Herpes on the lips: how to cure forever by folk remedies? Is it possible to cure herpes on the lips forever?

Among the most common diseases of the planet, scientists call such a disease as herpes on the lips. How to cure for good? Is it possible to do this? What means should I use for the rash? This will be discussed in the article.

herpes on the lips how to cure forever

Stages of development of the disease

Do you have herpes on the lips? How to cure for good? Before answering this question, consider the stages of the onset of herpes:

  1. Tingling appears, a slight pain in the lips. It can last from 2 hours to several days.
  2. First there is swelling, the skin turns red. Then, in the absence of treatment, transparent bubbles appear.
  3. Substitution by ulcers of bursting vesicles. There is severe pain, which is accompanied by constant itching. During this period, a person begins to infect others.
  4. A brown crust appears on the ulcers, with the tearing off of which appears blood.

how to cure herpes in a child

Is it possible to cure herpes on the lips forever?

Unfortunately, I must say that after the first manifestation of herpes on the lips get rid of him forever impossible. One can only reduce to zero its symptoms and the possibility of further manifestation, exacerbation.

Given that herpes is a viral disease, it needs to be treated not only from the outside, but also from the inside. There are many methods that will help to cope with herpes as soon as possible. As a therapy, you can use all available methods: pharmacy ointments and creams, tinctures, compresses, decoctions and immunomodulating medications.

how to cure herpes on the lips forever

Drug treatment

Herpes on the lips - how to cure forever and how is it treated? As mentioned above, one can get rid of his symptoms and prevent the possibility of his frequent manifestation. Cream or ointment against the virus can be bought in almost any pharmacy. Treatment can begin after swelling of the lips, but before the appearance of the blisters. Then it will be possible to prevent the development of the disease to the state of skin rashes. In the chosen preparation must be such components:

  • "Acyclovir".
  • "Valaciclovir".
  • "Famciclovir."
  • "Penciclovir".

Usage of the ointment is common: first the part of the ointment is squeezed out and applied to the infected area of ​​the lips. Then gently, without spreading to healthy areas of the face, the ointment is rubbed into the skin in circular motions. Use about a week, you can slightly less with a positive effect.

How for a day to cure herpes on the lip? This is possible if, at an early stage, a virus disease is identified and all available methods are used to eliminate it.

Is it possible to cure herpes on the lips forever?

Traditional medicine

How to cure herpes on the lip folk remedies? Treatment with "grandmother's" methods is the best assistant in eliminating this unpleasant rash. Folk remedies can be used by all with unwillingness to take medications, as well as allergic reactions to them. After all, our ancestors for many centuries treated all sorts of diseases by means of grits, compresses and broths.

The huge advantage of these tools is that they are available to everyone and all procedures can be performed without leaving home.

how to cure herpes on the lips with folk remedies

Tinctures against herpes simplex

How to cure herpes on the lips at home? You can prepare the following effective tinctures:

  1. Propolis. This residual product of the life of bees has a strong antibacterial property. By the way, in the hives, it destroys harmful bacteria. There are many preparations made on its basis.
  2. The effect of its use is of a fortifying nature, propolis does not allow the disease to spread.
    You need to make the tincture within a week. To do this, 1 tbsp.l. A spoon of propolis is insisted on alcohol, after which it is shaken each time before use. May cause an allergic reaction.
  3. Of dried birch buds. Powdered kidneys must be insisted for a week on alcohol, stored in a closed jar, mainly in the dark. The proportions are 1: 5.The resulting mixture is filtered and applied as a compress daily to the affected herpes lip. From celandine. Folk medicine uses leaves and inflorescences of this plant. However, its juice can be of great benefit, which has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
    Juice, which is used in the treatment of herpes, is prepared as follows: first the whole shoot is chopped in a meat grinder, after which the gruel is removed, and the resulting liquid is poured into a closed container. The juice should be infused for a week. Do lotions of celandine need every day, because it perfectly dries the bubbles and ulcers. It is worth to be afraid of getting on the mucus membranes, since the juice is poisonous.

