Sanatorium of Sechenov, Essentuki: reviews, photos

So, today we will be interested in the sanatorium of Sechenov, Essentuki. This institution is a place where everyone can relax. But what features distinguish it? Is it possible to go here for a good rest and treatment? What services does this institution offer? Numerous visitors' reviews tell about all this. Just remember - by studying them, you can see both negative opinions and positive words about the sanatorium. And often they contradict each other. This is normal. Try to evaluate all the possibilities of the organization and determine how much this resort meets your requirements. sanatorium of Sechenov Essentuki


Sanatorium Sechenov( Essentuki) - a place where everyone can relax and get medical help. Or rather, undergo a complete examination of the body and recover from any ailments. The most common sanatorium, which is so much in Russia.

But Sechenov has been working for a long time. And he offers rest for the whole family. Few will remain indifferent after visiting this organization. It is indicated that here you can get quality care in a variety of medical fields. And thus to have a good rest. You will not have to miss! What features should I pay attention to in the first place?


The first step is to figure out exactly where to arrive for recreation. Maybe you can find a similar resort closer. The area in which the sanatorium is located. Sechenov, - Yessentuki. But this is an incomplete address. By the way, some visitors are alarmed by the presence of several addresses of the organization. Legal and actual location are different from each other. You should not be afraid, there's no deception here. health resort named after Sechenov Essentuki

Legal address at the sanatorium - Russia, Moscow, Novy Arbat street, house 32. It is here that it is necessary to write letters and recommendations to the management of the organization. But most of all, the immediate place of rest is of interest. Where is it located?

Actually, the sanatorium of Sechenov is, as already mentioned, in Essentuki. It is necessary to come to Lenin's street and find house 25. This is the full actual address of the organization. It's easy and simple. The presence of several different addresses from some is alarming, but this is not the reason for panic. Sanatorium Sechenov( Essentuki) - a place that has been operating for a long time. It causes trust among the population.


An important point is the connection with any resort or hotel. After all, communication support always helps to attract customers - they learn all the interesting information about the rest, after which they book the room. The Sechenov Sanatorium offers several options for supporting dialogue with clients. sanatorium sechenov essentuki reviews

The first option is the official website. On it you can use the feedback form to book a room, as well as contact the administration and management of the organization. Not a good way to get information. Visitors indicate that the "feedback form" is not answered very quickly. For booking a room is the most acceptable option, but with the administration to communicate preferably in a different way.

For example, via e-mail. If you are interested in the sanatorium Sechenov( Essentuki), you can write to [email protected] to clarify all the questions that arise.

The most popular and good method is a phone call. Phone to the sanatorium of Sechenov is not as difficult as it seems. To do this, simply dial the combination +7( 87934) 6 31 88 or( 87934) 6 44 78. The operator will answer all your questions, if you wish, will make a reservation in your name. Perhaps, it is for a fast telephone connection that the sanatorium of Sechenov( Essentuki) receives mostly positive reviews. Sanatorium for them Sechenov g Essentuki


An important role for this organization is played by such processes as the conducted procedures. What kind of treatment can I get to this sanatorium? It provides assistance in the following areas:

  • musculoskeletal system;
  • surgery;
  • Neurology;
  • psychology;
  • otolaryngology;
  • respiratory system;
  • gynecology;
  • proctology;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • disorders of digestion and metabolism;
  • insomnia;
  • depression.

As you can see, here you can get a huge number of various services. And this pleases many visitors. All medical examinations are conducted qualitatively, the treatment procedures also do not leave indifferent. After all, they use the local waters of Essentuki.


Things to do after treatment? This question sets many vacationers. Sanatorium named after Sechenov( Essentuki) pleases its clients with a variety of leisure activities. There is a lot of work to do here.

On the territory of the sanatorium you can find a cinema, in which both domestic classics and new films are shown. Also there is a cozy library - you can at any moment retire and enjoy some of the works. Visitors also leave positive feedback for the fact that fans of outdoor activities are also not forgotten. In the sanatorium of Sechenov there is a sports complex in which exercise therapy is held. Also you can find on the territory of the organization billiards, tennis court and even chess! Of course, the simulators are also not forgotten.

sanatorium named after Sechenov essentuki reviews

But this is not all the possibilities! Do you like to watch yourself? Women who have a rest in the sanatorium of Sechenov, indicate that there is a real beauty salon with a hairdresser here! All kinds of services that only can meet. It pleases - even the girls will have something to do.

There are special playgrounds for children. Plus, cultural leisure here also takes place - there are various concerts, quizzes and even guided tours. Sanatorium Sechenov( Essentuki) reviews are positive for organizing leisure - you can find a lesson for everyone.


What can you say about the situation in our institution today? Only the fact that the sanatorium Sechenova( Essentuki) several years ago received not the best reviews in this area. It was pointed out that repairs in this organization had not been for a long time. But more recently, the situation has been corrected.

Now the situation in the rooms and medical offices pleases. The furniture has been renovated, cosmetic repairs have been made, there is everything you need for living and treatment. Some equipment is old, but it's not such a big problem.

The situation in the sanatorium is reminiscent of Soviet times. There is no modern chic, but it does not repel, but, on the contrary, attracts visitors. You can feel comfortable and comfortable in the offered atmosphere.

Price lists

It is important to know how much will rest in the sanatorium of Sechenov. Is it worth paying attention to it? Or is it better to find a less expensive institution? Visitors point out that the sanatorium of Sechenov is not the cheapest place. Rest( permit for 21 days) will cost you about 55-60 thousand rubles. Much depends on when exactly you plan to rest. But on average, the indicated amount. ессентуки health resort Sechenova photo

It is for the cost of rest that the sanatorium of Sechenov often earns negative reviews. It is indicated that treatment here could be cheaper. Nevertheless, this is not an excuse to refuse the services of the organization - they will be provided to you at the highest level.


The food in the sanatorium also plays a role. In our case, there are no special complaints on this score. The thing is that in the sanatorium of Sechenov there are 15 different diets. They are appointed by a dietician. Dishes are all useful and tasty. Great variety, as in the restaurant, no, but the proposed food is not limited to simple porridges every day.

You will be fed at the sanatorium 3 times. A similar service is already included in the price. You can be sure that the offered dishes will not bring any harm to your health! Do you want to have a good rest? At your service - Essentuki, sanatorium Sechenov( photo it is presented).You will not regret coming here!