They scratch their hands, and red spots appear: possible causes and peculiarities of treatment

Hands are one of the main parts of our body. With the help of hands we work, study, rest. And if the hands are scratching and red spots appear, our habitual way of life is disrupted. The itch gives rest, distracting from work and rest, makes our life unbearable. Consider why there are red spots on the hands, itches. Causes and treatment - later in the article.


Very often the cause of the appearance of red spots is allergy. The reasons for its occurrence are many. It is the reaction of the body to certain foods, medicines, chemicals( powder, disinfectants).

Insect bites can cause allergic reactions, and they are able to withstand some infectious diseases.


  • In such a contagious disease as scabies, there are rashes between the fingers of the fingers, on the lateral surfaces of the fingers.
  • With some infectious diseases, such as chicken pox, measles, scarlet fever and others, a rash appears characteristic of these diseases.
  • In the initial stages of scleroderma( malfunction of the immune system), the feet and hands are swelling and the skin becomes bright red or red-violet.
  • If you have a red spot on your wrist, it itches, it is likely that it is a red lichen planus. The localization of lichen can be different.

Skin diseases

  • Inflammatory dermatitis of various origins is characterized by reddening of the skin and a feeling of itching.
  • Older keratosis is the first stage of skin cancer. On the skin exposed to the sun, red spots are formed.
  • Dyshidrotic eczema. Redness and swelling on the hands and feet with the formation of vesicles, passing into purulent crusts.
  • In chronic ordinary psoriasis, during its exacerbation, raised areas of red, inflamed skin appear.

Household situations

  • From an error in a food at the use of an acute, fat, high-calorie meal the hands and feet are scratched, red spots appear.
  • If there are stressful situations, constant lack of sleep, overstretch at work, spots may also appear.
  • When the temperature changes, in the frost, in the sun, when overheating or hypothermia, the hands are scratched and red spots appear.


The question arises: when there are red spots on the hands, what to treat? Symptoms accompanying skin manifestations are recognized by a dermatologist. It is necessary to apply to it with an unchanging skin itch. At the first examination, a qualified doctor will determine the nature of the damage to the skin.

For more accurate diagnosis( if necessary and possible), the material is taken from the surface of the spot( scraping) to various laboratory tests to exclude the infectious, fungal, cancerous nature of the disease. To exclude the allergic nature of the disease, allergotests are performed. But it must be remembered that skin manifestations are a signal about the failure of such important organs as the intestines, kidneys, liver, lymphatic, nervous and immune systems.

Therefore, to properly assign treatment, a dermatologist seeks help from other specialists, such as an infectious disease specialist, a gastroenterologist, an immunologist, an allergist, a neuropathologist. Based on the patient's complaints, examination of the skin, laboratory tests and examination of other specialists, the dermatologist makes his diagnosis and prescribes treatment.

my hands scratches and red spots appear

Treatment of

When you came to a dermatologist and asked: "I have red spots on my hands, palms, itch. What is it? "- the doctor puts you a diagnosis. After that he prescribes therapy.

Contact or allergic dermatitis

When interacting with the skin of various irritating factors, such as chemical factors( drugs, cosmetics), irradiation( solar), mechanical action( temperature), an allergic reaction is triggered, causing inflammation of the contacting tissues. Under the microscope, there is an increase in immune cells that are directed to the site of inflammation. Allergotests are used to determine the allergen that caused the reaction. Treatment primarily consists in the exclusion of the patient's contact with the allergen and the use of antihistamines of a new, 4th generation( "Cetirizine", "Allegra").At the expressed allergic displays corticosteroid ointments( "Hydrocortisone", "Мометазон") are used.

itchy hands and feet appear red spots


Urticaria shows blisters with blisters similar to a nettle burn. For the most part it is an allergic disease, but it can occur against the background of pronounced stress. Often the cause of urticaria are disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. It is also necessary to check the body for the presence of helminthic invasion. Insect bites can cause disease( fleas, mosquitoes).

