Granulose pharyngitis: treatment, causes, symptoms. Treatment of granulosa pharyngitis folk remedies

Granulose pharyngitis is a complex disease of the pharynx. It is characterized by severe damage to the mucous membrane and lymph nodes. Such an ailment causes an infection. It rarely occurs in isolated form. It is often combined with other diseases of the respiratory system that occur acute form. In this article, we will try to understand what granulosis pharyngitis is. Symptoms, treatment of adults and children will also be considered.

Causes of the disease

Granulose pharyngitis begins to develop if there are two main components: a hereditary predisposition to such a disease and a harmful environment. Therefore, if someone has pathology among relatives, it is necessary to take seriously any diseases of the throat.

granulosa pharyngitis treatment

In addition, granulosis pharyngitis, the treatment of which we will consider below, can trigger the following factors:

  • sluggish diseases of the nasal sinuses;
  • smoking;
  • constant interaction of mucous respiratory organs with dust and gases;
  • caries, sinusitis, complicated rhinitis, tonsillitis;
  • Alcohol consumption;
  • infection of the nasopharynx with various viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause the development of the inflammatory process;
  • damage to the nasal septum or abnormal development of the nasal cavity;
  • permanent presence in rooms with low humidity.

If you have granulosis pharyngitis, you should immediately call your doctor. If you ignore this disease, then on the walls of the pharynx begin to form fibrous films. They arise as a result of death of leukocyte cells, because of which the inflammatory process is difficult to treat. After this, granules begin to form, affecting the trigeminal nerve. The patient is tormented by a painful cough, which contributes to the occurrence of severe pain in the throat. In addition, pharyngitis of any form is very contagious. It is necessary to isolate the sick person from the collective.

Symptoms of

This disease occurs most often in chronic form. Its symptoms are manifested as follows:

  • in the throat arises, it does not pass for a long time;
  • feels a sore throat when swallowing;
  • pierces a paroxysmal, painful cough;
  • in the throat is formed viscous mucus, which is very difficult to cough.

granulosa pharyngitis symptoms treatment

These are the symptoms of chronic granulosis pharyngitis. Treatment should be conducted as soon as possible. It is also necessary to continuously implement preventive measures, especially during seasonal colds, then the risk of relapse is minimized.


Granulose pharyngitis, whose treatment depends on the nature of the course, is diagnosed without difficulty only if carried out under the guidance of an experienced doctor. Since this disease can be confused with tonsillitis. With the usual pharyngitis, the entire pharyngeal tissue becomes inflamed. A granular form is characterized by thickening of the mucosa and the presence of red nodules. To diagnose this disease, the patient is taken smears to identify the infection that caused inflammation. A general blood and urine test is also used to assess the condition of the body.

treatment of granulosa pharyngitis in adults

Conservative treatment of the disease

Treatment of granulosa pharyngitis in adults should be controlled by an otolaryngologist, and this should be done in a comprehensive manner. Most often, the chronic form is treated with conservative methods, including the use of medications and the conduct of physiotherapy procedures, thanks to which the positive result quickly comes. Rinse throat is the most effective method of pharyngitis treatment. For this, broths of herbs are used, as well as alcohol diluted with water.

granulosa pharyngitis treatment symptoms of adults

To eliminate the granules that cover the laryngeal mucosa, a cauterization method using iodine-based preparations based on water, trichloroacetic acid and protargol is used. To dilute the thick mucus that accumulates on the walls, inhalations are used based on such medicinal herbs as chamomile, eucalyptus and sage containing oily-alkaline substances. Thanks to this method of treatment, not only the elimination of mucus occurs, but also the destruction of pathogenic bacteria is ensured.

If granulose pharyngitis has been diagnosed, the treatment is carried out with the help of maintenance vitamin therapy. The most suitable option is to choose only a doctor who is familiar with the history of the disease. To get rid of pathogenic microflora and improve immunity, use antibacterial and antiviral drugs in conjunction with anti-inflammatory and homeopathic remedies.

Surgical treatment of

In case of a disease such as granulosis pharyngitis, the symptoms whose treatment we are considering now can be very damaging to the mucous membrane. In this case, an operation is performed to remove the overgrown tissue sections. Do this with a laser. This allows you to quickly get rid of formations and outgrowths.

granulosa pharyngitis in a child treatment

Laser operation is absolutely safe and painless. The peculiarity of such treatment lies in the fact that granular and overgrown areas of the mucous tissue carry out a pinpoint effect without damaging the healthy surface. Almost immediately, the plaques begin to decrease noticeably and the intensity of the inflammatory process decreases.

Treatment of granulosis pharyngitis with folk remedies

This disease will be much faster if you take the help of traditional medicine in addition. Here are the most popular and effective recipes. For example, propolis is very good in pharyngitis. To make the tincture, it is crushed and poured into a small container with water. Thus, it will be cleared of impurities that need to be drained. Then 30 g of pure propolis is mixed with 100 g of alcohol and insisted for a week. During this time, it should be shaken several times. After this, the tincture is filtered and combined with glycerin or peach oil in a 1: 2 ratio. The resulting mixture is smeared with inflamed mucous once a day. Therapy lasts about 10 days.

chronic granulosis pharyngitis symptoms treatment

Mukaltin with milk also helps well. Three tablets of this natural drug are dissolved in 100 g of warm milk and add there two drops of iodine. The mixture is drunk before bedtime for 10 days. In addition, it is useful to bury the nose in the nose of aloe or calanchoe. In this case, the ripped sheets must be wrapped in a bag and placed in a refrigerator for 72 hours. After that, they squeeze out the juice and dig it into the nose in such a way that it flows directly into the throat. You can make useful inhalations from decoction cones or pine needles, as well as marigolds with sage. Such a procedure well reduces pain and disinfects the throat.

Granulose pharyngitis in a child

Children are especially difficult to tolerate this disease, because a viscous secret in the larynx prevents the baby from breathing normally, and he can not cough it out yet. Because of a painful cough, the child can not eat and sleep normally.

treatment of granulosa pharyngitis folk remedies

If the diagnosis of "granulosis pharyngitis" was diagnosed, the toddler must undergo a comprehensive examination to identify other underlying ailments. It is advisable to visit doctors of other specialties, and not just one otolaryngologist. When the diagnosis of "granulosis pharyngitis" in a child, treatment should be as follows:

  • reception of vitamins to support the body;
  • lubrication of the larynx or gargling with herbal tinctures or antibacterial drugs;
  • inhalation with herbal infusions and decoctions;
  • exclusion from the diet of baby products that are capable of causing allergies, such as citrus, chocolate and others;
  • moxibustion of laryngeal granules.

Although surgical intervention is considered to be a very effective method of treatment, but it can not provide a guarantee of preventing the recurrence of pharyngitis.


Thus, we found out what granulose pharyngitis is. Treatment of such a disease is carried out in different ways, and it must be done in a timely and correct manner. Otherwise, the inflammatory process can cause various complications.