institution is located in Moscow on the street. Malaya Gruzinskaya, d. 20/13.The main profile of the clinic is surgical correction of appearance, but the list of services includes cosmetic."Klazko" exists on the market for more than 15 years and does not stop at its work. Numerous reviews indicate that this is the best cosmetology in Moscow. best cosmetology in moscow

The unique technique used in this clinic is dermal radio wave optical thermolysis( DROT).This method goes far ahead of conventional laser correction. The capabilities of the apparatus allow a specialist to combine the effects of a fractional laser and a radio frequency pulse( thermal wave).Innovation consists in the fact that it is possible to work through all the layers of skin that need correction. The synthesis of collagen in the thickness of the dermis is also stimulated. The price corresponds to the quality of the procedure - for example, the processing of the frontal area will cost 15 000 rubles, the total face - 36 000 rubles.

Frau Klinik

This clinic was founded by two outstanding plastic surgeons - Professor SN Blokhin and Dr. IA Wulf. Both specialists have accumulated vast experience in surgical correction of appearance. SN Blokhin has more than 30-year practice of mammoplasty. IA Wulff specializes in maxillofacial surgery and rhinoplasty.

Frau Klinik is a modern multidisciplinary center that provides high-level aesthetic medicine services. Good reviews also come about injecting cosmetology. Clients address to the institution on such issues: contour plasty, introduction of botox, biorevitalization, mesotherapy and filament lifting. The Cosmetology Clinic also offers an advanced Japanese preparation "Laennek" as an alternative to Botox. This means gives, in addition to the local anti-aging, also immunostimulating and general health-improving effect. Prices for intradermal injection of the drug "Laennek" - from 2 900 rubles. aesthetic cosmetology You can make an appointment at Frau Klinik by phone: +7( 495) 120-06-10( call center) and +7( 495) 532-47-62.The clinic is located on the "Prospekt Mira" metro station, st.55.

The network of clinics "Capital"

"Capital" is a high-class cosmetology in Moscow, whose rating does not fall with the years. Exclusive medical technologies and the latest developments of the world's leading companies are used here. The clinic "Stolitsa" employs specialists from European and American cosmetology centers, invited doctors from Israel and, of course, Russian doctors with many years of experience. Here the opportunity of free first consultation is given - a rare exception for establishing such a level. laser cosmetology

The Department of Cosmetology of the Stolitsa Clinic is located on the Arbat at Bolshoy Vlasyevsky Pereulok, 9, but the specialists Natalia Novikova, Maria Osipova and Maya Sarayeva also receive a reception at the Leninsky branch( address: Leninsky Prospekt, 90,"Vernadsky avenue").

Medical, therapeutic and laser cosmetology services are provided in the medical center, injection procedures are performed, there is an opportunity to receive a consultation of a trichologist. In the clinic, there are always actions and discounts on procedures. The price policy takes into account the possibilities of different strata of the population - for example, a lifting mask for rejuvenation can be made for 950 rubles. Oxygenate therapy for the improvement of skin condition will cost 4,000 rubles.

American approach

"A Clinic" is a cosmetology in Moscow, whose rating can hold top positions thanks to the name itself. It stands for "American Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetology and Dermatology."This institution was one of the first in the capital, where the cellular technologies of rejuvenation, fractional photothermolysis and thermolifting were applied, which then became the basis in the practice of rejuvenation.

The thoughtful approach to the client begins already with the diagnostic procedure. The special scanning complex "Vizia" determines the skin condition with accuracy, and then the decision is made on the necessary measures of treatment. Diagnosis of problems "by eye" does not exist here.

Of the latest innovations used in the "A Clinic", I would like to highlight the Swiss-designed plasma lifting regenLab. This technology gives instant wrinkle smoothing, without requiring a long recovery period, in addition, it is anti-allergic. Lifting is done by a plasma derived from the patient's own blood, so the procedure is completely safe. Lifting RegenLab is indicated for wrinkles of any degree of depth.

You can make an appointment for a consultation at the "A Clinic" at +7( 495) 781 73 72.

International Grand Clinic

Apparatus, therapeutic, injection cosmetology, physiotherapy and nutritionist's help - such a complex of services provides cosmetology in Moscow, whose rating ranks first among the capital's institutions. Grand Clinic is an international network of clinics and, thanks to the constant exchange of experience with foreign partners, applies advanced methods of treatment in its work. Cosmetology Center in Moscow

Only this center of cosmetology in Moscow makes it possible to undergo the procedure of rejuvenation with the new AFT-technology, which combines a striking rejuvenating effect with a careful attitude towards the skin. Customers are also offered AFT-depilation, which in this performance is completely painless. The prices for these services are quite affordable. AFT-rejuvenation of the cheek will cost 4,000 rubles, in the forehead area - 4,000 rubles., Faces fully - 9,000 rubles. Not so much for the stunning appearance!

Beauty Trend Clinic

One of the flagship institutions among cosmetic clinics in Moscow. Her clients are many famous personalities and show business stars, which in itself confirms the high level and worthy quality of services. The clinic's physician Elena Fedyakova most recently led Top Moscow's top experts in the field of injectable cosmetology.

One of the promising areas used in BeautyTrend is the Endoret plasmotherapy. This is a natural and atraumatic technique for rejuvenating the skin of the face. The composition of the drug includes plasma, which contains high concentrations of growth factors. After its introduction, wrinkles noticeably decrease, moistening of the skin rises several times and becomes deeper, an acne develops, cicatricial changes( post-acne) decrease. With it, you can also treat hair loss and restore the skin after surgery. The cost of 1 session - from 23 000 rubles.depending on the duration and intensity of the course.

Training profession

Specialty of your dreams - cosmetology? Training of this profession can be done on courses that are regularly held in Moscow. Despite the fact that cosmetology and medicine are theoretically and practically closely interconnected areas of knowledge, you can get a profession in the beauty industry without a doctor's diploma.

The capital provides a wide variety of places to study. Professional Institute of Aesthetics in Moscow has a separate department for the training of cosmetologists, both with medical education, and without. The course program will differ in these cases, but all students will need the knowledge necessary for the work. cosmetology training

Taking into account the different directions of modern cosmetology, the training includes several levels and programs. Without a medical education, you can take courses on correction and coloring of the eyebrows, eyelash extensions, master the methods of depilation and hair removal, to study permanent make-up. The technology of chemical peelings is also taught.

Those who have already received medical education can learn more serious methods of face and body care. For them, developed courses of mesotherapy, apparatus cosmetology, biorevitalization. Also, those with a medical diploma have the opportunity to learn a therapeutic massage.