Children's neurological center in Moscow( responses)

The science of neurology is a direction in medicine, designed to study and treat diseases associated with the disorder of the nervous system. Such a definition is very general and can not describe the entire range of problems that neurologists are solving.

Neurology. What is it?

neurological center in moscow

The place of diagnosis and the appointment of adequate treatment of diseases associated with disorders in the work of neurons can only be a specialized neurological center. Several have been created in Moscow. Modern medicine over the past decade has made tremendous discoveries, has gained new opportunities in solving various problems. Especially the possibilities of nursing premature babies are highlighted. Earlier, babies, born before the seven-month period, were doomed to perish. Now these children are nursed, and quite successfully.

But what initially went wrong, unfortunately, affects the future health of the child. Most often these are various neurological problems. As statistics show, the number of kids with such diseases does not decrease. The cause can be different factors - it's pathologies of development due to genetic disorders, and the wrong way of life of the mother during pregnancy, infectious diseases, birth trauma and inadequate care for a newborn after a difficult birth.

In any case, with the appeal to the neurological center( in Moscow or any other accessible place), you should not delay, because such problems do not pass without a trace and by themselves.

Neurological centers in Moscow

To minimize complications in the future, the child needs a full-fledged treatment aimed at stimulating the work of nerve endings, physiological rehabilitation, comprehensive assistance of psychologists, neurosurgeons. The child neurological center can provide the necessary assistance. In Moscow, there are several. This is the SPC of medical care for children with malformations of the craniofacial region and congenital diseases of the nervous system, the Children's Psychoneurological Polyclinic No. 18, the Children's City Consultative Neurological Polyclinic, the Children's Clinic in Polyanka and many others. In addition, there are many private clinics, specialists in which are always happy to help in the most difficult situations for small patients and their parents. Among them are the neurological centers "Prognoz" and "Neuromed".

Your child has a good "Forecast"!


An institution that enjoys a positive reputation among parents is the neurological center "Prognoz" in Moscow. It will help if the child has a developmental lag, speeches, teach parents to understand the autistic child, and conduct procedures for physical rehabilitation. In Moscow, one of the branches is located, and there is a clinic in St. Petersburg. What is typical for these centers is the maximum focus of work for each child individually. One lesson lasts for two or three hours, with no more than five children in the group. This allows you to most effectively direct the efforts of a specialist to solve each problem of whoever turned to a children's neurological center. In Moscow there are also institutions not so equipped, but the material and technical base does not always play a key role.

The direction of Neuromed neurological center

The nature of neurological problems can be different. Depending on the complexity of the case, the real symptoms and consequences of the disease, doctors take measures and methods of treatment. Experienced doctors in this clinic identify the cause and successfully fight the consequences of the disease, even in the most difficult toddlers. A full complex of effects on the nervous system also includes therapeutic physical training, massage, work with psychologists and defectologists. This neurological rehabilitation center in Moscow is equipped with modern equipment, has qualified personnel, including theorists who thoroughly study neurological diseases, and practices whose experience is based on thousands of real cases. The number of children they raised on their feet over the years, reaches two thousand. However, for the literacy of the team will have to pay a lot of money. As evidenced by the responses of the parents, the prices for the services of the center are greatly inflated, and few can afford to pay them. Many people note the excellent results of the team of rehabilitation specialists, even in those cases when other specialists have already dropped their hands.

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Reviews of patients about different institutions

To give preference to this or that medical institution, guided only by the opinion of patients, is not very reasonable. How many people, so many opinions, often a person's attitude - this is a purely individual point of view, fueled by personal drama. But still a grain of truth can be found in discussions of ordinary people who for one reason or another faced the need to visit a neurological center in Moscow. The patient's comments, like one, are urged to form their opinion about the hospital on the basis of a thorough examination of the doctor's qualifications. It is necessary in personal communication with him, his patients to learn the methodology and principles of work. Also, many are advised to be cautious about the centers in which they thinklessly prescribe all possible procedures. Complexity of actions is good, if there are no contraindications. And in pursuit of additional funds, private clinics very often sin by superfluous prescriptions.

neurological center in moscow reviews

State neurological clinics

One of the oldest in the world of domestic neurology is the State Neurological Center in Moscow - NTSN.Until 2014, it was known as the Scientific Center for Neurology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, better known as the RAMS.This institution refers to institutions that deal not only with the treatment of patients, but also with a comprehensive study of the problems. The powerful technical base, intellectual potential of the institute, which is a leader not only in Russia but also in Europe, allows solving the most difficult tasks. Medical achievements of recent years, thanks to which the diagnosis of the vascular system has become more accessible, coupled with colossal experience, greatly expanded the capabilities of modern neurologists.

