Leukocytes are elevated in pregnancy in the blood and urine. Causes and consequences

The human body contains the necessary number of specific cells that are responsible for certain functions. By the concentration of leukocytes, the presence of a virus, a bacterium or an inflammatory process can be easily determined. Leukocytes elevated during pregnancy can also indicate the presence of allergies. leukocytes elevated in pregnancy

What is the leukocytes

Leukocytes are indicators of the health of the human body. They are white blood cells and protect against the development of infections and malignant tumors. Leukocytes are normally able to withstand the development of viral diseases, absorbing and neutralizing the viral cells that are in the body. increased white blood cells during pregnancy

In pregnancy, leukocytes in the blood allow to strengthen the humoral and cellular immunity, which will promote the proper development of the fetus and prevent intrauterine infection. In addition, white blood cells can neutralize poisons and toxins that enter the body.

Reasons for an increase in white blood cells in the urine

Leukocytes, elevated in pregnancy, can be a consequence of the development of various diseases. They are localized mainly in the urinary system. To such diseases it is possible to carry:

  • a cystitis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • urethritis.

Another common cause of an increase in white blood cells in the urine can be candidiasis. In pregnancy, this disease progresses in most women, as local immunity weakens, and the fungal microflora begins to multiply.

To get the exact result, you need to observe the proper hygiene of the genitals before surrendering urine. Since non-compliance with the technique of taking the analysis can lead to false tests.

Causes of an increase in white blood cells in the blood

Elevated blood leukocytes in pregnancy can be due to several factors:

  • transferred stress;
  • severe physical or mental stress;
  • improper power;
  • various diseases.

increased white blood cells in the blood during pregnancy

It is because of a large number of factors affecting the indicator, with a suspicious analysis, it is recommended to retake after a few days, while observing a certain diet and avoiding fatigue and stressful situations.

Leukocytes elevated in pregnancy indicate the development of a woman's leukocytosis. At the same time, the work of the bone marrow is disturbed, as a result of which much more white bodies enter the blood than the body needs.

Causes of leukocytosis

In most cases, after birth, leukocytosis passes by itself. If this does not happen, then the increased number of leukocytes grow into hyperleukocytosis, a disease requiring medical intervention and medical treatment.

When leukocytes are raised in the blood during pregnancy, it is necessary to establish correctly, as a result of which the work of the organism was disrupted and how to eliminate it. The cause of leukocytosis may be:

  • frequent stress;
  • inflammatory processes occurring in the body;
  • infection, transmitted by a woman before pregnancy( pneumonia, hepatitis);
  • allergy;
  • blood loss in large numbers( regardless of the cause that caused it);
  • severe damage to the skin( cuts, burns);
  • thrush;
  • malignant tumors;
  • asthma.

pregnancy swab elevated white blood cells

Leukocytes, elevated in pregnancy, are most often the result of an allergic reaction, inflammation or prolonged use of certain medications.

Reasons for an increase in white blood cells in the smear

During registration, the pregnant woman gives the first smear. If a high concentration of leukocytes is detected in it, one can conclude that there is inflammation in the genitourinary system or an infectious disease that can greatly affect pregnancy.

The smear, elevated white blood cells in which were found out, it is necessary to examine additionally, having handed over it on bakposev and having spent PTSR.It is also necessary to examine the immune system in order to be able to draw an accurate conclusion about the woman's health status and to discover the cause that causes the increase of white blood cells in the smear.

During pregnancy, a woman often passes tests to determine the state of her body and the correct development of the fetus. One of the most common variants of the examination is a blood test, urine and a smear.

Leukocytes are increased - is pregnancy at risk? How to determine the number of white bodies?

To determine the level of white blood cells, you can take a blood or urine test. A high level of leukocytes in the blood indicates inflammation and a decrease in the defenses of the body, and when these cells are detected in the urine, one can conclude that there are problems in the functioning of the kidneys or the genitourinary system. smear white blood cells increased pregnancy

In the analysis of urine, leukocytes are determined by centrifugation, which separates the sediment. Then it is examined under a microscope. Leukocytes have the appearance of cells with a well-defined light-refracting core. Elevated white blood cells in the urine during pregnancy can lead to the development of serious diseases.

In the blood, the number of leukocytes is determined by microscopic examination. During the analysis, the number of all blood cells and basic parameters, such as erythrocyte sedimentation rate, blood viscosity, and others are determined.

Elevated white blood cells during pregnancy can be without harmful factors to the baby's health factors. For example, when you consume large amounts of protein food. Therefore, it is necessary to take the test on an empty stomach to get the most accurate result.

Treatment of leukocytosis

With physical leukocytosis associated with eating disorders or physical activity, it is only necessary to eliminate these factors and the body's work will recover to the required level. The number of white blood cells will also decrease to normal. elevated white blood cells in the urine during pregnancy

In pregnancy, this type of leukocytosis is the most common and quickly passes after childbirth. But the content of leukocytes should still be monitored regularly, so as not to lose sight of the presence of an infection or inflammatory process.

If the cause of increasing the level of white blood cells is pathological leukocytosis, then it is necessary to choose an effective therapy. Depending on the cause that caused the increase in the number of leukocytes, it can be antihistamine( for allergies), antibacterial( for diseases of the genitourinary system), hormonal.

When leukocytes are raised during pregnancy, it is important to correctly identify the cause of the failure and prescribe suitable therapy to prevent possible malformations of the fetus and keep the pregnancy.