GV: Can I breastfeed while poisoning?

Breastfeeding is a natural and important process for both the baby and the mother. The milk produced contains all the nutrients necessary for the baby, vitamins and minerals. This nutrition helps strengthen the body's immune defenses, increases resistance. An important point is the psychological attitude. During feeding, mom and baby share their feelings, strengthen the relationship. But is it always useful? Many representatives of the weaker sex raise the question of whether it is possible to breast-feed during poisoning. Reply to it immediately is not possible. It all depends on the condition of the woman and the cause of the ailment. In any case, in order to know exactly whether it is possible to breast-feed during poisoning, the mother needs to see a doctor.

can I breastfeed while poisoning

Causes of malaise

Poisoning occurs due to the use of low-quality products or medicines. Also, pathology can arise due to the ingestion of chemical compounds and household substances into the mother's body. Poisoning is often confused with infection, as the symptoms of the ailments are similar. Intestinal infections are viral and bacterial. The most dangerous are dysentery, salmonella, botulism and some others.

Poisoning, like intestinal infection, with vomiting, nausea, fever, diarrhea and general malaise is manifested. Breastfeeding women with these symptoms should always see the doctor and find out whether it is possible to breast-feed during poisoning. Let's consider some variants of answers to this question.

The use of spoiled products

Can I breastfeed while eating food poisoning? What do experts think about this issue?

The use of spoiled or stale foods often leads to fermentation in the intestines, diarrhea, heartburn and increased gas production. Such a condition is usually not dangerous for an adult and lasts for several days. It is important to follow a diet and consume more water. You can feed in this case. Doctors say that the negative effect of toxins formed in the intestines of the mother will not affect the baby's health in any way. During this period, a woman should monitor her state of health and, if worsened, consult a doctor. Note that so-called poisoning can occur even because of incompatibility of products. For example, if salted cucumbers drink milk, then all symptoms of poisoning will arise. However, they are completely harmless to the crumbs.

Can I breastfeed while eating food poisoning?

Can I feed with an intestinal infection?

As you already know, often patients confuse intoxication, caused by stale products, with intestinal infection. Is it possible to breastfeed a child by poisoning this character?

Doctors say that lactation in this case is not only possible, but also necessary. The matter is that during feeding the child receives irreplaceable antibodies, which are developed by a female organism. They protect the baby from the same infection. It is important to maintain personal hygiene when continuing lactation. Intestinal infection is often transmitted through the hands, touches and objects of use. Therefore, the mother should often wash her hands, use antibacterial gels, have separate hygiene products and so on.

Is it possible to breastfeed a child during poisoning?

Risk of contracting a baby

Is it possible to infect a child with poisoning? Is there such a danger? Everything depends on the cause of the ailment.

If the poisoning is caused by poor food, medicines or household chemicals, then there is no danger for the baby. These substances can not enter the breast milk from the intestines and somehow harm. Also, toxins do not penetrate the baby's food. When talking about an intestinal infection, the answer to this question will have a different formulation. If the mother observes hygiene, the risk of infection tends to zero. However, it is not completely excluded. There is always the possibility to transmit the infection to the child. Note that infection does not occur through breastfeeding. Bacteria and germs from the intestine do not penetrate into breast milk.

Can I breastfeed when my mother is poisoned?

Treatment of poisoning and the possibility of breastfeeding

Can I breastfeed during poisoning( during treatment)?For therapeutic purposes, the woman can be assigned the following remedies:

  • sorbents( Enterosgel, Polysorb);
  • anti-diarrhea( Smecta, Imodium);
  • probiotics( "Linex", "Bifidumbacterin");
  • antiviral drugs( "Ergoferon", "Kipferon");
  • antispasmodics, antipyretic and analgesic drugs( Nurofen, Drotaverin, Paracetamol);
  • intestinal antibiotics( Stopdiar, Ersefuril).

Most of the medicines on this list are allowed to be consumed during breastfeeding, but only on the advice of a doctor. Categorically prohibited during lactation are drugs such as Imodium, Stopdiar, Ersefuril. If there is a need for the use of these drugs, then it is forbidden to breast-feed.

Maternal severe state: inpatient treatment

Can I breastfeed when poisoning if a woman has a serious condition? In this case, lactation should be discontinued. What to do if a woman is diagnosed with dehydration, there is repeated vomiting, there is no possibility to drink liquid and body temperature rises? With such symptoms, you need to urgently go to the hospital. Most likely, the patient will be shown hospital treatment. At the time of hospitalization, breastfeeding should be discontinued for several reasons:

  • to the infant does not belong in the infectious disease department;
  • , along with breast milk, Mom will lose fluid and nutrients, which are now in short supply;
  • the patient is prescribed drugs that are incompatible with lactation.

After recovery at will and the possibility of a woman, lactation can be continued.

can I breastfeed when my mother is poisoned?

Reviews of women

Can I breastfeed while poisoning? Moms have different opinions on this matter. Some women try to isolate the baby from themselves and shift all duties to the pope, grandmother or other family members. Other representatives of the weaker sex are categorically unwilling to turn off lactation even with very poor health. The question of stopping breastfeeding is a personal matter for every mother. But with poisoning, you should still listen to the doctor's advice.

Most women agreed in a single and correct opinion. They believe that all drugs for the treatment of poisoning should be prescribed by a doctor. During lactation, the independent use of medicines is unacceptable. During the consultation, the doctor will tell you whether it is possible to combine the prescribed funds with breastfeeding or from the latter it is worth noting.

Can I breast-feed my children with poisoning?

In conclusion

From the article you learned whether it is possible to breast-feed children with poisoning. An important role in solving this issue is the age of the child. If the baby is not yet six months old, then every effort should be made to preserve and continue lactation. In some cases, my mother has to sacrifice her health and give up her medication. Another thing is when the question of breastfeeding a three-year-old child is being decided. Such a baby can already do without maternal milk. Therefore, a woman needs to take care of herself and start the prescribed treatment. Strong to you health!