Can I buy L-Carnitine in a pharmacy? Instruction and reviews about the drug. Analogues

L-carnitine is an amino acid similar in composition to the vitamin B group. It is naturally synthesized in the body. Its lack can provoke fatigue, overwork, depression, drowsiness, disruption of the cardiovascular system. To make up for the deficiency of this substance, you should buy the drug "L-Carnitine" in the pharmacy and drink it according to the instructions.

What is L-carnitine?

L-carnitine is an amino acid that athletes and nutritionists like to use. It not only helps to lose excess pounds, but also gain the missing weight. For the similarity with the vitamins of group B it is also called B11, or BT.

Amino acid is characterized by anabolic qualities. Improves the saturation of the cells of the human body with oxygen. Affects the storage properties of iodine. Stimulates regeneration processes.

Levokarnitin organism can produce itself from methionine and lysine. If there is a shortage of amino acid, then it can be eliminated by taking food supplements. Buy the drug "L-Carnitine" in the pharmacy can be without a doctor's prescription.

L-carnitine is actively used by athletes during training. At physical exertion, it reduces the content of lactic acid, helps normalize body weight, reduces fatigue and fatigue. Increases stamina. This additive to food is considered harmless and practically does not cause side effects.

Scientific and clinical trials have confirmed the benefit of L-carnitine for humans, especially for the cardiovascular system. Another drug normalizes metabolic processes, activates cell renewal, stimulates lipid metabolism, promotes the activity of fatty acids, improves oxygen supply to the body, is used in complex therapy of coronary heart disease, obesity, strokes and chronic fatigue.

Drugstores "L-Carnitine" contain the active ingredient levocarnitine. In addition, besides amino acids, various vitamins, plant extracts, minerals and fatty acids can be included.

Pharmacological action of

Amino acid L-carnitine is a natural substance. Similar in structure with vitamins B. Participates in metabolic processes, where it acts as a transporter of fatty acids through cell membranes from the cytoplasm to the mitochondria. Here lipidic acids pass through the process of β-oxidation, where they create ATP and acetyl-CoA.

l carnitine in a pharmacy for weight loss reviews

The additive stimulates protein-fat metabolism, increases secretion, as well as the enzymatic activity of intestinal and gastric juice. Promotes better digestion of food, reduces weight and fat deposits in muscles. Makes the human body more hardy, inhibits the occurrence of keto acids and anaerobic glycolysis. Reduces the severity of lactic acidosis, promotes a more economical distribution of glycogen and increases its stores in muscle tissue, liver.

Amino acid is characterized by anabolic and lipolytic properties. Normalizes the metabolism in hyperthyroidism. Here, it acts as an indirect antagonist of thyroid hormones and is not a direct inhibitor of the processes occurring in the thyroid gland.

The drug is absorbed on the walls of the intestine. The maximum concentration of the active substance in the blood is observed after three hours. The drug effect lasts for nine hours. L-carnitine easily penetrates the liver, myocardium, slightly more slowly - into the muscles. The amino acid is excreted mainly by the kidneys in the form of acyl esters.

If the body lacks levokarnitina, the fat accumulates in the cells and is poorly excreted from there. The best solution in this situation will be to buy L-carnitine in a pharmacy and take it at a dose prescribed by the doctor or as instructed.

Indications for use

If necessary, the drug "L-Carnitine" in the pharmacy is not difficult to acquire, especially since it is dispensed without a doctor's prescription. The drug is used in complex treatment with strong physical and psychoemotional loads. In this case, it charges the body with energy, increases stamina, reduces fatigue, including in the elderly.

The additive is used during the rehabilitation period, when the patient suffered serious illnesses or surgical intervention, severe injuries. Here the agent "L-Carnitine" accelerates the processes of tissue regeneration.

An amino acid is used in the complex treatment of chronic gastritis, with reduced secretion. Used in pancreatitis, accompanied by external secretory deficiency. Indications for use are skin diseases, such as: seborrheic type eczema, psoriasis, scleroderma, lupus erythematosus.

Assign an additive for mild hyperthyroidism, neurological diseases that have arisen as a result of brain damage. It is used in the syndrome of anorexia nervosa. Doctors prescribe L-carnitine with a deficiency of carnitine and diseases that have arisen because of a lack of amino acids.

The drug "L-Carnitine" under the supervision of a doctor can be used in the treatment of children who are under three years old. This is the nursing of preterm or after a birth trauma, asphyxiation of infants. Prescribe an additive to children who have a bad sucking reflex and low weight gain. Prescribe an amino acid with a low muscle tone, and when children lag behind in mental, motor development. This substance is taken to prevent the above disorders in children, if they are at risk.

"L-Carnitine" is used when there is a lack of weight and growth retardation in children, adolescents under the age of sixteen.


Selling "L-Carnitine" in a pharmacy can not be used by everyone, since it has certain contraindications. This hypersensitivity to the components of the drug and the period of pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding. You can not use an amino acid in patients with hypertension, patients with cirrhosis of the liver, with the diagnosis of "diabetes mellitus" and pathologies of the kidneys, peripheral vessels.

Treatment of infants under three years of age should be under constant medical supervision.

Side effects, overdose

The drug is well tolerated and rarely causes side effects. In isolated cases, allergies, dyspepsia, pain in the stomach, nausea, myasthenia gravis, muscle weakness and unpleasant odor from the body may appear. With prolonged reception, gastralgia and dyspepsia may occur.

In cases of drug overdose, dyspeptic and myasthenic disorders may occur, especially in patients with uremia. If such symptoms occur, you should rinse the stomach and drink activated charcoal.

