Medical certificate for the replacement of rights: do I need, how and where to apply, the validity period

Today we will be interested in a medical certificate for the replacement of rights. Do we need all drivers in Russia? If so, how do you get it? And under what conditions can you avoid a commission for drivers on legal grounds? We will have to find the answers to these questions further. In fact, everything is not so difficult to understand as it seems. Especially if you prepare in advance for the above operations. After all, not everyone understands what is required for a successful medical check-up for the traffic police.


rights Medical certificate for changing rights is always needed, or are there any situations in which this paper is not required? First, let's try to understand what kind of document in principle it is.

Driving medical commission

A driver's license is a paper that allows citizens to drive cars. It is impossible to get behind the wheel of a vehicle under the current legislation without rights. This is a serious violation.

Do you always need medical help to replace the rights? And if so, how

to get it? How in principle it is possible to replace the driver's license?

Help from a doctor is a duty or a right?

The first step is to find out whether the paper being studied is really always required for rights.

Earlier in Russia, the medical board was an obligatory component. But more recently, drivers are faced with a somewhat changed procedure for exchanging a driver's license.

Under the new rules, when changing rights, a medical certificate is not always necessary, but only in exceptional cases. Nevertheless, every citizen has the right to provide appropriate results of inspections for obtaining a driver's license.

In other words, the document being studied is often presented at the request of the applicant. And in exceptional circumstances, this is a direct duty of people.

Reasons for the

exchange The driver's commission, as we have already explained, is not always required. And in what cases is it necessary to exchange a driver's license? Just because this operation in the traffic police is not carried out under any circumstances. This is normal.

So, in Russia it is required to carry out the re-preparation of the driver's license, if:

  • expired the document;
  • the identity card is returned after the document is lost;
  • in the paper found typos and inaccuracies;
  • citizen changed personal data;
  • man gets a new category of driving;
  • the applicant's health situation has changed significantly;The
  • study paper was stolen or lost.

These are the basic situations in which driver's driver replacement is required. But when exactly is the medical certificate required? To replace rights, as we have already explained, it is not always necessary.

When the commission

is required Let's start with the situations when a citizen must undergo a medical examination of the established form for the realization of the task in question. Such circumstances do not occur very often.


The driver's medical board is obligatory:

  • with the first receipt of rights;
  • during the exchange of the document due to the return after deprivation;
  • if a person gets a new category of driving;
  • replaces driver-type rights due to expiration of the document.

In addition, the driver must undergo a medical examination, if in the future certificate there will be a label "Medical board is required".But this is an extremely rare variant of the development of events.

In what cases is not required

Now it is clear when the medical board for the driver is mandatory. And under what circumstances is it not needed?

Based on all of the above, it follows that the form of the prescribed sample from doctors is not required if:

  • the driver's personal data is changed;
  • driver's license is worn;
  • document was stolen or lost;
  • , the driver's identity is replaced before the paper expires.

That's all. Now it is clear when a person does not have to deal with a medical commission. Next, we will look at all the features of exchanging v / y and the passage of doctors for an appropriate reference.

Document form

The form of the medical certificate for the replacement of rights is written. To date, the document is produced on a letterhead of the established sample. It writes the results of the analyzes and examinations performed.

medical certificate

The number of the form used is 003-in / y. It is this form of the document that has been used since 2010 in Russia when passing a commission for drivers. Other interpretations of the paper are not accepted.

Expiration date

It is interesting to many people what is the term of medical certificate when replacing rights. That is, how often it is necessary to again pass a commission of the established form. This is normal.

According to the established rules, a citizen receives a certificate for the traffic police, which is valid for exactly one year. In 12 months, the paper will have to be exchanged. More precisely, with a cavity anew the commission.

However, if an applicant exchanges rights in situations where a medical report is not required, he will not have to go to the doctors. And this despite the fact that the validity period of the discharge of the prescribed form has come to an end.

Where to pass the inspection

Is it planned to replace the rights when changing the surname? A medical certificate will not be required in this case. And what if the citizen has to undergo an examination of an established sample?

The first question that arises in the population is where to turn for help? There is no unequivocal answer.

Obtaining rights

The matter is that every driver can:

  • pass a commission in any public hospital or polyclinic;
  • seek help from private medical centers.

In the first case, you will additionally have to go to psychiatric and narcological dispensaries. Otherwise, there is no further passage of the commission. The reference of the established sample will not be given to the person who has not confirmed that he is not registered with dispensaries. This is a prerequisite.

List of Doctors

What kind of medical information is needed when replacing rights? The answer to this question is already known to us. Only not everyone is aware that depending on the category of driving a person will have to visit different doctors.

Categories of rights

Let's start with the most common scenario. It is about the availability of categories A, B, M. In this case, the applicant will have to go to:

  • therapist;
  • psychiatrist;
  • to the narcologist;
  • the ophthalmologist;
  • to the neurologist.

No more specialists will be required to visit. Unless to hand over a number of analyzes. In exceptional cases, a citizen may be referred to other doctors for advice, but this is an extremely rare version of the development of events.