how a day to cure herpes on the lip


How to cure herpes on the lips forever or reduce the chances of its manifestation in the future? You can use the following compresses consisting of natural products:

  1. Essential oils. They contain aldehydes and ketones, which have a wound-healing effect. And the presence of alcohols has an antibacterial and antiviral effect. Essential oils are absolutely harmless, positively affect not only the condition of the skin, but also the entire human body.
    At the initial stage of herpes, oils can completely stop further development and eliminate symptoms. If pimples have already appeared, the use of oils will considerably dry them and will remove irritation. It is recommended to do compresses several times a day. The proportions are 5-7 drops of oil per 2 tbsp.l.water. Essential oils that heal herpes: tea tree, sea buckthorn, fir.
  2. Med. In addition to using inside, which will strengthen immunity, it can be used directly on the problem part of the skin of the lips. With daily application, the skin is dried, a crust is formed. If it is easily removed - it can be eliminated, if not, supplement the treatment with other means.
  3. Ginger. The roots of this unique plant are used everywhere.
    To treat herpes, the root must be cut into thin slices and grated in the hands to isolate the juice. Wet ginger in the juice of ginger compress to the lips and hold 15 minutes. Repeat every 2 hours. The procedure will be accompanied by a burning sensation - and this is perfectly normal. After a time after such therapy, the effect will be very noticeable.
  4. Earwax. It includes sulfur and silicon, which has a positive effect on skin tissue, mucous membranes. It is used only at the initial stages of herpes treatment. To some extent, this is not aesthetically pleasing, but absolutely natural and always at hand. It is necessary to place a small amount of sulfur on the diseased area and not to wash off a couple of hours. Contraindications this method has not.
  5. Mummy. This natural formation is a true find in medicine, as it contains fatty acids, essential oils and resins, various trace elements. Due to this, it has absolutely irreplaceable healing properties.
    For a course of treatment of herpes it is enough to buy 30 g of powder. For a noticeable effect, the place of the disease should be powdered daily. The smell is very specific, but very quick.
  6. Aloe. The juice of this plant contains an unprecedented benefit. It helps with digestive diseases, skin diseases: dermatitis, allergies, eczema and herpes. Has anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect. You can compress at night, during the day, it's enough to apply fresh scarlet leaf to the infected area. Every 2 hours you can take a new sheet, or make a new cut on the old sheet.
  7. Kalanchoe. Can be used dosed inside, however, external application is preferable. The plant is used for pustular wounds, burns and skin diseases. To treat herpes daily, lubricate the Kalanchoe juice with damage. The effect is noticeable after the first moxibustion: the skin of the lips is dried, and the skin heals faster, the burning sensation and pain are removed. Also, the juice of this plant translates the herpes virus into an inactive form, reducing the likelihood of repeated relapse.

How to cure a child's herpes on her lips? All the proposed treatment options for herpes can be applied to both adults and children. However, consultation with the doctor is also not a problem, because the children's organism is more fragile. Before treatment it is better to make a test on a small part of the skin, so as not to cause, say, a strong allergic reaction.

how to cure herpes on the lips in the home


Do you have herpes on your lips? How to cure for good? At the moment, vaccines are available in public to reduce the risk of herpes. They can be made for added security. However, they do not give a full guarantee. Among other things, many of them have a number of contraindications.


This is a very obtrusive sore - herpes on the lips. How to cure forever - unfortunately, medicine does not yet know, a hundred percent guarantee is not given by any method. Much depends on the individual characteristics of the body. As you know, it's easier to prevent infection than to treat the disease afterwards. Although therapy against herpes is effective enough, it is much easier to worry about health in advance. To do this:

  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Observe the rules of hygiene: wash hands after contact with other people, after the street, use only individual means of intimate hygiene.
  • Limit contact with patients until they recover.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!