Univit Kids vitamins: instructions for use, composition, reviews

Many parents are of the opinion that in winter and spring the body needs additional sources of vitamins. Of course, fruits and vegetables are a definite benefit, but only if they are grown not in greenhouses. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to pharmacy products, designed to meet age requirements. A relatively new line - Univit Kids - this group of products has replenished. Chewing vitamins surely like children.

General description of the preparation

With the arrival of colds, each parent thinks about how to strengthen the immune system of the child and avoid frequent colds and infections. At present, there is indeed a rapid growth of such ailments among toddlers and school-age children. To improve the situation, it is necessary first of all to improve nutrition, and also to pick up a complex of vitamins and minerals for the child. One of the latest developments of German pharmacists are Univit Kids vitamins. The manufacturer positions them as a biologically active additive.


Despite the fact that the dietary supplements have a twofold relationship, this complex has proved itself from the positive side. Children are interested in vitamins because of their unusual shape, besides they do not need to be swallowed whole, that some babies cause a vomiting reflex. Chewable tablets look quite original - figurines of dinosaurs and dolphins in consistence resemble jujube and do not have a pronounced smell and taste.

"Univit Kids": composition

Chewable vitamin lozenges contain the following components:

  • Vitamin B6( 0.7 mg) - is involved in the synthesis of proteins and provides the conversion of amino acids. This is extremely important for normal physical development and growth of the child.
  • Vitamin B3( 8 mg) - niacin( nicotinic acid), is necessary for energy production in cells, participates in the production of hormones and the breakdown of fats.
  • Vitamin B12( 1.25 μg) - is involved in the process of formation of "correct" erythrocytes. The element is necessary for covering the nerve fibers with myelin sheath, which conducts impulses from the brain to the muscles and in the opposite direction.
  • Vitamin A( 200 μg) - is needed for the prevention of eye diseases, strengthens the immune system, improves attention.
  • Vitamin C( 40 mg) - ascorbic acid, is needed to strengthen the body's protective functions and hematopoiesis.
  • Vitamin D3( 5 μg) - is involved in the formation of bone tissue and normal assimilation of calcium.
  • Folic acid( 100 μg) is a coenzyme necessary for the period of rapid tissue growth.
  • Biotin( 15 μg) is vitamin H, interacts with amino acids and participates in the synthesis of intestinal microflora. It is necessary for the normal state of nerve tissue and brain work.

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Additional components of

In addition to the main ingredients, Univit Kids vitamins contain sugar, citric acid, glucose syrup, bees and carnauba wax, natural dyes and flavors. The composition of the drug is selected specifically for children, so it lacks artificial components.

Are chewy vitamins harmful?

To date, the pharmacy can find many vitamins for children in the form of chewing pastilles. Of course, the baby will not give up such useful sweetness, but parents can alert the staff, and, as a consequence, the benefits of such drugs for the baby's body. Indeed, some vitamins contain non-natural additives( flavors, thickeners, dyes), which not only have no value, but are also capable of harming the body.

Univit Kids' chewing lozenges have an exceptionally positive effect. Parents' testimonies indicate that, following the instructions, "dinosaurs" and "dolphins" do not damage tooth enamel and do not cause an allergic reaction in children. Specialists strongly recommend that you first study the composition of the drug, including vitamin complexes, and choose the most natural products.

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Indications for use

In the period of intensive growth, the baby's body may lack vitamins and minerals obtained from food. For normal development - both physical and mental - this shortage should be compensated for by additional use of vitamin complexes. Experts recommend giving vitamins to children prone to frequent catarrhal diseases, and to babies with weakened immunity.

The manufacturer of a dietary supplement recommends the use of chewable lozenges if the child feeds inadequately, is prone to frequent colds, adapts to the kindergarten or school regime, becomes tired of training loads or undergoes antibiotic therapy. To restore energy and improve the learning ability will help a series of vitamins "Univit Kids".The price of chewing marmalade is 260-400 rub.(depending on the composition).It should be borne in mind that even vitamins are taken after a preliminary consultation with a pediatrician.


Vitamins with choline and Omega-3

School load is not enough for every child. In order to help the body to adapt, improve memory and concentration, the baby needs additional sources of Omega-3.Polyunsaturated fatty acids are extremely important for the harmonious development and growth of the child.

Vitamin in the form of dolphins "Univit Kids" will help to replenish their stock. Omega-3 and choline in this vitamin complex for children have a positive effect on mental development, improve the child's performance and memory. In one "dolphin" contains 50 mg of fatty acids.

The use of choline

Choline is often called vitamin B4, which dissolves well in water and ethanol. Its use for the body is as follows:

  • element is necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system;
  • acts as a hepatoprotector and is involved in the process of restoring liver tissue;
  • reduces cholesterol and cleanses blood vessels;
  • strengthens the heart muscle.

Univit Guide

In a day the child of the first year of life should receive 50-70 mg of choline. Children from 3 to 7 years of age need at least 250 mg, and adolescents - up to 500 mg of vitamin B4 per day. Replenish the stock of the element will help Univit Kids. The instruction says that in one lozenge contains 35 mg of the said substance.

How to take vitamins?

According to the annotation, vitamins are intended for children from 3 to 14 years. In order to benefit from taking the drug, you should adhere to the indicated dosage. Children from 3 to 11 years should use one lozenge per day with meals. Many parents do not take into account this feature of a particular drug. Experts say that the vitamins of group D and A, which are contained in Univit Kids, are fat-soluble, so, for proper assimilation, they should be consumed with food.

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For children aged 11 to 14 years, the daily dose of vitamins is increased to 2 chewable lozenges per day. One bank contains 30 pieces, which is enough for a monthly course of taking a biologically active dietary supplement.


As the experts say, the vitamin complex is completely safe for reception, but in some cases it can only bring harm. Contraindications to the use of chewing marmalade are individual intolerance of components, a tendency to allergic reactions, diabetes, obesity.

And what do parents say about this dietary supplement? Vitamin lozenges "Univit Kids" reviews are mostly positive. A useful marmalade in the form of dinosaurs and dolphins attracts not only babies, but also children of older age.