Nutrition with exacerbation of gastritis: therapeutic diet

Human health is largely dependent on nutrition. Everyone knows this, but only a few eat healthy dishes. If you do not follow the principles of proper nutrition, then problems with the stomach begin, the mood worsens, fatigue appears. In the presence of gastritis, you must adhere to a special menu that allows you to alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

A bit about gastritis

Such an ailment as gastritis is characterized by inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Changes occur because of increased acidity. Symptoms of the disease include severe pain, nausea, eructation. The increased acidity of the stomach must be urgently removed, otherwise an ulcer may appear.

nutrition with exacerbation of gastritis with high acidity

When chronic gastritis is not treated, a more complex disease occurs, gastroduodenitis. Over time, inflammation of deep abdominal tissues is observed, which leads to a significant deterioration in health.

Common causes of the disease include malnutrition. Provokes an ailment of food, the chemical formula of which has a high acidity. To treat a gastritis it is necessary in a complex. You should take medication prescribed by your doctor. Nutrition with exacerbation of gastritis of the stomach should be correct, and for this purpose there is a special diet.

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Features of nutrition

So, what should be the food for exacerbation of gastritis? Products should be selected taking into account the nature of the disease, the area of ​​injury, severity. First, it is important to reduce the burden on the stomach, so as not to damage the mucous membrane. But this does not mean that you will need to eat tasteless food. There are many useful dishes, among which there are sure to be loved ones.

nutrition with exacerbation of gastritis

Food should saturate the body with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates. It is important not only to eliminate the ailment, but also to improve the state of the immune system. When making the menu, the following nuances should be considered:

  • composition: there should be no harmful food in the ration;
  • treatment: it is required to prepare dishes for a couple or to boil;
  • grinding: it is necessary to soften the food for better digestion;
  • temperature: a warm dish better affects the stomach.

If you adhere to these simple recommendations and organize proper nutrition with exacerbation of chronic gastritis, this will quickly restore the stomach. In order not to aggravate the situation, it is important to remember: useful food should completely replace harmful.

The temperature of the dishes

Another important point, which should definitely pay attention when considering the topic "Nutrition with exacerbation of gastritis."The menu in this case includes dishes, the temperature of which should not be below 15 degrees and above 55. It turns out that the food should be warm, the optimal option is within 40 degrees.

Hot and cold dishes negatively affect the gastric mucosa, which causes irritation. This can cause nausea, vomiting, discomfort. Warm food will help not to aggravate the situation. nutrition with exacerbation of gastritis of the stomach

Serving Size

Eating with exacerbation of gastritis involves eating 5 times a day. The size of the portions should be small so that there is no overeating. It is necessary to eliminate the load and the mechanical effect on the digestive organs.

The body should receive only those foods that saturate the person with the necessary amount of calories. For women, the norm is 3000 kcal. Build a menu follows this rule: 30% - for the first breakfast, 10% - for lunch, 40% - for lunch, 15% - for dinner. Sometimes it is necessary to divide the food into 8 portions.

Methods of preparation

Roasted food is not suitable for gastritis, because it has an irritating effect on the stomach. As a result, there is pain, and not only with food, but after that. Discomfort exacerbates the ailment.

With gastritis, you can eat foods baked in the oven. And more useful will be boiled and steam dishes. Only they should not contain marinades, sauces and dressings. exacerbation of gastritis nutrition treatment

What is prohibited is

Nutrition with exacerbation of gastritis implies the rejection of products with the presence of coarse fibers. If a bird is preparing, then it must be removed from the skin. Only then can you start cooking.

Do not eat foods rich in vegetable fiber. It is necessary to at least reduce their number. Before eating, you should carefully cook everything. It is important to exclude smoked products, spices, sweets. It is necessary to salt foods moderately. Do not use strong black tea, shop drinks, coffee. It is necessary to get rid of bad habits.

Principles of the diet

If you organize the proper nutrition, the period of exacerbation of gastritis will be much easier. To do this, there is a special diet, which should be combined with bed rest. This is the only way to prevent deterioration. With the proper nutrition of inflammation and ulcers begin to heal.

It is necessary to exclude products that irritate the gastric mucosa. Nutrition with exacerbation of gastritis with high acidity should be as gentle as possible. The basis - boiled products. Between receptions it is necessary to maintain not less than 2 hours. The menu should include milk and products from it, cutlets and steamed fish, meatballs, meatballs. nutrition with exacerbation of chronic gastritis

Diet with enterocolitis

The main task of the diet is to reduce the load on the intestines. It is necessary to exclude the use of products that injure the walls of the body. Prohibited food, enhancing peristalsis, as well as causing fermentation. The serving volume should be small. It is advisable to adhere to a fractional food. With the diet is allowed the use of:

  • breadcrumbs of white bread;
  • of dairy products: kefir, milk, cottage cheese, sour cream;
  • soups;
  • steam cutlets from low-fat meat and without seasoning;
  • porridge, can be with a little oil;
  • jelly, tea, still water;
  • jam, honey, sugar, but in small quantities;
  • home made sauces.

Mineral water is beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract. Specialists prescribe their use to people to get rid of inflammation, restore the intestines. Just do not buy any water, because its choice depends on the type of disease. For example, with increased secretion, less mineralized water is selected. nutrition period of exacerbation of gastritis

What should be the food for the patient with a diagnosis of "exacerbation of gastritis"?Treatment in this case is very important, and the diet here plays an important role. If you follow all the recommendations of a doctor, soon the discomfort begins to disappear. But even with relief, you do not need to return to the previous diet. Observe the diet should be a long diet. To make your life easier, you can buy a steamer. With its help you can prepare healthy and delicious dishes.

Prevention of gastritis

Any disease is easier to prevent than cure. Therefore, factors that lead to gastritis should be considered. It is necessary to adhere to the principles of healthy eating, because it is on his health condition. For the prevention should follow the following rules:

  • do not need to make large gaps between meals - no more than 5 hours;
  • should be eaten at the same time, it is necessary for the normal functioning of the digestive system;
  • does not need to "lean" on sharp, salty, acidic and smoked foods;
  • food should be crushed thoroughly.

It is very important to eliminate bad habits. This applies not only to alcohol and cigarettes, but also the use of strong coffee and tea. No less important is the spiritual mood of a person. Treatment and prevention will only be successful if the nervous system is in order. nutrition with exacerbation of gastritis

To improve the condition, you need to drink herbal decoctions, which perfectly normalize your well-being. Useful exercise is physical exercise, which must be performed in a moderate amount. When choosing a set of exercises it is advisable to consult a specialist. You need to pay attention to oral hygiene: regularly brush your teeth, use a special thread to remove the remains of food between your teeth, remove plaque from the tongue - this will protect against the development of pathogenic microflora in the stomach. Prevent the appearance of gastritis will help regular medical examinations.