"Cameton" from what? Aerosol, spray "Cameton": instructions for use

For the treatment of diseases of the nose and throat, medicines that act locally are often used. One such composition is "Cameton".What he helps you will learn after reading the article. It should be noted that this medicine is one of the universal. So, it is applied in the area of ​​the throat and nose. Below, information will be provided that is reported on the preparation of "Cameton"( aerosol) instructions for use.

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What is a medicine?

The drug "Cameton" is an aerosol. Instructions for use are attached to each medicine package. Also in the medicine box is a nozzle with which the composition is sprayed.

The active ingredients of the drug are chlorobutanol and camphor, as well as menthol and eucalyptus oil. In addition, the composition of the drug includes additional components.

"Cameton": what helps?

This medication is recommended for use in many diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. It is worth recalling that "Cameton" - a spray, recognized as one of the few universal tools that can be used both in the throat and mouth area, and nasally.

The main property of the drug "Cameton" is that it saves a person from pain. Almost immediately after spraying, the patient feels relieved. Cutting and burning in the larynx, which occurs when swallowing, disappear.

Included in the drug chlorobutanol, in addition to analgesic and anesthetic action, also has an antiseptic effect. It is supplemented by camphor, which increases the blood flow in the inflamed area and promotes the restoration of damaged tissues. From this it can be concluded that "Cameton"( spray) helps to get rid of pathogenic microorganisms in the affected area.

Levomentol, which is a part of the preparation, has an antiseptic and cooling effect. It helps to freshen breath and helps to alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Do not forget about eucalyptus oil, which helps to cope with the inflammatory process. It also promotes the regeneration of tissues and mucous membranes. The bactericidal effect of this component helps to get rid of germs and viruses.

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"Cameton": indications for the use of

All cases in which this formulation is required are described in the instruction manual for the "Cameton" agent. What helps the medicine - you already know. However, this is not enough. It is also worth examining the indications for use and finding out in what situations the drug works.

Medication is often used in pediatrics, otorhinology and dentistry. The main indications for its use are the following situations:

  • tonsillitis in acute and chronic form( more often in complex therapy);
  • sinusitis and sinusitis( together with the use of antibacterial agents);
  • viral lesions of the upper respiratory tract( concomitantly with the use of immunostimulants);
  • symptomatic correction with laryngitis, pharyngitis, diseases of the vocal cords and so on.

Sometimes the drug is used in dentistry. In this case, the indications for use are determined by the doctor in each individual case.

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Contraindications to the use of medicament

About a preparation such as "Cameton"( spray), the instruction for use informs that it is not used in children under the age of five. This is due to the possibility of a reaction to this medication. The drug is not assigned to individuals with individual hypersensitivity to one of the components.

If you do not take into account the information that is reported on the drug "Cameton"( spray) instructions for use, it is possible to face the development of side effects. These include nausea, headache, the emergence of allergies in the form of rashes and itching. Less often, the laryngeal edema and vocal cords can be determined. Avoid this reaction will help a preliminary request to the doctor and become familiar with the instructions for use.

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How to use the formulation: the two main methods of

As you already know, the drug "Cameton"( aerosol) application has a double. It is applied directly to the inflamed tonsils and larynx. Also, the agent is sprayed into the nasal passages to treat pathologies in this area.

When using the nozzle for the first time, it is necessary to put on the nozzle on the can, after which it is worth several pressing. When a cloud comes out of the tip, you can start using the medicine.

  • Insert the nozzle into the nostril and make one or two sprayings. In doing so, you must simultaneously take a deep breath. Repeat manipulation can be up to three times a day. Before this, it is recommended that the nasal passages be thoroughly cleansed by rinsing.
  • In the larynx the drug is sprayed for 2-4 doses up to four times a day. In this case, the break between the use of the composition should be the same. The medicine is sprayed on inhalation. Then you need to exhale through the nose.

After using the drug in the throat area, it is not recommended to eat and drink for one hour. That's why doctors usually recommend using aerosol after eating.

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Comments from consumers and professionals that you will not find in the instruction manual for use of

Patients report that the drug "Cameton" has a rather pleasant aftertaste. That is why it is easy to use among school-age children. The composition does not provoke spasm of the bronchi. While many such drugs are capable of causing such a reaction.

Patients say that the cost of the drug is quite attractive. So, one balloon with a nebulizer will cost you no more than 100 rubles. Pharmacists say that the drug "Cameton" is in great demand. It is purchased much more often than its analogs.

Users also report that only one person should use the drug. If it is necessary to use the other members of the family it is worth for everyone to have an individual attachment. Such protective measures will avoid the occurrence of re-infection. After all, it is on the nozzle is a large number of your germs and viruses. Rinse out the nebulizer after each injection. To do this, use usually antibacterial soap and hot water.


Conclusion of the article, or A brief summary of the results of

You have learned what is the drug "Cameton".What helps this tool - described in the article. Your attention is also provided with instructions for use and feedback. Remember that the composition can cause a negative reaction from the body. That's why before using it is worth to visit a doctor and study the instructions for use. Get well and stay healthy!