How to take fish oil in capsules to adults? Fish oil: reviews and recommendations for use

Everyone knows the useful properties of fish oil. It is prescribed both during the disease and for prevention. Fish oil is indispensable in the loss of strength, depression, to restore immunity, but its smell in many causes a feeling of disgust. Modern people are more fortunate than our grandparents: manufacturers began to produce fish oil in gelatin capsules. It is very convenient, they do not have an unpleasant smell, and the product is not oxidized when interacting with air.

How do I take fish oil in capsules to adults?

According to the physiological data of each person, the dosage and time of reception are determined by the physician individually. This is affected by:

  • Age.
  • Contraindications.
  • For what purposes is the drug prescribed( for prevention or disease)?

But how to take fish oil in capsules for adults who do not want to go to the doctor for advice? According to general recommendations, when taking prophylaxis, one should take 1-2 capsules a day for 1 month. This course can be repeated three times a year, except for the summer time, when vitamin D is produced at the expense of sunlight.

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Important! The intake of fish oil in capsules promotes better absorption of calcium and phosphorus, the main minerals responsible for the formation of bone tissue and cartilage.

Depending on certain diseases, it is recommended to take fish oil at such doses:

  • If high triglyceride levels are found in the analyzes( fat causes large amounts of atherosclerosis) - 4 g.
  • In affected and inflamed joints( rheumatoidarthritis) - 3.5-3.8 g.
  • With Hughes syndrome( pregnancy complications) - 5 g or more.

With the question of how to take fish oil in capsules to adults, figured out, but here it should be noted that the drug can not be used on an empty stomach, but better after eating, washing with ordinary water and not holding for a long time in the mouth.

Question price

In Russia, the drug is properly registered before going on sale to pharmacies. Fish oil can be treated as medicines, and to dietary supplements( biologically active additives).

There are 2 preparations of foreign manufacturers related to medicines:

  • "Omakor".The average price is 1376 rubles.for 28 pieces for 1 g.
  • "Vitrum Cardio Omega-3".The average price is 1073 rubles.for 30 pieces in a package of 0.5 g.

Other preparations with fish oil are considered BAD, and the average price for 100 pieces in a package of the Russian manufacturer ranges from 100 to 200 rubles.

In most cases, fish oil in capsules, the price of which is lower for a domestic manufacturer, is just a dietary supplement, so it can not replace complex treatment of the disease.

Usefulness of fish oil

This product has many vitamins and trace elements in a high concentration, so it is not out of place to find out what are the benefits of fish oil capsules and what the product affects with regular use.

Fish oil contains oleic( 70%) and palmitic acids, they prevent the formation of blood clots in the vessels and improve brain activity. In a special order the product is useful for the elderly, who have a huge risk of developing heart attacks and strokes. With regard to brain activity, the acids contribute to the rapid work of the cerebral circulation, thereby improving memory and the development of intelligence.

With regular use of Omega-3, the improvement of the skin, hair, nails and mucous condition( even when taking one capsule per day) will be noticeable thanks to vitamins A and D. They promote deep penetration of calcium and phosphorus into cells.

Fish oil is an excellent remedy for inflammation of the joints. Annealing and anti-inflammatory effect is provided by polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3.

Taking fish oil in capsules, the price of which is available to any person, you can get rid of stress and anxiety by releasing a hormone of joy into the blood. The main thing is not to abuse the product, otherwise there may be an overdose leading to severe consequences.

The best fish oil

The encapsulated product is considered the best to be consumed. With its use, there is no specific smell and oily taste. Choose fish oil in capsules is not easy, because the market is simply swamped with these dietary supplements. As for the world market, Norway is the main supplier. The fish oil of the kingdom is considered the best, but the Russian product of the Arkhangelsk and Murmansk fish farms is also of good quality.

What should I look for when choosing?

1. Availability of a quality certificate. It details the composition of the product, and indicates the absence of toxic substances.

2. "Medical fish oil" and the percentage of PUFA content - information that should be on the package. It is better to take fat content at least 15%.The content of Omega-3 can be determined by the name of the product. Fish oil from liver of cod fish has a small fraction of Omega-3, but a large composition of vitamins A, D, E. Fish oil from fish muscle fibers has a large amount of PUFA, but fewer vitamins.

3. The method of molecular differentiation is another sign of a quality product. Such information must be indicated on the package.

4. Manufacturers of fish oil in capsules use different gelatin. It can be of animal origin or fish. The last gelatin is more expensive, because it is more difficult to make, and poorly soluble in water, which is what is needed for the encapsulated product.

5. Capsule weight is an important indicator when choosing, otherwise how to calculate the daily intake dose.

Consider contraindications when choosing fish oil!

The product is not recommended for people who have some abnormalities in the normal functioning of the urinary system, the thyroid and the gastrointestinal tract. Also, the negative effect of fish oil will affect the body with increased cholesterol in the blood and with an excess of calcium. Individual intolerance to the product or its individual components may result in an allergic reaction.

Customer Reviews

According to promising reviews on how to take fish oil in capsules for adults, it turned out that not all people follow the recommended dosage, which causes heartburn, burning sensation in the abdomen and sudden rezi. But not everything is so bad, many people respond positively to the product and write about getting extra energy and vigor in the morning, improving the condition of the skin, hair, teeth.

Price, according to consumers, is of great importance. They do not notice the effect of a cheap drug and recommend paying attention to the manufacturer. It is better if the product is manufactured in Russia( Arkhangelsk and Murmansk fish processing plants).Well and if it is not a pity money, the Norwegian cod-liver oil is the standard of quality.