Tranquesipam: instructions for use, analogues, reviews

Constant tension, stress at work and at home and other negative factors often lead to more serious problems in the psychoemotional sphere. Neuroses, neurotic and psychopathic states develop, they are accompanied by anxieties and fears, a depressed mood, irritability increases, sleep is disturbed. .. It is almost impossible to cope on its own, and it is not worthwhile to start this state.

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Modern medicine has a huge amount of funds that can save from unpleasant symptoms and bring back the joy of life. A major role in the treatment of such diseases is played by tranquilizers - soothing and relieving remedies. The doctor selects the medicine depending on the patient's condition. One of the highly effective tranquilizers can be called a relatively new drug "Tranquesipam".

Benzodiazepine tranquilizers

"Tranquesipam" is an analogue of the well-known "Fenazepam", the first benzodiazepine tranquilizer for many years. It was created in the USSR in the 70s of the last century. Benzodiazepine tranquilizers are second-generation tranquilizers that relieve anxiety, fear, emotional tension. At the same time, they have little effect on cognitive functions, such as memory, attention, etc. Among their shortcomings are fast addiction, so you can not consume them longer than the doctor's appointed time. Most of the modern psychopharmacological agents refer specifically to this group. Because of the complex effects on the human body, these drugs are categorically forbidden to apply without the appointment and supervision of a doctor.

If you want to know details about treatment with such a drug as "Tranquesipam", instructions, reviews on the Internet will give a fairly complete picture of the effect of this tranquilizer even before the visit to the doctor.

Indications for use

"Tranquesipam" is used to treat a variety of diseases. It refers to the most potent benzodiazepines with a pronounced counter-anxiety effect.

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In addition to treatment for increased anxiety, irritability, fears and phobias, this drug is indicated with such problems:

  • neurotic and neurosis-like conditions;
  • psychopathic and psychopathic conditions;
  • mood swings and sharp changes;
  • hypochondria;
  • convulsive seizures;
  • some types of epilepsy;
  • instability of the autonomic nervous system( what is commonly called vegeto-vascular dystonia);
  • increased muscle tone with the inability to relax, tics, etc.

Also it is successfully used for withdrawal symptoms( alcoholism, substance abuse), in the therapy of schizophrenia and for pre-medication preparation for an initial anesthesia. In addition, it is used in neurological practice and anesthesiology "Tranquesipam".The instruction for the preparation contains a full list of indications.

Forms of release

"Tranquesipam" is available in two forms:

  • tablets;
  • solution.

Tablets "Trunkwezipam" contain the main substance of the preparation bromodihydrochlorophenylbenzodiazepine in an amount of 0.5 and 1 mg per tablet. Pills are packaged in 50 pieces in cans of dark glass or packed in 5 blisters for 10 tablets in cardboard boxes.

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"Trunkwezipam" in ampoules contains 1 mg of bromodihydrochlorophenylbenzodiazepine per 1 ml of solution. Intended for intramuscular and intravenous administration, it is sold in ampoules in pallets or in packages of 5 or 10 ampoules with an ampoule knife in the kit.

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The effect of

"Tranquesipam" increases the inhibitory effect of GABA( gamma-aminobutyric acid) on the transmission of nerve impulses. The drug has antiphobic, sedative, hypnotic, anticonvulsant properties, it is an excellent central muscle relaxant( that is, it reduces the hypertonicity of skeletal muscles).

Antiphobic, or anxiolytic, effect is manifested in a decrease in emotional tension, a sense of fear, anxiety, anxiety. Thanks to the sedative effect, neurotic signs of anxiety and fear also disappear. The process of falling asleep and sleep improves, anxious dreams disappear.

Application as an anticonvulsant suppresses a seizure impulse, but does not relieve the focus of excitation, so it can only be used as an additional remedy for the treatment of seizures of various origins.

When ingested Trunkwezipam is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, the maximum concentration is achieved in 1-2 hours. It is excreted by the kidneys in 6-18 hours.