Types of "L-Carnitine"

A supplement with an amino acid can have different forms of release, these are:

  • tablets;
  • capsules;
  • powder;
  • "L-Carnitine" is liquid.

l carnitine in the pharmacy

In the pharmacy you can buy the drug in any of these forms of release. Doses of pharmaceuticals are strikingly different from those drugs that are sold in a sports store. The latter are aimed at athletes and are intensively used for weight loss, increase of efficiency, energy and endurance.

Dose and route of administration of

Drug L-Carnitine is dispensed without prescription by a doctor in pharmacies. The instruction before use of this additive should be carefully studied in order to avoid negative reactions.

Amino acid is consumed orally, half an hour before the main meal. This substance has different forms of release( tablets, capsules, syrup, drops and powder), and the use of the drug in each case will be different.

l carnitine preparations in the pharmacy

Liquid "L-Carnitine", if it is in syrup and ampoules, do not need to be diluted with water. This form of the drug can be taken regardless of the food intake. The adult population consumes a liquid preparation of 5 ml, and for athletes a single dose of 15 ml. The additive should be drunk immediately before the start of the workout. The course lasts from 4 to 6 weeks. If the result does not meet expectations, then it is recommended to take a break for 7 days, and then go through a second dose.

Usually, for children under the age of one year, the doctor prescribes syrup. This drug is used in a dose of 10-20 drops at a time. At the age of 1 to 6 years, the drug is drunk in an amount of 20-27 drops. In the children's category from 6 to 12 years, the drug "L-Carnitine" uses 2.4-2.5 ml. Duration of use - a month 2-3 times a day. Before the second course, you should take a week off.

If the drug is in tablets, then, without chewing or crumbling, swallow, squeezed with plenty of water. Adults prescribe 200-500 mg 2-3 times a day. Athletes can drink supplement only before the start of training, 500-2500 mg."Levokarnitin" use courses.

l carnitine in pharmacies instruction

Can be produced in capsules of "L-Carnitine".Instructions for use do not advise when using to open and divide the capsule. It is swallowed whole and washed down with water. For adults, the daily dose is 200-500 mg with a frequency of 2-3 times a day. Athletes can take the drug on a one-off basis in the amount of 500-2500 mg. This drug is drunk in courses for 4-6 weeks with a weekly break. It is forbidden to take capsules continuously for more than six months.

Injection of "L-Carnitine" should be performed under the supervision of a specialist.

Drug Interactions

Anabolic agents and lipoic acid several times strengthen the action of the drug "L-Carnitine"( tablets).In a pharmacy with an amino acid you can buy a lot of drugs. They should not be used together with glucocorticosteroids, as this leads to the accumulation of carnitine in the tissues.

"L-Carnitine" is sold in pharmacies

"L-Carnitine", like many other drugs, can be purchased at a pharmacy. According to users, the amino acid in the pharmaceuticals contains a lower dosage than in supplements that are sold in sports nutrition stores. You can choose "Acetyl L-Carnitine" in pharmacies instead of the usual "Levocarnitine".This drug combines carnitine and acetyl group, which improves the penetration of the active substance into the brain. It significantly affects the work of the neurological system. It is a new tool in the market, and therefore its properties are not fully understood, in contrast to the "L-Carnitine".In pharmacies, it is much more expensive than its counterpart.

l carnitine liquid in a pharmacy

Pharmacy analogues of "L-Carnitine"

Analogues of "L-Carnitine" in pharmacies are not difficult to find. They have the same active substance, but are produced by different firms. They can contain not only L-carnitine, but also other components that positively affect human health. Improve his physical and psycho-emotional state.

Pharmaceutical preparations based on carnitine

Promotes not only quick weight loss, but also helps cure a number of diseases "L-Carnitine".Drugs in the pharmacy, containing the amino acid carnitine, are presented in a wide range, it is:

  • "Carniten", 1200 rubles.
  • "Elkar", 200-300 rubles.
  • "Carnitine", 200 rubles.
  • "Carnitine chloride", 260 rubles.
  • "Carnitone", 300-400 rubles.
  • "L-Carnitine" from "Solgar", 2000 rubles;
  • Turboslim Alfa-lipoic acid and L-carnitine, 300 rubles.
  • SportExpert L-carnitine, 200 rubles.

l carnitine is sold in pharmacies

All of the above listed products contain L-carnitine. Drugs in the pharmacy with this amino acid are sold in free access, and which one is better to choose - advise a dietician or doctor.

Reviews of the

product Can be sold not only in the sports goods store and on the Internet "L-Carnitine".In pharmacies, reviews say, you can easily find the drug indicated.

Most often, this product is used to reduce weight. They note that without taking part in sports, taking the drug "L-Carnitine" will not give the desired result. In the pharmacy for weight loss( reviews often say exactly about this) often choose "Carnitone", products from the companies "Evalar" and "Solgar".Many praise the supplement "Doppelgerz active" with levokarnitinom and magnesium. There are other means that showed high effectiveness in losing weight, strengthened the cardiovascular and neurological system, increased efficiency, endurance and positively influenced metabolism.

acetyl l carnitine in pharmacies

There are reviews, according to which, additives with levocarnitine did not help to achieve the desired results. People who left them, called the tool "pacifier" and do not see the point of spending money. Some note that foreign drugs are more effective than domestic drugs, and they immediately see the result. Some opponents advise to purchase funds in sports nutrition stores, they say, they are much more effective and contain more levocarnitine.