Regional perinatal center, Krasnodar: reviews

Absolutely every woman who is about to become a mother soon, is worried about how the childbirth will pass. Due to the fact that the state introduced birth certificates, a representative of the weaker sex can receive qualified assistance from obstetricians and gynecologists in any state medical institution that they like.

Many mothers choose to choose a doctor in advance and agree with him about the upcoming birth. In this case, a contract is concluded between a woman and a gynecologist, according to which the future mother provides material assistance to the medical institution, and the doctor, in turn, guarantees the adoption of the baby at any time of the day, even on weekends, holidays or at night.

Maternity hospitals

Relatively recently a perinatal center opened in the Krasnodar Territory. Krasnodar is a fairly large city, there are several maternity hospitals. However, after the opening of this medical institution, the number of people wishing to give birth there is growing every day.

It should be said that initially this institution was created for special childbirth. Despite this, the regional perinatal center( Krasnodar) accepts all women who apply as the doctors can. Births are held there as free of charge, and at the conclusion of contracts.

Who can get into the perinatal center?

Krasnodar, as already mentioned, the city is rather big. There are many women there, births take place every day and in all maternity hospitals of the settlement. Those who want to enter the perinatal center are much more than they can fit into their walls. What is necessary to do in order to give birth there?

The perinatal center( Krasnodar) was created for children born with various pathologies. Also, the premature appearance of a baby should take place in this institution. It is here that a child born in the sixth month of pregnancy can "go out".

Women with the necessary indications are admitted to the regional perinatal center( Krasnodar) without any problems. Here they are provided with the necessary assistance of qualified doctors.

General description of the medical institution. Perinatal Center: reviews

Krasnodar is a southern city. Here the warm climate prevails and there are all favorable conditions for the appearance of babies.

The medical facility itself has seven floors. Also, when the maternity hospital has a women's consultation, which is monitoring the "special" pregnant women. Also nearby is the family planning center. This applies to couples who want to prepare for the birth of a baby, or a family who can not conceive a child.

It is worth saying that the perinatal center( Krasnodar) reviews have only positive. There are all conditions for the stay of pregnant women and mothers who have given birth already, which is emphasized by those who have already visited here.

There are common and single rooms in the establishment. Each of them has all the amenities: new comfortable beds, tables and chairs, dressing rooms and a toilet.

The building of the center is fenced with a metal fence. At the entrance there is a checkpoint with a barrier. Mummies note that the guard is on duty around the clock, thanks to him, women are always safe.

Maternity hall

In the institution there are several maternity rooms. In each of them there are comfortable beds on which women can be during fights. Also there are observation gynecological chairs.

During midwifery labor, a midwife is always present. This is an undoubted advantage. Also during this period, the future mother is subjected to the necessary examinations: follow the baby's heartbeat in the womb and the regularity of the uterine contractions.

After the birth of

When the baby was born, qualified doctors transfer the newly mum to the ward. If the condition of the baby is satisfactory, then he is with the woman. In the event that there are any deviations or the baby is premature, he is placed in a special ward. There for the kids around the clock watching qualified professionals.

In the case when a woman was made a cesarean section, she was transferred to a postoperative ward. There are all the conditions for a comfortable stay and quick recovery after surgery.

Also in the puerperal ward there are all conditions for the care of the baby: changing table, clean diapers, a small bath for bathing. If necessary, the staff provides a milk formula in case the mother does not have breast milk.

Medical staff

Many positive memories remain for women who once got into the perinatal center( Krasnodar).Doctors' reviews deserve also exceptionally positive. Here you will never encounter rudeness of staff. All nurses and midwives are very friendly.

Doctors are very attentive. They select an individual approach to every woman in childbirth and do everything to ensure that the process of the birth of a child has passed as correctly as possible.

For women who wish, anesthesia can be used. Qualified anesthetists correctly select the dose of the drug, given the weight, height and age of the woman.

Interior decoration

The perinatal center( Krasnodar) has a positive and positive atmosphere. Comments from the women in childbirth suggest that you do not feel yourself here, as in a hospital. Inside the room bright colorful walls, soft sofas, cleanliness and order.

On the faces of doctors, you can always meet with a return smile and hear the words of support.

For the convenience of women who want to show the baby to the relatives, special glass balconies are made. Also the institution is equipped with large bright windows. Thanks to them, there is always a lot of sun and good mood.

On the first floor of the building there is a cloakroom, a pharmacy and a buffet. This is all done for the convenience of pregnant women and mothers. Also there are soft sofas and a big TV.

Paired delivery

Unlike other maternity hospitals in this city, this perinatal center offers the possibility of joint delivery. This is an undoubted advantage for those couples who want to participate together in the birth of a child. Those wishing to accompany a woman in childbirth must pass the necessary tests and conclude an agreement with the selected doctor in advance. Usually the role of assistant is the husband or the mother of the mother in childbirth.

After delivery, accompanying persons can also be next to the newly mummy in the first hours. A couple is provided with a separate ward where parents can stay with their newborn baby, which is very convenient.


If you are interested in the perinatal center( Krasnodar), you can see a photo of its building in this article. Also, there are many interesting images of his inner situation.

You can easily find this medical institution on an electronic map by entering the following data: perinatal center, Krasnodar, Zakharova street, 63/1.

Choose carefully the medical institution in which your baby will be born. This will largely depend on the process of delivery, the health of the crumbs and the newly mummy. We wish you a light birth!