Therapeutic and preventive massage of the lower back

As we move, as a rule, we do not even think about how this process is going on. Once learned a long time ago, a person automatically repeats his movements in space. But at this time the whole complex mechanism of our organism is involved.

Certain muscles are constantly straining, but not everyone can relax them. Here comes to the rescue a massage that can remove spasms and improve your health. A massage of the whole body is very useful, but a special role is given to the lower back.

Lumbar massage

What gives massage

Why massage a loin? The tissue, which is saturated with oxygen, is better restored and strengthens the immune system. At the same time, the metabolic process is activated, toxins and decay products are quickly released. Thus, this procedure stimulates an early self-purification of the body.

Let's talk about more local processes, which is facilitated by the massage of the waist. Thanks to him, this part of the body is better relaxed, the heaviness is removed from the muscles, because the lumbar has a heavy load. And if you feel pain, then after the massage of the lower back, she leaves.

Avicenna once said that this procedure destroys all unnecessary substances in the muscles, which did not escape from the body themselves. With the help of a massage, spine diseases such as scoliosis and osteochondrosis are well treated.

Along with the activation of internal processes, the intervertebral discs become more stable. At the same time, many organs are affected by the nerve endings, and their work improves.


The described procedure will give remarkable results after sports training. But it should be remembered that since the last meal should take at least an hour.

massage therapist

In addition, a massage of the back and waist will help if the patient has:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • neuralgia;
  • you feel muscle spasms or just pain;
  • scoliosis;
  • problems in gynecology;
  • headaches;
  • hypertension;
  • diseased kidney.

Unfortunately, such a useful procedure still has a number of serious contraindications. Massage is prohibited if you:

  • severe degree of varicose veins and thrombosis;
  • pathological condition of the heart;
  • is an oncological disease;
  • various infections;
  • hyperthermia;
  • bleeding;
  • skin lesions.

Principles of massage

There are areas where you can easily do self-massage. On the back of a fully-named procedure to realize it is impossible. Therefore, it must be carried out by another person. But, of course, before you start the massage, you need to thoroughly study the main principles of its conduct:

  1. Massage of the waist is done on a hard hard surface, on which you need to lay a clean sheet.
  2. Hands the masseur washes with baby soap.
  3. Before the procedure, a few drops of oil are rubbed on the palms.

The person lies on his stomach so that it is convenient. Muscles should relax - then massage will be easier to carry out, and it will be more effective.

back and lumbar massage

How to do the massage of the waist

First to warm up do stroking movements. Efforts at this stage do not apply. Then the intensity is increased. Then the skin seems to be smoothed, moving the ribs of the palms up to the shoulders.

After that, the back is pressed and well massaged in the opposite sides. Begin with the top of the buttocks and gradually rise to the top of the lower back. This is done from one side and the other.

You can lightly tap on the waist, avoiding the kidney area, pinch the skin and mash it in circular motions.

Removing painful sensations helps unhurried massage in the affected area. In addition, the movement aimed at stretching the spine will be effective. For this, the palms are placed at the sides, and the thumbs point towards each other. With force, but also with caution, pressing on the lower back, hands move down, and then return them to the starting position. So repeat up to twenty times.

At the end of the procedure, the area to which the effect was applied is carefully ground with a towel.

Massage during pregnancy

In the first months of pregnancy, massage can not be done, as it is dangerous - complications of fetal development can be caused and even miscarriage is provoked. The procedure is shown from the fourth month, and it is even better to do it already on the last terms.

In the third trimester, the bending of the spine and the load on it increase, so unpleasant and painful sensations appear. Massage for back pain saves a pregnant woman. But, of course, it is very important at the same time to observe the correct technique of its implementation. However, the rules are very simple:

  1. All movements are done without pressure, without applying force.
  2. Stroke slowly and rhythmically.
  3. Mending pregnant women do not.
  4. Vibrations are performed with the fingers.
  5. The procedure lasts a maximum of forty minutes.

massage for back pain

Massager instead of masseur

But what to do when the services of the masseur are too expensive, and there is no one to wait for help from outside? Will save a good massager. There are many such devices on the market today. But you need to choose carefully so that he can really help.

Massager can be presented in the form of a comfortable chair, which simply sit down and, having set a certain program, relax. It is also made in the form of a large belt. Of course, such devices are not cheap at all. But in the future, thanks to the fact that the services of a massage therapist will not be needed, the massager will pay off and will continue to help the patient and his family for a long time.

how to do lumbar massage

There are also compact devices in the form of rollers with a ribbed surface. Usually they are regulated by the force of pressure and amplitude. Therefore, they are universal and can be suitable for different people. Mechanical rollers are also common. They do not need to be plugged into the socket, and the person in manual mode adjusts the force of pressure and the speed of massaging movements.

Thus, even in cases when another person can not help the patient, you can use a massager to ease your condition. But, of course, the best massage will be provided only by a qualified specialist.

Usually procedures are carried out by a course, which consists of ten to twenty sessions. Then you should take a break. If necessary, the course can be repeated in a couple of months.