Effective treatment of asthma with folk remedies

Treatment of asthma with folk remedies is an urgent issue for people suffering from this disease. And this is understandable, because non-traditional medicine has certain advantages:

  • saving money;
  • high efficiency, proven by many generations. asthma treatment with folk remedies

Asthma: treatment with folk remedies

20 grams of nettle nettle, brewed in one glass of boiling water, it is necessary to insist for 25-30 minutes. This tool is able to help in recovery as soon as possible. A medicinal drink should be drunk four times a day.

Asthma can be treated with folk remedies in many other ways, such as milk whey or May burdock, which is one of the most effective aids on the way to recovery. asthma treatment with folk remedies

After receiving the whey from a 3-liter can of milk, 200-250 ml of honey should be added to one half, and the next 100-120 grams of crushed elecampane root. To consume 100-150 ml of the first mixture, immediately washing down 100-150 ml of the second. Do this 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

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Essential phytoncides

Treatment of asthma with folk remedies, even nowadays, rarely does without garlic. It is a real savior of mankind from viruses, diseases( bodily, psychological), from avitaminosis and many other enemies. The concentration of vitamins and minerals in it can strengthen immunity, and its availability will please everyone.

One of the best garlic recipes of

If you have allergic asthma, folk remedies can be treated as follows. You need a glass, garlic and water. Available? Undoubtedly!90 grams of fragrant miracle means must be twisted through a meat grinder, pour water. Let it brew for 15-16 days. After you need to drain the tincture, pour it into the bottle( you can take the usual plastic).The container should be wrapped in newsprint, put into the refrigerator. Add in warmed milk for 30-35 drops and take four times a day for 20-25 minutes before eating.

Before going to bed

Take 20-25 grams of fir needles, one second part of aspen leaves, one third of a spoonful of May burdock. The resulting composition brew in a glass of boiling water. When the container has cooled, add 2-3 grams of soda to the food. This mixture should be infused for 6-7 days. To drink on a spoon before a dream once in 4-6 days.

Treatment of asthma with folk remedies was not possible in the old days without such assistants as wormwood, Ledum, and other miraculous herbs.
allergic asthma treatment with folk remedies

Tops and spines

5-10 grams mixed ordinary wormwood, ledum, hyssop, roots of wheat grass. The resulting mixture must be insisted in 700 milliliters of boiling water during the day. Take 200-250 ml for twenty minutes before meals six times a day.

I would like to mention another excellent recipe. It was widely used in ancient times, and to this day it retains its relevance and accessibility!

Before using all the above recipes, you have to understand - they work! You just need to follow the instructions exactly, any deviation from the prescription reduces its effectiveness.

Recipe is not for everyone

So, early in the morning on an empty stomach should eat a clove of garlic. Drink half a glass of water, to which add a touch of apple cider vinegar. But! There are contraindications. If you have stomach trouble, then this method is unacceptable for you!