The main thing in the treatment of urticaria is the regime of the day, the exclusion of food from allergens, the removal of foci of infection, treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the elimination of irritating factors. It is also necessary to use antihistamines, magnesium sulfate, sedatives and the appointment of B vitamins. In acute urticaria, you need to quickly remove allergens from the body with cleansing enemas.

a red stain appears on the wrist


One of the variants of chronic dermatitis. The disease can be transmitted by inheritance, so it occurs even in young children. Eczema is a chronic disease, a provoking factor for which can serve as stress, prolonged exposure to high or low temperatures, a tendency to allergies. At treatment it is necessary to exclude from the diet sharp dishes, alcohol, products, causing an allergy. Refuse to smoke. It is very useful to take hydrogen sulphide, mineral, radon baths. It helps to take sedatives, antihistamines, corticosteroids, vitamin therapy, sea buckthorn oil or ointments based on it.

On his hands appeared red spots that itch

Red lichen

More pathology occurs in women with impaired immunity. It is prescribed phototherapy, photochemotherapy, B vitamins, antihistamines, ointments based on steroid hormones.


The disease is caused by an itch mite. Localized mite in the folds between the fingers, on the abdomen, elbow joints. As a result of the activity of the tick, hands are scratched and red spots appear. Begin the treatment of patients who are in contact with the sick person at the same time. The drug prescribed by a doctor( benzyl benzoate, sulfuric ointment), it is necessary to apply abundantly under the trimmed nails, and then to process the affected areas. The medicine should be on the affected skin for at least 12 hours, only after that it can be washed off. It is necessary to carry out wet cleaning in the apartment, boil the bed linen of the patient, and also carry out disinfection with a special aerosol.


This is a chronic disease. Treatment of psoriasis is purely individual. What helps one patient, may not be the root of another. Physiotherapy is used for treatment - it is phototherapy, ultrasound therapy, photochemotherapy, electrosleep. Also prescribed drugs, such as corticosteroids( Metizred, Prednisolone), drugs for artificial suppression of immunity( Neoral, Methotrexate), vitamin A. For external use, there is a wide range of ointments - from retinoids to corticosteroids. Very well helps immersion in sea water, sunbathing, adherence to a special diet, refusal of alcohol, smoking.


With this disease the hands are itchy and red spots appear. It is a systemic ailment, so the internal organs, the musculoskeletal system, the vessels are affected along with the skin. Treatment is appointed exclusively individual, corresponding to the severity of the disease. It is not recommended to be in the sun, in the cold. Smoking is prohibited, coffee is not allowed. To prevent vascular pathologies, vasodilators are prescribed( "Nifedipine", "Gallopamil").To prevent fibrosis appoint "Penicillamine."To suppress immunity, immunosuppressors are prescribed.

red spots on the hands are itching causes and treatment

Treatment of skin itch with folk remedies

Since most skin diseases are accompanied by painful itching, the question arises: how to deal with it?

red spots on the hands than to treat the symptoms

  • Effective and simple remedy - apple cider vinegar, which needs to wipe the problem areas.
  • With insect bites, plantain leaf, dandelion juice or ice cube will help.
  • If the hands have red spots that itch, it is useful infusion of lemon balm. A glass of boiled water is taken a tablespoon of dried lemongrass, insisted for an hour and a half in a thermos, for a day you need to drink two or three glasses.
  • The chastity of the celandine can be treated with problem areas of the skin, making lotions. A glass of boiling water requires one teaspoon of dried celandine.
  • Compressor or bath of chamomile broth.
  • Warm bath with the addition of sea salt.
  • Apply the aloe leaf pulp for 20 minutes to the itchy patch.
  • Rapidly removes the itching propolis ointment, 1-2% solution of mummy, menthol oil.

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This article examined why red spots on the skin of hands can appear. The variety of diseases that caused red spots, encourages not to engage in self-treatment, but to consult a doctor. Only a dermatologist will put the correct diagnosis and prescribe a therapy that best suits you.