Method of use

The tablet preparation is taken orally in the usual manner. If you take "Tranquesipam" tablets, the instructions limit their intake to the following dosages:

  • sleep disorders - 0.25-0.5 mg half an hour before bedtime;
  • with neurotic, psychopathic and similar conditions - 0.5-1 mg 2-3 times a day( after 4 days you can increase the dose to 4-6 mg per day if the drug is well tolerated);
  • with fear, anxiety - 3 mg per day, then the dose increases until the result is obtained;
  • for alcohol withdrawal - 2-5 mg per day;
  • with muscle hypertension - 2-3 mg per day.

tranques instructions for use

If you need to very quickly quash fear, anxiety or psychotic conditions, apply a solution of "Tranquesipam".Instructions for use( in ampoules this drug is prescribed less often than in tablets) gives information that it can be administered intravenously or intramuscularly, the result can be obtained starting from 0.5 mg. But even in the most severe cases, the maximum dose of the drug is 9 mg.

Detailed information on the dosage of the drug in other cases can be obtained by reading the instructions for "Tranquesipam".However, it is worth remembering that the maximum daily dose can not exceed 10 mg.

Be sure to check the prescription of the doctor with the recommendations that give for treatment with a drug such as "Tranquesipam", instructions for use. Tablets should be taken in strictly defined doses, otherwise the treatment may prove ineffective or even harm. Therefore, if you have doubts about the dosage and frequency of admission prescribed to you, or they do not comply with the instructions, be sure to notify your doctor.


Any tranquilizer has a wide range of contraindications. Not escaped this fate and "Tranquesipam".It is forbidden to take with pronounced myasthenia gravis, severe kidney and liver diseases( for example, with cirrhosis or Botkin's disease).Contraindication is poisoning with medications, such as other tranquilizers, neuroleptics, sleeping pills, as well as poisoning with drugs and alcohol.

Almost absolute contraindication is pregnancy, especially in the first trimester."Tranquesipam" is able to have a teratogenic effect on the fetus( that is, it disrupts the development of tissues and organs and leads to congenital deformities).If the mother took this drug during pregnancy, then among other effects on the fetus, the central nervous system was depressed, breathing was impaired and the sucking reflex was suppressed in the newborn. In addition, the constant reception of "Tranquesipam" in the period of waiting for the child can lead to the development of withdrawal syndrome in a newborn. Therefore, during pregnancy, "Tranquesipam" is used only for life indications.

In addition, from taking the drug should be refused during lactation and choose another drug( or stop breastfeeding while treating this tranquilizer, if the need for it is high).If the condition still requires treatment with such a means as "Tranquesipam", the instruction warns about possible complications after its administration.

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The drug should not be taken before the age of 18, because its safety and efficacy for children have not been investigated. In addition, among the contraindications - glaucoma( both in the stage of acute attack, and with predisposition), acute respiratory failure, shock, coma. When using "Trunkwezipam" during severe depression, there may be manifestations of suicidal tendencies. And of course, the tranquilizer should be withdrawn from hypersensitivity to any of its components. Therefore, before treatment, you need to get a doctor's advice, telling him about all the factors that may be an obstacle to taking the drug.

Side Effects of

The list of side effects of "Tranquesipam", like any similar drug, is also quite large. The patient may experience dizziness, sometimes headache, fatigue, drowsiness, muscle weakness, complain of memory impairment, concentration of attention and coordination of movements and even dysarthria - pronunciation problems( especially if high doses are prescribed), sometimes insomnia. Usually this is manifested at the beginning of treatment, more often in the elderly and for the first time taking Trunkwezipam. The instructions for use contain mandatory information about possible side effects and the frequency of their manifestation.

Also in the number of undesirable, but possible manifestations are muscular reactions - tremor, uncontrolled movements, including the eye, muscle spasms.

Often there is an unexplained excited state, euphoria or, on the contrary, excessive irritability, depressed mood, depression, outbursts of aggression. In extremely rare cases, there are suicidal tendencies and hallucinations. But most often these symptoms are manifested as a withdrawal syndrome - with a sharp cancellation or a sharp decrease in the dose of the drug.

If the drug is sensitive, an allergic reaction may occur, such as an itch or a rash. Also, when taking Trunkwezipam, patients may complain of dry mouth, nausea and diarrhea or constipation and other problems with the gastrointestinal tract, for example heartburn, vomiting, decreased appetite, impaired liver function.

