General body massage. Types of massage and therapeutic significance

Massage therapy is an old form of restorative medicine, a reference to which can be found even in ancient Chinese manuscripts dating back to the second millennium BC.Various rubbing, tingling and touching restored the tone of muscles and relieved the pain of doctors in ancient Greece and Rome. General body massage was used in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but this method of therapy acquired wide spread and further development by the mid-1970s of the twentieth century.

The main goal of the massage is to increase the tone of the body, overall well-being by reducing tension in the muscles, improving blood circulation. It is good for soft tissue injuries and muscle pain. General body massage gently stretches the tissue, increases the mobility of the joints, and also helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate and improves breathing. The regenerative functions of the massage are explained by the fact that in its process the brain produces endorphins - analgesic chemicals that relax and soothe tissue cells. Another healing and regenerative feature of the massage is the nature of the touches, which have a very positive effect on the patient, release the blocked emotions in response to care and participation.

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At the present time, various types of body massage are widely used. The classical European uses traditional methods based on the well-known theories of anatomy and physiology. Five types of methods of influencing soft tissues - stroking, kneading, rubbing, tapping and vibration, constitute his technique. Stroking begins and ends with a general body massage. It increases blood flow, warms up muscles. Kneading improves blood circulation and prevents muscle contraction and atrophy. Rubbing often massages the periarticular areas. It increases blood circulation and restores movement. Tapping increases the surface blood circulation, facilitates the separation of sputum and the excretion of it from the lungs. Vibration is a method for stimulating and relaxing body tissues. It is especially effective on the limbs and fleshy tissues.

Modern European massage methods are designed taking into account the latest knowledge about its impact on the nervous system, emotions, posture and movement. One of them is a role-playing - which combines massage with methods of body-oriented therapy and psychotherapy. The essence of the method is to achieve a therapeutic effect by giving the body the correct vertical position and thereby achieving an ideal ratio of body weight and gravity.

Oriental manual therapy uses acupressure and shiatsu to restore the body's energy system and bring it into a harmonious balanced state.

Hot stone stones have become very popular recently, which is based on the alternate use of hot and cold stones, which relax and then tone up the muscles of the body, thereby increasing their defenses.

Speaking about the healing and regenerative functions of massage, you need to take into account that this type of therapy also has sufficient contraindications. Do not conduct medical sessions without first consulting a physician who will give the necessary recommendations. Of course, the desired relief and therapeutic effect can only give a professional massage. A good specialist will necessarily study the medical history, learn about its current status and develop a curative program tailored to individual characteristics.

Prophylactic general body massage is a good system for maintaining muscle tone, reducing stress and tension, improving well-being and working capacity. Athletes constantly use it to warm up the muscles before serious physical exertion, as well as to recover from injuries and bruises in complex treatment.