Children's "Kagotsel": instructions for use, description, composition and reviews

Every parent has a desire to protect his child from various diseases. To do this, modern doctors prescribe antiviral drugs that have immunomodulatory activity. This is the "Kagocel" for children and its counterparts. Instructions for using this medication will be presented to your attention in the article. You will find out what kind of drug it is and how it works. Also worth mentioning is what "Kagocel" looks like. Instructions for use, indications, composition, see below.


What does the medicine look like?

What is Kagocel? Instructions for use, the description of the drug report that the drug is available in the form of tablets. The color of the pills is from white to cream or brown. Each capsule has a peculiar inclusions and a dividing line.

10 tablets packed in a single plate, which is placed in a package. On the pack there is the name "Kagocel".The abstract is in each such package.

Composition of the medication

What is the "Kagocel" child made of? Instruction for use informs that the active ingredient is the component with the same name. It is he who has the main influence on the patient's body receiving treatment. The amount of the main substance in one tablet is 12 milligrams.

Also in the medicine you can find additional connections. Among them-potato starch in the amount of 10 mg, calcium stearate with a mass of 0.65 mg, as well as a ludipress to 100 mg. Be sure to pay attention to the composition when using any medication.

kagocel child instruction on application price

When is the "Kagocel" medication prescribed?

Instructions for use, doctors' reviews suggest that the drug can be used to treat various pathological conditions or taken for prophylaxis. The main indications for the use of tablets are the following:

  • influenza of various types;
  • viral diseases;
  • herpes of different localization;
  • decreased immunity;
  • bacterial lesions( in complex therapy).

At the child's drug "Kagocel" instructions for use clearly describes all situations in which the use of the drug is necessary. However, this does not mean that you can independently give your child this medicine. Before applying the described medication it is necessary to consult a doctor and get individual recommendations. Contraindications: are they?

Many doctors report that the children's "Kagotsel", the instruction for which is described in the article, is very well tolerated by patients. In most cases, the agent does not cause a negative reaction. However, the drug has its own contraindications. Some sources say that pills are not prescribed for children under six years of age. Others as a restriction indicate age of three years.

The drug is not taken with increased sensitivity to one or more of its components. Do not use medicines for children who have congenital or acquired lactase deficiency.

Possibility of unpleasant reactions

Children's Kagocel( instructions for use indicate this) usually does not cause side effects. The drug is well tolerated by small patients. However, like any medicine, it can lead to an allergy in the child.

With improper use of the drug and an overdose, there is a chance of headaches, abdominal cramps and gas formation. If you give medicine to a child with intolerance to cow's protein, then a disorder of the stool and other unpleasant symptoms may occur. At occurrence of those it is necessary to address immediately to the attending physician and to receive corresponding or meeting assignments.

kagocel instructions for use

"Kagocel"( for children): instructions for use

The price of the drug will be presented to your attention later. Before this, it is worth mentioning about the ways of using the medicine. Children's drug is also used for adults. The dose of medicine for children from 6 to 12 years is one tablet three times a day. This scheme should be followed for 2 days. After this, take another 2 days for 1 capsule. For a full course you will need one medicine package.

Children from 3 to 6 years of age are shown the use of the drug according to the following scheme. In the first two days - one capsule twice. After that, take 1 capsule per day for 2 more days. The total number of tablets is 6. This is less than one package.

If you prescribe the drug to an adult, then the following scheme is used. Two capsules three times a day for the first 2 days. Then one tablet three times a day. The course will need 18 pills. It's almost two packs.

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Use for babies: doctor's reviews

As you already know, the information from the annotation to the drug varies. Some instructions assure that tablets can be given only to children after six years. Other sources allow treatment from three already. What do doctors say about this?

Physicians report that the manufacturer bases its limitations only on the fact that studies among children have not been conducted. As you know, a new drug is always tested on patients. Only after this information is compiled about contraindications and side effects. Doctors say that even with the use of medication among children of the first year of life, no negative reaction was observed. However, only an experienced pediatrician should allow this correction. In this case, the individual dosage of the drug is always selected.

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Cost and analogues of

You became aware that reports on the preparation "Kagocel" instructions for use, reviews. Indications for use and composition are also described above. What is the cost of the medicine package? The average price of the goods is 215 rubles. If treatment is performed with an adult, the full course will cost you 400-500 rubles.

Among the absolute analogues of the drug, which are allowed for use in children, you can identify the drug "Citovir."This is the oral syrup having the identical composition. You can also replace the medicine with tablets Anaferon, Cycloferon, Isoprinosine, Likopid and others. They have a different composition, but the same effect on the patient's body.

Reviews about the drug: what do consumers and experts say?

Consumers report that the medication acts quite quickly. At the same time, the earlier you start the therapy, the more effective the result will be. However, the manufacturer says that the pills can be used even with delayed treatment. This is indeed so. Patients report the convenience of the drug. Tablets are small in size and easily swallowed. If the child is not yet able to swallow the medicine on his own, the capsule must first be ground and diluted in a tablespoon of water. The effect will not be reduced.

Patients report the availability of the medication. Unlike many other antiviral agents, Kagocel tablets have an attractive cost. They can be purchased in each pharmacy network without a doctor's prescription. However, this does not mean that it is possible to use the medication uncontrollably. Specialists strongly do not recommend self-treatment, especially when it comes to the health of children.

Parents report that when used for prophylaxis, the drug helps protect the baby from seasonal colds. Especially it concerns those children who attend a kindergarten. Mom says that the medicine should always be present in the home medicine cabinet. If a child has symptoms of a cold, then immediately give him a medicine in the above dosage. This tactic will avoid the development of complications, which parts have the form of bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis and chronic pathologies.

The manufacturer claims that the maximum concentration of the active substance in the patient's tissues is noted after two days of regular use. However, the accumulation in the intestine was recorded after four hours. The duration of the drug is maintained for almost one week. This suggests that even after the end of therapy the patient will be protected by the action of "Kagocel".Prevention of these drugs is quite effective because of the long-term presence of substances in the human body.

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Conclusion of the article

You got acquainted with the antiviral drug Kagocel. Instructions for use, price, reviews about the drug are presented in this article. The medication provokes the production of interferon of different kinds. These proteins, in turn, are able to eliminate viral and bacterial lesions, providing enhanced protection of the body. The medication is quite safe. That is why it is often used in pediatrics. The undoubted advantage of the drug is the possibility of using the drug in case of belated treatment.

Remember that before taking pills, you need to consult a doctor and learn the instructions. Pay attention to all the points of the annotation. Thus, you protect yourself from possible complications. A wonderful state of health, do not be ill!