Extended commission

If a citizen gets a driving license with driving categories C, D, Tm, Tb, they will have to deal with a more extensive list of doctors. Which one?

Verification of rights

In addition to the list enumerated earlier, an otolaryngologist and a neurologist are added without fail. In the previous case, the last specialist goes to the direction of the therapist.

Persons after 60 years of age are additionally required to undergo an examination with a cardiologist. But, as a rule, people aged by the referring specialist are referred by a therapist or any other doctor.

Analyzes for the commission

The cancellation of the medical certificate when replacing the rights pleased many drivers. But, as already mentioned, sometimes this process is required without fail.

Before going to a specialist, you will have to undergo a series of tests. Without them, a certificate of the established form for the traffic police will not be issued. It is advisable to pass a number of studies in advance.

These are most often referred to as:

  • general blood and urine analysis;
  • blood for ethanol;
  • ECG;
  • analysis for the presence of psychotropic substances in urine and blood;
  • fluorography.

That's all. This will be enough to successfully obtain a certificate for the traffic police. This list of studies can be expanded at the discretion of narrow specialists. Before this often does not reach.

Documents for commission

A medical certificate for the replacement of rights is made only upon application of a citizen. At myself during the recording on the commission, each document will come in handy. Their exact list depends on the method of passing the medical examination.

When visiting a state polyclinic a person will have to bring:

  • passport;
  • photo( size 3 x 4);
  • military ticket( only for men);
  • the policy of compulsory medical insurance;
  • application for the passage of the driver's commission;
  • insurance certificate.

There is nothing incomprehensible or difficult in this. If a person decides to go to a private clinic, they will have to bring a smaller package of documents.

It includes:

  • money;
  • ID;
  • statement of the established form.

This will be enough to implement the task. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems. But with the right preparation for this operation will take a minimum of time and effort.


How much is a medical certificate for replacement rights? The thing is that the answer to this question is problematic. Everything depends on many factors. For example, from the place of residence of a citizen.

A commission for a driver can be free if the citizen decides to request a fixed form in a public medical institution. Some clinics charge a nominal fee for inspections. The average payment is 1500 rubles.

Payment of rights

If the applicant goes to a private medical center, he will have to spend. Price list for the manufacture of medical certificates for GAI varies. On average, it is 5000 rubles, this is taking into account a psychiatrist and an expert in narcology. Separately, their certificates are in the range of 500-800 rubles.

More detailed information is recommended to be specified directly before the passage of the commission in a particular city and in a specific medical center. Only then will it be possible to understand how much to give for a medical examination.

Cost of rights

Now a few words about how to exchange a driving license in this or that case. To begin with, in order to implement the task, it is necessary to pay a fee in the established amounts.

A paper copy of the document will cost 500 rubles, and usual - in 2000. Under certain circumstances, a citizen may receive a 30% discount on the production of a driving license. In this case it is necessary to give only 1400 rubles for the studied document.

Warning: the discount does not apply to the passage of a medical commission. You have to pay for it in full.

Ways to exchange identity

We found out which medical certificate is needed to replace the rights, and how to get it, too. And how can I apply for an exchange of a driver's license?

Today, citizens can:

  • submit an application through the portal "State Service";
  • personally to contact the traffic police or the MFC for the implementation of the task.

There are no other options for the development of events. Most often, citizens independently turn to the traffic police to implement the task.

Documents for identification

Is it planned to replace the rights after the expiration of the period? A medical certificate in this case will be required without fail. And what other documents can be useful for making a new driver's license?

The list of relevant papers varies. It includes:

  • identity card;
  • old rights( if they were);
  • medical certificate of the established form;
  • receipt with paid duty;
  • photograph of size 3 x 4;
  • application for document exchange;
  • the basis for conducting the operation( for example, the certificate of marriage / divorce).

All listed papers should be submitted only in the original. And without copies. Otherwise, the request may not be accepted.

Instruction for the exchange of rights

When replacing rights, it is recommended to act according to a certain algorithm of actions. He will help to carry out the operation without problems.

The exchange instruction is as follows:

  1. Create a package of documents for the implementation of the task.
  2. Determine where the citizen will file a request for the established form.
  3. Take the medical commission.
  4. Pay the fee for making rights.
  5. Apply for the exchange of the driver's license.
  6. Take the finished copy of the document at the appointed time.

In the case of filing an application through the "State Service" will have to act somewhat differently. Namely:

  1. View
  2. Log in to the portal.
  3. Open the block "Public services".
  4. Choose the "STSI" - "Driver's license exchange".
  5. Click the "Get service" button.
  6. Fill in the application form.
  7. Choose a convenient location for obtaining rights.
  8. Download the scans of the listed documents.
  9. Choose the method of payment of the fee and specify the details of the bank account.
  10. Confirm the operation.

Next, it remains to wait for notification about the readiness of rights. After notifying the established form, you can take your passport with you and pick up the driver's license.