Lens fluid ReNu: user manual

If you turned to this article, then for sure you have visual problems, or you are an extraordinary person and decided to wear colored lenses. Reducing vision today is a problem for most people, and this is the payment for our modern life. We work a lot, read and often sit long before the computer monitor. But that this can negatively affect the eyesight, and it is very difficult to restore, we learn from the ophthalmologist. But the modern world has taken care of this problem. For a long time people have abandoned the "crutches for the eyes" and switched to a convenient alternative - soft contact lenses. The first acquaintance with them occurs still in the office of the attending physician. He will tell you in detail and show how to use them correctly. And also explain how they should be stored and processed. In the future, you will do it all yourself, and the main thing here is to prevent oversights. Lens fluid for ReNu lenses today is an unquestionable leader in the market of products for ophthalmology. It is chosen for the care of lenses by millions of people. Let's see what caused this confidence, and as the US company Bausch &Lomb.

lens liquid renu

Why the lens can "break"

Whatever the quality of the lens you choose, they will still remain a foreign, alien body for the organs of vision. Ophthalmic companies are trying to produce ultra-thin and maximally adjusting to the anatomical structure of the eyes soft lenses. These do not cause discomfort when wearing, allow the eyes to "breathe", but they are very vulnerable at the same time. Ophthalmologists around the world recommend the use of liquid for contact lenses ReNu. It maximally meets the requirements of doctors, has numerous certificates and a lot of positive feedback from patients.

contact lens fluid renu

The main problem that causes a malfunction of a soft lens is not even a mechanical damage, but the organic environment in which it is destined to stay at the time of wearing. Protein deposits on the surface penetrate into the hygroscopic pores of the material, which allow the eye to "breathe" and clog them. They "grow" on the surface, deforming the lens itself and reducing its smoothness. Wearing such an element traumatizes the delicate surface of the eye, causing discomfort, lacrimation, and sometimes rejection of the foreign body. In the organic environment, disease-causing bacteria can easily settle, which cause inflammation and lead to serious pathology. The liquid for the ReNu lenses will gently clean and neutralize the delicate product, as well as make it comfortable.

Solution Composition ReNu

The developers took care not only that the solution cleans the lens qualitatively, but that it was also safe. The product can rarely cause an allergic reaction. The unique composition of the ReNu lens solution includes hydranate, a substance that can break down protein formations and gently remove them from the surface. A component of poloxamine binds the remains of these formations and blocks their re-settling on the surface. The composition includes the active substance polyamine propyl biguanide. It destroys microorganisms and bacteria, thereby preventing infection of the eye.

liquid renu

What is the purpose of

ReNu lens liquid is suitable for daily care and storage of lenses. It washes away those types of deposits that ordinary water or tears can not cope with. Suitable for absolutely any kind of soft and delicate optics. In this case, the use of the drug does not imply the use of any additional drugs or tablets. In the packaging there is always a container for storing the lens, so you do not need to take care of the regular purchase of a new one. A unique formula allows the use of the drug for eye washing. If you feel discomfort or dryness after putting on the lenses, drip the agent in each eye for 1 drop. Unpleasant feelings will go away, and wearing will be comfortable.

How to use it

For each ReNu package( lens solution), the instruction manual is included. You can easily remember it, because it is very easy to use the solution.

  1. Keep container tightly clean and dry.
  2. Remove the protective caps. In each cell, pour the lens liquid ReNu so that it can cover the cell completely.
  3. Touch the eye or the surface of the lens with carefully washed hands.
  4. Carefully remove the lens from the surface of the eye and lay it on the palm of your hand. Drip a little of the solution on top and wipe the wetted surface with your finger.
  5. With a fresh solution, rinse the lens.
  6. Place the treated product in a container with fresh liquid.
  7. Do the same with the second lens.
  8. Always leave the bottle with mortar tightly closed.

renu lens solution instructions

Recommendations of ophthalmologists

Remember: in order not to harm yourself and prolong the life of the eye lens, you must always follow the clear recommendations of specialists and never deviate from them. Otherwise, you can easily injure the eye or get a serious infection. What do doctors advise us?

  1. Always use your personal container for storage and disinfection.
  2. Clean hands are the guarantee of eye and body health in general.
  3. ReNu fluid is not a moisturizer. If you regularly notice dryness and discomfort when wearing lenses, use moisturizing drops.
  4. Complete disinfection is achieved 4 hours after immersion of the lens in the solution.
  5. If a doctor prescribes a medicine, be sure to warn him that you are using lenses. Indicate what kind of aids you use to care for them.
  6. If you start to feel a burning sensation, "sand" in the eyes, redness or tearing, immediately consult an ophthalmologist. Wearing lenses must be discontinued.

composition of solution for lenses renu

Form release and storage

The product for lens cleaning is available in various volumes, the largest of which is 360 ml. But a small bottle( 60 ml) is convenient to take along on a trip, it does not take much space and in a women's handbag. The product is sold in soft cardboard boxes. In them you will find a bottle of liquid and a new container for storing your lenses. All information on how to use the product is indicated on the package.

Store the drug in a sealed container for about 2 years. But if the bottle was already open, then you can use the liquid for no more than six months. Always ensure that contaminants do not get inside or on the cap. Do not touch the open end of the container with your hands, always close the bottle tightly after use. The optimum temperature for storage is 15-30 degrees. And, of course, you should keep the product in a place that is not accessible to children or pets.


Water for ReNu lenses sold in almost every pharmacy and specialized stores. You can buy the solution and through the Internet portals with delivery. The price of a bottle with a nominal volume will be within 450 rubles, but smaller bottles will cost from 75 to 260 rubles.

water for lenses renu

Summing up

The company Bausch &Lomb has for many years taken its strong position in the ophthalmic industry. The main thing is that this is not an advertised brand, but what patients themselves say about it with a great deal of "communication" with contact lenses. If you try to find reviews about this drug, then for sure you will see the following. Satisfied patients have been using ReNu for many years. They say that the drug is really reliable and perfectly copes with its tasks. People are not going to change it to any other.

Well, it seems that this tool can really be trusted.