Theta waves for healing and sleep

Often in desperate situations, people begin to rely on themselves, rather than on newfangled inventions and medical advances. So it happened in the situation with Vianna Stybl, who was seriously ill and could not wait for help from official medicine. Cope with the disease was very difficult, and the woman was on the verge of death. She relied on higher powers and was able to create a system of self-help and healing, based on theta waves. What is it and how does it work? Not everyone will understand. theta waves

The unique method of

When we feel bad, we can complain aloud to life, thus recognizing our bad luck, a black streak. There is a theory that thoughts that go into space become material. That is, complaining about the lack of money, we deprive ourselves of money, since we give ourselves such an installation. Think, is this the result you get complaints?

But to create favorable conditions for interaction with the Cosmos can be through the practice of expanding consciousness. In this case, our brain switches to the desired frequency, and physically we are tuning to a more optimal way of functioning of the body. Here is the very state of deep relaxation that generates theta waves of the brain.

Often this condition leads to falling asleep. It is also possible to fix this state at dawn, when dreams become light and scrappy and the line between wakefulness and sleep is blurred. It is in such moments that you can set yourself up for healing from any ailment. The assumption, of course, is very tempting. Now we need to find out what to do for this? theta brain waves

What is this

? So, theta waves are the boundary between consciousness and the subconscious. If you learn to control it, you can get the opportunity to influence the powerful part of the subconscious, which is usually inaccessible to us. There is a certain logic here, because our body has all the necessary resources to fully function and cure of any ailment. If we can start the healing process, the disease will not stand.

Theta waves store in themselves increased abilities for deep healing, training and even growth. It is believed that they are typical for people with increased creative data and the ability to go to deep levels of relaxation, as well as meditation and hypnosis. But in fact, this condition is more often observed in people deprived of attention, as well as in those prone to mental disorders. It's also dream people living in their world. alpha theta waves

Almost psychic

If you master the theta-wave meditation, then intuition will develop more. Opportunities for telepathy, clairvoyance, the ability to see the future and even change DNA can be revealed! In other words, this skill turns a person into a more perfect being. You will be able to reach a different level of communication with the Creator, and there it is already easy to create instant healing, materialize the desired and even change the physical reality. Of course, the degree of such influence on fate is determined by the level of development of Awareness. That is, do not rely on the fact that, having managed to control your sleep, you will become a psychic. theta music waves

Resources of the human brain

The depths of the human brain and today are studied only a little bit. We ourselves do not realize what we are capable of. But we can already say something with certainty. So, our brain is able to generate waves of different ranges. For example, beta waves reflect the state of normal attention, wakefulness, reading. Alpha theta waves arise in the process of relaxation and meditation.

To understand, you need to relax and take a horizontal position. The immersion in the phase of the initial sleep reflects the theta-wave. During this period, there is a certain movement of the eyelids, twitching of the eyeballs. Gradually, you fall into a state of deep sleep. This is a delta wave. Overnight you surf "waves" about 4-5 times. Figuratively you can compare the human brain with an advanced radio receiver, which can be tuned to different waves.

Having mastered such a setting, you can achieve personal goals easily and quickly, gaining fullness of life and self-confidence, aiming at a healthy lifestyle and fully using the healing properties of sleep. waves of theta range

We start the dive

How to catch theta waves? It has already been said that you need to relax and preferably lie on the bed. Turn off the music and try to block all sources of noise. If you have pets at home, then close your room from them. It would be nice to turn off the phone. You should feel relaxed and calm. Most often, before going to sleep, we think about the experiences of the day, the problems and plans for the day to come. So try to give up such thoughts. Imagine the work of your body, running blood through your veins, even strokes of the heart. The body may feel numb. Hands and feet will become heavy, and you can lose motor control. Sometimes the body feels tingling. This is quite normal phenomenon. Mentally abandon the environment and imagine the emptiness around. The final degree of immersion is characterized by the absence of thoughts and the absence of brain work.

Against this background of inner silence a healing thought is born. It comes after complete relaxation and a full rest of the whole body. meditation theta waves


Now you can talk about how this healing idea is formed. Do not think that she will come to you already on the first attempt of immersion. Firstly, it is unlikely that you will be able to reach the desired state without long trainings. You need to work with yourself, your feelings and emotions, to control the muscles. Secondly, you need to be cleansed of sinful thoughts and desires. Thirdly, you should have complete harmony with yourself. That is, to catch theta-wave music is both simple and very difficult. This is characteristic of esoteric and spiritual practices. There are also such adepts who from the first days of training can look inside themselves, which directly speaks about healing.

But for the majority the appeal to the Creator is preceded by long unsuccessful attempts. The thing is that their minds are clogged with self-destructive programs. There is a force of habit that is difficult to remove. Almost everyone for immersion needs the help of an experienced mentor. According to statistics, only a quarter of the necessary time is devoted to the theory and consultation. Everything else goes to practice. If you could immerse yourself, then you are ready to work with other people. By the way, remember and tell others that in this way you do not replace traditional medicine, but strengthen its effectiveness.

Starting from the base level of

So, you wanted to activate vital energy. The reasons can be very different. Someone suffers from a disease. Someone is tired of living a loner, and someone just needs a sense in life. Theta-wave waves can help solve your problem. In the process of training in special courses and seminars you will learn about the role of brain frequencies in the treatment of ailments, will be able to recognize the manifestations of waves and vibrations in everyday life, and improve your health, relationships and financial situation. A good practitioner will be able to guide you, but you also need to be more careful, because no one has canceled cheaters. Do not rush to part with money and find out the biography of your mentor. This, by the way, distinguishes a confident person from a fanatic - you know when you can get quality, not ginger in your eyes.

Mastering the basic level of immersion allows you to stay on the theta wave as long as you like. You have time to change certain attitudes and replace your beliefs, which were formed on the basis of ancestral memory, karmic moments and collective pressure. theta waves for sleep

The healing process of

The cause of any disease can be detected quickly and easily. It depends on you only how soon you will come to unity with the Creator. Healing by theta waves is a unique method, thanks to which you are not afraid of any diseases. In the process of immersion in theta waves, you learn to control time, heal your wounds and see the world without embellishment. You will be able to detect pathologies within yourself in time, so that after determining the cause of their occurrence and removing it. Again, having mastered the technique of immersion, you will get rid of bad habits, feelings and anxious states. And this is very conducive to the rapid disposal of any ailment.

The founder of the method, Vianna Styble, successfully heals severe illnesses, beginning with hepatitis and ending with cancer. With such an example of motivation, the desire to master the technique becomes only greater.

For a restful sleep

If for now it is difficult for you to achieve theta-waves for sleep, but zeal suffices, then why not use healthy methods of stimulation? Avoid stressful situations or reconsider your reaction to them. Develop your speech, which, by the way, also increases the intellectual ratio. Listen to music more. It brings emotions out and increases the activity of theta waves. Adjust your sleep schedule. Quality sleep is important for the health of your mind. It would be nice sometimes to give time for meditation. This is the most healthy way to increase theta-activity.

What about hypnosis or self-hypnosis? In the process, you facilitate the introduction into the subconscious of the right settings. The regularity of such actions will reduce stress by activating theta waves. Allocate time to yoga. It quickly leads to relaxation. And the simplest thing - do not forget about creative visualization. Every time, closing your eyes, try to visualize what you saw. Pay attention to small parts. Train, and you can tune in to the right way.