The best remedy for headache

It is different - light, burning, pulsating, dull, pressing and excruciatingly-viscous. Comes when she likes, leaves - if she wants, she can stay for a day or two, maybe for a week. Nobody can tell exactly where it comes from and why it comes to you.

Today, it is the constant companion of most people. The reasons for which it occurs can be counted several dozen. Ways to deal with it an order of magnitude more. And, nevertheless, this uninvited guest can easily come to anyone - sex, age, education, skin color or social status are of no importance.

To defeat your opponent - you need to know it in person. Let's get acquainted: the headache is the scourge of a modern resident of megacities. Lovers of statistics have estimated that only about 10% of people living on Earth are not familiar with the headache. Why does the headache, how to stop this pain, how to make sure that it does not appear as long as possible? These issues have been on the agenda for many years among specialists of large pharmaceutical companies, therapists, neuropathologists and ordinary citizens who want to find relief from torture.

Before we start looking for a universal remedy for a headache, a few words need to be said about the causes that cause pain. Specialists all the variety of reasons that cause a headache, divided into two groups: headache as a consequence / symptom of another disease and headache - as an independent disease. In the female half of man, the headache is a consequence, as a rule, of vascular disorders, and in men it is mainly caused by osteochondrosis or trauma. Among the reasons for the appearance of the headache is overfatigue, stress, oxygen starvation, weather changes, magnetic storms, alcohol consumption, tobacco smoke, etc. Headache can also cause vegetative-vascular dystonia - a diagnosis of a good half of humanity.

The most simple and affordable cure for headaches is a pill that is in every home medicine cabinet. There is a whole group of pharmaceutical drugs, which are called: drugs for headaches. However, it should be borne in mind that the regular use of analgesics is addictive and does not come through the time of the desired relief. In addition, a well-known fact is a "bouquet" of side effects - disruption of the kidneys, liver, changes in blood composition, various diseases of the stomach, decreased immunity.

Therefore, you should not rush to open a first aid kit - an effective remedy for headaches can be found not only there. The availability and simplicity of the tablet can result in unpredictable consequences.

A few recommendations that can make a headache recede:

1. Very simple and, oddly enough, an effective remedy for a headache. Pour ordinary water into a glass and slowly drink it( about 15 sips).After this, you need to relax the body and stay in such a state for a few minutes.

2. Massage from a headache is a way proven for thousands of years. In ancient times, Chinese specialists achieved incredible successes, using massage of certain points for the treatment of various diseases. Pay attention: press and massage carefully, without serious efforts.

  • Step 1: At the base of the skull, find a groove located between the two vertical muscles of the neck. After this, throw back the head, close your eyes and massage the point with your thumbs for several minutes.
  • Step 2: Using the index and middle finger, you need to press down on the points below the cheekbones that are on the eye line. Do not massage for more than a minute.
  • Step 3: Determine another point for the massage: at a distance of two centimeters from the palm of your hand, on your wrist. Fingers of one hand massage this point for a minute, then change hands. If everything is done as it should - the headache will recede without the use of "tablet artillery".

3. Hot water as an alternative to pharmacology. With headaches, you can take a hot bath or just soar your legs for 15 minutes.

4. A universal remedy for headache: a good strong sleep( at least 8 hours), no cigarettes and alcohol, moderate physical activity and a positive outlook on life is a recipe that "scares" the headache even when approaching your home. With such a vital position, you are simply not interested in it.