Gel "Roks" for strengthening teeth: composition, instruction, feedback

Caries is a complex and slow-moving pathological process in the hard tissues of the tooth. It develops as a result of complex adverse effects of internal and external factors. gel rox

Consequences of dental diseases

In the initial stage, caries is characterized by demineralization( focal) inorganic layer of enamel and destruction of its organic matrix. As a result, this leads to the destruction of hard tissues of the tooth and promotes cavity formation in the dentin.

If the disease is not treated, the patient may experience inflammatory complications from the periodontal and pulp.

How to get rid of tooth decay, high tooth sensitivity and other dental problems? For this very often use the gel "Rocks".To strengthen the teeth, this tool is suitable as best as possible.

General information

The "Rox" gel was developed specifically to restore the enamel structure at home. Its important feature is universality. Gel "Rocks" can be used by children( including small children), adults and the elderly. In addition, it is allowed to apply courses and regularly.

The composition of this product is completely safe for human health. Its effectiveness has been proven in clinical trials. Also, experts found that the gel "Rocks" has no contraindications.

remineralizing gel rox


For what purpose do dental clinic clients use the Rox gel? The testimonials indicate that it is intended to strengthen the teeth. This special series is created for the purpose of quality care of enamel and oral cavity in general.

Using the dental drug "Rox"( gel) to strengthen the teeth, you will very soon notice its effective effect.

According to the opinion of patients, this is the best remedy to restore the enamel and restore the beauty and whiteness to a smile. Regularly using the gel, consumers observe:

  • a noticeable whitening effect( about four tones);
  • decrease of tooth sensitivity on such irritating factors as cold, increased acidity, heat and so on;
  • return of natural whiteness and gloss after removal of plaque;
  • improvement of appearance of enamel after prolonged wearing of braces, as well as with fluorosis;
  • fight against developed caries;
  • restoration of microflora in the oral cavity.

It should also be noted that the "Rox" gel is also used to prevent carious manifestations.

gel rox for strengthening of teeth

Features of the formulation

Remineralizing gel "Rocks" can be used by adults and small children. Regular use of this agent promotes the formation of a special film on the surface of the tooth.

According to the instructions, this preparation contains xylitol. It is this substance that struggles with the development of caries, and is also responsible for improving the microflora in the oral cavity.

It should also be noted that the gel in question contains various biological compounds that are rich in elements such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. These substances have a strengthening effect on enamel and reduce the development of dental diseases.

Remineralizing gel "Roks" can be used by those who are forbidden to use fluoride-containing products. Typically, this category of patients include people with impaired metabolism of minerals, kidney stone disease, thyroid disorders, kidney failure, and various forms of osteoporosis.

Use in children

Gel "Roks" for strengthening teeth is very often prescribed to children. Its important feature is that it is absolutely safe. The composition of this tool does not include fluoride, and therefore, there is no possibility of poisoning when swallowed.

gel rox reviews

Gel "Rox", designed specifically for children, has a pleasant fruit taste. He successfully passed all clinical trials among a group of schoolchildren. Specialists managed to fix the reduction of caries up to 4 times. This is a very good indicator. After all, no equipment was used to eliminate dental problems.

Gel "Roks": instructions for using

Each patient chooses whether to apply this remedy on a permanent basis or use it as a course treatment. It should be remembered that clinical studies have not revealed any harmful effects of this drug on human health with its regular application.

According to specialists, if this tool is used only for course therapy, then it must be carried out at least three times a year. The standard duration of the gel is 14 days.

It is extremely important to remember that the correct conduct of hygiene procedures, as well as compliance with all recommendations of the dentist, depends on the stability of the result already obtained.

So how should I use this gel? First, the teeth are cleaned with ordinary paste. After this, the treatment gel is applied to the brush and hygienic procedures are again performed. The optimal frequency of application of this remedy is two times a day: after breakfast and before bedtime.

For the effect of the drug to be more effective, after it is applied to the teeth it is necessary to wait about half an hour. Do not eat or drink. In addition, some experts argue that the effectiveness of the drug in question will be more pronounced if it is applied to kapy. These are products made of plastic, which are made by a unique cast of a person's jaw. They are absolutely safe and allow the gel to maximally affect the enamel. gel rox instruction

The price of the dentistry drug

How much does the gel we are considering cost? You can buy this tool in any pharmacy. It is sold in tubes of 25, 45 and 35 grams, as well as in bags of 11 g.

Specialists recommend using a disposable gel. According to them, the drug in the bags is more effective, as it is protected from environmental influences, while the composition in the tube is constantly subjected to oxidation( when the lid is opened).

To date, this product is produced with a neutral taste, as well as with fruit and mint. The price for one tube of this remedy varies between 290-380 rubles.

Of course, the gel "Rocks" will never replace the professional cleaning of teeth, conducted in the dentist's office. But this particular drug contributes to a significant extension and maintenance of the effect of such a procedure.

After using the gel, your teeth will become less sensitive. They will no longer react to cold or hot food, and will also become stronger and whiter.

Reviews about

There are a lot of remineralizing gel "Rocks" reviews. Most consumers note its high efficiency. According to their opinion, such a tool whitens teeth well and restores damaged enamel. Moreover, regular use of this drug allows you to get rid of high sensitivity of teeth and bad breath. rox gel for strengthening

One can not help saying that negative reviews are also found about this gel. Some patients of dental clinics claim that this tool is effective only with prolonged use. But due to the high cost of the drug, it can not be used regularly by every consumer.