This neurological center in Moscow has the status of a federal budgetary institution, therefore every citizen has the right to treatment, but large queues force resort to paid services. In the NSC, this is possible, and whole sets of procedures are used to address specific health problems, using the latest developments.

There is a neurological center in Moscow on Volokolamsk Highway, house 80. For the convenience of patients, an application for admission can be made by phone or through a form on the official website.

The slightest doubt in the health of the child is the occasion to consult a doctor.

State Neurological Center in Moscow

The work of the Children's Psychoneurological Center( former polyclinic No. 18) should be singled out separately. Among state institutions of this profile, it is the foremost. The extensive material and technical base and the only department of neurosurgery for children in the country make this institution unique. Of course, there is a minus - it's a huge queue for a free reception to an experienced neurologist. It often takes several months to wait. As always, the issue is solved by money, or rather, paid consultation, because even a few days of delay are important in the development of the child.

neurological rehabilitation center in Moscow

When children suffer, this is doubly frightening. Especially if it's just kids. It happens that parents are very late for seeking medical help. In no case should we neglect preventive examinations from the district pediatrician and specialized specialists. After all, in case of the slightest suspicion, they will not only help to identify the disease in time, but will also give direction for further examination if the diagnosis needs clarification.

DSC at Pozharsky

The Morozov Children's City Clinical Hospital has everything you need and, importantly, modern equipment for working with patients. Mums on the forums are highly valued as a high-level specialist. Vishnyakova Yu. This neurologist helps to choose an adequate treatment and uses medications in extreme cases. Without the spoon, tar can not be dispensed with, often in the team of professionals there are not very friendly colleagues. According to the parents, the junior service staff, who is undoubtedly accustomed to the human grief, does not belong to the position of both the child and the parents. State clinics still have a lot to learn from enterprises that do not work for budgetary money, but earn their reputation and client base not only with professionalism, but also with a high level of attention to each patient.

neurological center in Moscow for children

When should I see a doctor?

Mom is the person who spends the most time with his or her child. And it is she who should always be on guard, watch for changes in the behavior, health status, psychological balance of her child. Of course, cases of sadness, spleen and just reluctance to communicate are with everyone, and children are no exception. But do not brush off the child in such cases:

  • if he has frequent headaches, dorsal pains;
  • if he quickly gets tired, sleepy, suffers from dizziness, nausea;
  • can not concentrate, quickly forget the material studied;
  • if there are problems with coordination of movements, arms, legs tremble, trembling chin;
  • there are speech defects or developmental lag.

Symptoms of neurological diseases in infants

Diagnosis of pathologies in very young children is a very difficult process. The individual characteristics of each baby, the inability to obtain reliable data often cause conflicts and misunderstandings between parents and doctors. Unwillingness to listen to the opinion of a specialist can be understood - no one wants to believe that something is wrong with your beloved child. But what kind of symptoms really require at least a consultation with a neurologist?

First of all it is restless sleep, unrestrained crying, when the child is full, dry and there is no real reason for tears. Externally, problems with the central nervous system may manifest hypertension, facial asymmetry, poor reaction of eyeballs to light, their incorrect location. All these symptoms indicate that the development is failing, but with the right approach, treatment has a very favorable outcome. The main thing is to visit the neurological center on time. In Moscow, there is no reason to panic, because the level of assistance at a very high level and lack of specialists is not felt.

What methods do doctors use to help the baby?

First of all, treatment is prescribed only after a comprehensive examination of the child. Diagnostics includes a visual examination of the child, the identification of his reflexes, the level of statokinetic development in relation to his age group. Additional methods may include neurosonography( if the fontanelle is not closed) or MRI.Depending on the complexity of the case, medicines and other methods of influence may be used, which include various methods of physiotherapy. A good neurological center in Moscow for children comprehensively helps the child to recover, connects to the work of masseurs, physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists.