Analogues "Kolme": names, description, composition and reviews. The preparation "Kolme": analogues in drops

In our world, many suffer from alcohol dependence. When a person can no longer do without alcohol, a huge number of accompanying problems arise. Family and children suffer from this, you have to quit your job. Modern medicine has found unique techniques and drugs that will help to defeat the "green snake".Extremely popular are such products as drops "Kolme", ​​"Proproten 100", "Alcobarrier".The instruction on application, the price, responses, analogues - all this information should be studied before the beginning of treatment.

Composition of the drug "Kolme"

The drug is produced in the form of drops of transparent color with the smell of acetic acid. The main substance that is part of the drug, acts cyanamide. In one drop it contains 3 mg, and in 1 ml it contains 60 mg. Additional components of the drug are sorbic acid, glacial acetic essence, sodium acetate and purified water.

analogues of kolma Drops are delivered in dark ampoules of 15 ml each. The medicine set includes a dropper. Analogues "Colm" will have a similar composition. More about them you can read below.

Action of drops

Means "Kolme", ​​"Proproten 100", "Alcobarrier" are intended for treatment of patients from alcohol dependence. The mechanism of action is the blocking of ethanol. The blockade of this substance delivers to the body of a drinking person a lot of discomfort and trouble. After the next dose of alcohol may occur fever, shortness of breath, nausea and aversion to alcohol.

Drops begin to function within 45 minutes after ingestion. The duration of the therapeutic effect is 12 hours for the preparation "Colme".Analogues in the drops "Proproten 100" and "Alcobarrier" have the same indicators.

Indications and contraindications for use

Drops are used to treat alcoholism. They are also an excellent remedy for the prevention of recurrence of the disease. Contraindications for the treatment of the drug are severe damage to the heart and blood vessels, as well as lung and kidney disease with obvious signs of impairment.

kolme analogs in drops

It is not recommended to use the product during pregnancy and lactation. Do not drink drops with cirrhosis. Another medicine can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug, it is strictly forbidden to use it. Any analogue of the preparation "Kolme" will have the same contraindications.


Medication is prescribed only by a narcologist after a preliminary examination and examination of the patient. To exclude the development of side effects, it is necessary for the patient to collect an anamnesis of his chronic diseases. Medicines "Proproten 100", "Kolme", ​​"Alcobar" should be drunk twice a day from 12 to 25 drops. The interval between the reception should be 12 hours.

analogue of the drug colme

Each patient can be developed his own individual dose for admission. Before use, open the ampoule and pour it into the vial with the solvent.

Symptoms of drug overdose are not thoroughly studied. In some cases, side effects may increase. In case of any unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to rinse the stomach, give the patient a drink of the adsorbent. In more severe cases, you need to introduce drugs to maintain the heart and blood vessels. Analogues "Kolme" can completely replace the original medicine and oezazat on the body a positive effect. However, you must take the funds strictly according to the instructions.

Side effects of

In rare cases, rapid fatigue, drowsiness, rashes, changes in blood counts can occur. A very pronounced reaction is observed in the joint use of alcohol and "Kolme" drops. The patient has shortness of breath, nausea, tachycardia, vomiting, redness of the face. In more severe form, difficulty breathing, confusion.

Russian analogue of Cole

If these symptoms appear, it is necessary to hospitalize the patient and provide first aid.

The preparation "Kolme" and its analogues should be stored in a dark place, away from children. The air temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. It should be explained to the patient that drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited during the use of the drug "Kolme".Analogues in drops are also incompatible with alcoholic beverages.

Special instructions

Drops "Kolme", ​​"Proproten 100", "Alcobar" are used only in agreement with the patient. The patient must independently want to get rid of addiction. The medicine is better taken in a hospital under the supervision of a doctor. You need to know that there may be a reaction to ethanol, which is contained in other medicines or food.

analogue of the colme reviews

Begin taking drops after 12 hours after the last dose of alcohol taken. With long-term treatment, it is necessary to do a control ultrasound of the thyroid gland. It is advisable to undergo a full medical examination every year. Do not prescribe the drug for kidney and liver pathologies. In the pharmacy, any analogue of "Kolme" is dispensed on prescription. Reviews, instructions for use - you can ask the pharmacist about everything.

Drops "Proproten 100"

This is a Russian analogue of the preparation "Kolme".The drug is intended for the treatment of alcohol dependence. Drops are purified antibodies to the brain-specific protein. The product is dispensed in a vial of dark glass. A convenient dispenser is attached to the top.

The drug helps in the treatment of mild and severe alcoholism. It has an anti-alcohol effect on the body, it disgusts alcohol. Completely removes the occurrence of recurrence of the disease. The drug improves the somatovegetative and psychological state. After its application there is no headache, dizziness, tremor, insomnia, irritability, anxiety.

the Russian analogue of the drug colme

Use the medicine preferably while eating. The drug must be dissolved in a spoonful of water. With a hangover syndrome, the drug is taken for two hours every 30 minutes in a dose of 10 drops. Then you should drink the medicine once an hour. If the patient falls asleep, then after waking up, continue taking the drug in two hours at the same dosage. The course of treatment is from 2 to 3 days.

To get rid of cravings for alcohol, it is worthwhile to carry out prevention. It should give the patient a drug three times a day for 10 drops. Treatment continues for three months. The drug does not cause side effects. In rare cases, an allergic reaction may develop. Store the product at a temperature of not more than 25 degrees in a dry and dark place. Analogues "Kolme" will help cure cravings for alcohol in a short time. The tool "Proproten 100" is no exception.

Russian analogue of "Kolme" - drug "Alcobarrier"

The medicine will help quickly get rid of alcohol dependence. The patient will be able to restore the dead cells of the liver. The product has no taste and smell. It removes toxins from the body and acts soothingly on the nervous system. Available in the form of drops. The composition of the drug includes succinic acid, artichoke extract and motherwort, fibregam, vitamin B6.The medicine does not cause stomach irritation.

colem instruction on application price comparison reviews analogues

The drug "Alcobarrier" does not affect the indicators of sugar, so it can be prescribed to people with diabetes. Almost 100% of the product has a natural medicinal composition. Does not cause side effects and medical dependence. In a complex application with other medicines this means will help to cure cravings for alcohol and return to a full life. Analogues "Kolme" are distinguished by an affordable price and high quality.

Reviews about

Drops "Kolme", ​​"Proproten 100", "Alcobarrier" drops are prescribed for patients who want to completely get rid of alcohol dependence. These tools will help quickly and comfortably get out of the state of drinking-bout. The reviews show that the listed drugs disgust alcohol. The main component positively affects the nervous, renal, cardiac system.

Many narcologists are advised to take these drugs. They do not cause side effects. There is a statistic that shows that out of 100 patients 75 are completely cured from cravings for alcohol. Analogues of "Kolme" show really good results. Of course, much depends on the patient's desire to lead a normal life.

The form of the drug in the drops is very convenient for use. Medicines have a qualitative composition, which is natural and not harmful to the body. However, self-medication is still not worth doing. Any medication should be prescribed only by a qualified specialist. It is worth finding out all the necessary information before using the "Kolme" tool. The instruction on application, the price, responses, analogues - all this can be prompted by the doctor. For one bottle of medicine or its analogue you will have to pay at least 1000 rubles.