Contact lenses OKVision Fusion: description, reviews

Do not know how to draw attention to a disco or change your everyday image? Just buy color contact lenses from OKVision Fusion. They are able not only to correct vision, but also to make your image original and attractive. Today we will find out what the features of these glasses substitutes are, their advantages. We also learn that users and ophthalmologists think about them.

Description, manufacturer

Contact lenses OKVision Fusion are soft decorative hydrogel polymers. The term of wearing such a substitute for glasses can be different and be 1 or 3 months. Such lenses can radically change the color of not only light, but also dark eyes.

The patent for these polymer materials is owned by OKVision( Korea).

However, these replacement points for Korean technology in Russia and Ukraine are being actively manufactured. contact lenses okvision fusion

Composition, design

OKVision Fusion - soft lenses that consist of silicone. This material, the structure of which allows you to easily penetrate oxygen to the cornea. Oxygen comes directly through the hydrogel polymer.

Lenses have an aspherical design, due to which the visual acuity is significantly increased even in poor light conditions, as well as in the dark.


These include the following characteristics:

  • OKVision Fusion - colored decorative lenses, which are recommended to wear up to 3 hours a day. Such a short time of wearing is explained simply: some of the flowers partially overlap the pupil. Thus the person can feel discomfort or a veil before eyes if it will be long to wear these substitutes of glasses.
  • These lenses have a wide assortment, consisting of 21 figures. Any user, even the most creative, will pick up a suitable color for himself. Of the most extravagant shades here are completely white, black, spider webs, flowers, smileys, cat eyes, etc.
  • The lenses have a good water content of 45%, and excellent oxygen permeability.
  • They give extravagance to the look.

soft lenses

Advantages of

Contact lenses OKVision Fusion have such advantages as:

  • Comfort.
  • Security.
  • Protection against harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.
  • Availability.
  • Humidification.
  • are an excellent barrier for the deposition of particles and harmful substances on the surface of the material.
  • Prophylaxis of possible eye diseases.

What colors are available?

When choosing a shade, you need to consider that lenses with a 2-ton color( code "2") are more saturated. But 3-tone( with code "3") are considered less deep. Seven colors have OKVision Fusion lenses: green, yellow, blue, brown, violet, gray, mix. The shades come out much more. okvision fusion color


The company that produces these polymer materials for the eyes does not stop there. Recently, new shades of OKVision Fusion lenses have been on sale. New colors are represented by such models:

  • "crown"( corona);
  • "whitemout"( white out);
  • "pink out"( pink out);
  • "black moon"( luna black).

How to put on?

Contact lenses OKVision Fusion is important not only to wear by all rules, but also to wear. So, what should I do:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Wipe them off with a lint-free towel.
  2. Set the mirror in front of you, tilt your head slightly forward.
  3. Remove the lens from the container.
  4. Gently put it on the index finger and make sure that it does not have any villi, tochechek.
  5. Pull the upper eyelid to the eyebrow, place the lens neatly.
  6. Close the eye and massage it with your index finger, so that the polymer has finally come to its place.
  7. Blink.
  8. Perform the same manipulation with the second eye.

okvision fusion reviews

Positive feedback from people

Lenses OKVision Fusion user reviews are mostly approved. So, many girls note that the eyes with them seem large. Also these lenses attract the attention of men. A huge color palette allows you to select these polymeric materials for the most spoiled and extravagant women of fashion and mods. Also a big plus of such lenses, according to users, is that they are very thin. You put it right - you do not feel it. Still people mark, that any sensation of dryness after wearing such lenses is not present. And this means that they perfectly pass oxygen, while moisturizing the cornea. And one more advantage of using lenses is that they can perfectly replace glasses for vision. People, who used to be called ochkariki, became big fans of these polymer products. If earlier accessories brought inconveniences: misting of glasses in the winter, irritation in the field of a nose in the summer, then with the purchase of lenses such problems do not bother anymore. Also, many gained confidence in themselves, because now no one calls them goggles. On the contrary, people with an interest look at the girls, the guys who wear these colored lenses. With such vision-correcting polymeric materials, any person can always change the image.

okvision fusion green yellow

Negative feedback from

Unfortunately, these soft lenses do not always receive positive feedback. There are people who were dissatisfied with these silicone substitutes for glasses. Here are some negative aspects noted by some users:

  1. Unnatural look. If one girl and boyfriend likes lenses with different exotic shades, for example, tiger, cat's eye, dragon, then others do not like these colors. But then you do not need to take them. It is better to pay attention to the natural color scheme: blue, brown, black, green lenses.
  2. Lack of comfort when worn. Some girls note that such lenses bring a lot of inconvenience. The eyes in them blush, the tears flow, it is simply impossible to wear. However, this can only be in one case - if a person puts the lens back on. If you have not had any experience using these polymer materials, then by trying them on for the first time, you really can face a problem. The way out of this situation is - consultation of the ophthalmologist. At the reception the specialist should explain how to properly wear these substitutes glasses and how to care for them.

How to understand that the lens is turned out the right side?

Those people who have long enjoyed these polymeric materials, already without much difficulty put them on and are worn. However, those who have never worn lenses can pretty sweat over them. The main condition for the comfortable use of these glasses substitutes is to put them on the right side. After all, if you identify them incorrectly, then you will feel discomfort.

In order to properly wear the lens, you need to lay it on the pointer cushion. With the correct location of this polymer material will resemble the shape of a bowl, the edges of which necessarily point upwards. If the lens is turned inside out, it will look like a plate turned upside down.

If you have any doubts that you will not be able to correctly wear these glasses replacements, then consult an ophthalmologist for this. After all, in the end, and the lens will pick you exactly.

okvision fusion new colors

Views of Doctors

Ophthalmologists are positive about these polymeric materials. Experts believe that the advantage of contact lenses in front of glasses is that thanks to them you can look up, down, in the sides with the same quality. In glasses, 100% can be seen only if you look directly. Ophthalmologists are delighted with the OKVision Fusion color lenses, because they are made of special non-ionic material, thanks to which deposits can not accumulate on the surface of these glasses substitutes. And this means that the risk of entering into the eyes of some infection is reduced several times.

Despite the positive evaluations of ophthalmologists, they still recommend people to follow the time of wearing such lenses, clearly follow the instructions. And if the expiry date has expired, but polymer materials themselves seem to be still good, you still need to get rid of them.


Now you are aware that OKVision Fusion contact lenses can change your image beyond recognition. With them the dream of many girls is realized. If someone from childhood wanted to have green or blue eyes, then you can safely buy such lenses. For creative party people there are other palettes, shades of these polymeric materials. And that contact lenses do not bring inconveniences, it is necessary to consult with the ophthalmologist how to choose correctly, and also to wear these substitutes for glasses.