Not so often, but nevertheless incontinence or a delay of urine, infringement of function of kidneys are possible. In addition, there may be a decrease or increase in libido, dysmenorrhea in women. Do not forget about the addiction to the drug.

This is far from a complete list of side effects, but most of them are extremely rare and with a controlled reception of "Tranquesipam" may not appear at all. To reduce or remove the side effects can be a drug such as "Mesocarb".

Precautions for taking "Tranquesipam"

It is necessary to carefully finish the reception of this drug: it must be stopped gradually, gradually reducing the dose so as not to cause withdrawal syndrome. Sudden discontinuation may cause depression, irritability, insomnia, excessive sweating and other symptoms, especially if the drug was taken more than 8-12 weeks before.

"Tranquesipam" should not be taken during the management of vehicles and those whose profession is associated with increased concentration of attention. For the duration of treatment, alcohol should be discarded in any form.

If "Trunkwezipam" is taken in the presence of renal or hepatic insufficiency, then it is necessary to control the hepatic enzymes and the picture of peripheral blood.

If the patient is taking a tranquilizer for the first time, the dose of "Trunkwezipam" should be lower than for patients already taking tranquilizers and antidepressants or suffering from alcoholism.

Dependence on the drug occurs with long-term admission in doses of more than 4 mg per day. If you take Trunkvezip for more than 3 weeks, the instructions for use recommend that you consult with your doctor about further use.

The drug should be immediately discontinued if the respondent has such reactions as increased aggressiveness, convulsions, a sense of fear, especially thoughts of suicide or hallucinations. Problems with falling asleep, superficial sleep, etc., are also grounds for discontinuing the drug.

Interaction with other

medications Because such medications are taken in conjunction with other medications, you need to be aware of their effects on each other. For example, Tranquesipam reduces the effectiveness of Levodopa, increases the toxicity of Zidovudine.

If neuroleptic, antiepileptic or hypnotic drugs or muscle relaxants are prescribed simultaneously with Trunkwezipam, then the effect of both agents is enhanced. But the same interaction occurs with the simultaneous reception of a tranquilizer and ethanol, which can lead to increased alcohol poisoning.

Hypotensive drugs increase blood pressure lowering when treated with Tranquesipam.

If you believe that in your condition you need treatment with a drug such as "Tranquesipam", the instructions for use should be studied in advance. If the medicine is really shown to you, it is necessary to inform the attending physician about what medicines are already being taken.

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Because "Tranquesipam" refers to the most extensive and popular group of benzodiazepines, it is easy to find a suitable analog if necessary. Trunkwezip itself is an analogue of Phenazepam, a well-known tranquilizer. In addition to it, you can note such drugs with a similar effect:

  • "Fesipam".
  • "Fenazepam-Ros".
  • "Fenorelaxan".
  • "Elzepam", as well as many others containing the same active substance in the base.

They are similar in effect, but they can differ in price, in some components, and as a consequence - with the presence and severity of side effects. In each specific case, the drug should be chosen by the doctor, it is he who determines which drug is suitable for the patient - "Phenazepam" or "Tranquesipam".Instructions on the use of analogs do not consider, but gives the name of the active substance, according to which it is possible to determine whether tranquilizers are from the same group, that is, they act in like manner on the same disease.


Most of the host Trunkwezipam note that this is actually a good drug. A wide spectrum of action and, despite a large list, poorly manifested side effects, and also the effectiveness allowed the tranquilizer to become one of the most popular drugs in its field. In simple words: it is an excellent sedative, good sleeping pills. In addition, it acts very quickly, has a cumulative effect. The patient's life quickly returns to normal and becomes calm and joyful. In the reviews often mentioned the fact that a worthy replacement for "Phenazepam" is precisely "Tranquesipam".

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Do not forget that the treatment with this medicine can be started only after the appointment of a doctor. The drug is sold only on prescription. Self-medication is extremely dangerous because of contraindications and possible side effects, so the first thing you should study after prescribing Tranquesipam is the instructions for use. Feedback from those who have already applied the drug is quite positive, but in almost every case there is an important clarification: if strictly follow the prescriptions of the attending physician, Tranquesipam can solve many health problems without adding new ones, which will noticeably change life for the better.