"Pharmacitron": user manual, reviews, price

Drugs taken in the period of epidemics and colds are divided into several subgroups. These are antiviral formulations that can also enhance human immunity, antibiotics necessary for a variety of complications and protracted inflammatory processes. Also widely used are symptomatic medications. They can improve the patient's condition during the acute course of the disease. However, to eliminate the true cause of malaise, these medicines can not. One of the drugs that are assigned to the latter group is Pharmacitron. The instructions for using it will be presented to you below. You will learn what kind of testimonials the medication has. Also you can get acquainted with the price category of the medicine.

pharmacitron instruction

Composition and production of

Drug "Pharmacitron" - powder. Instruction for use says that the composition must first be prepared. The powder is dissolved in hot water, and a drink with a rather pleasant taste is obtained.

The composition of the drug includes several components. The main one is paracetamol. A distinctive feature of the drug is that the amount of antipyretic component is about 650 mg. Also included here are phenylephrine and phenyramine. Supplement this set of ascorbic acid. Other constituents are sodium citrate, silicon dioxide, flavors, sucrose, citric acid and others.

How much is the medicine?

The instruction accompanying the "Pharmacitron" preparation indicates that the composition is made in Canada. Despite this, it can be purchased in Russia and Ukraine. The average cost of the medicine is 360 rubles. For this amount you can get 10 tea bags. It is worth noting that in Ukraine the composition is about 113 hryvnia.

Some pharmacy chains sell medicines on sachets. In doing so, they divide the cost of the medicine into 10 parts. It is this amount that pharmacists ask for a single bag of powder.

tea pharmacitron instruction


About the drug "Pharmacitron" instruction says that it is worth using after a preliminary consultation with a doctor. However, many consumers do not listen to this opinion. Currently, people are not used to wasting their time to get a doctor's recommendation for the use of such drugs as "Pharmacitron" tea. Instructions, however, should be carefully studied by each patient before using the product. The annotation contains the following indications for the use of the formulation:

  • treatment of viral and bacterial infections( as a symptomatic drug);
  • fever of different origin;
  • severe pain syndrome;
  • nasal congestion and general malaise in ARVI;
  • allergic, acute and chronic rhinitis.

In addition to the indications, it is necessary to take into account those situations in which the use of the drug is considered unacceptable. They are described in contraindications.

pharmacitron instruction for children

Prohibitions to use

About the drug "Pharmacitron" the instruction says that the composition is never assigned to patients who are hypersensitive to constituents. The composition can not be used for alcoholism, high blood pressure, renal failure.

With special care, the drug is recommended for patients with glaucoma, prostate diseases. Women during pregnancy are appointed only in the second half of the term and only on indications. Medication should not be used to treat children under the age of 6 years.

pharmacitron forte instructions

Side effects of

What else informs about the drug "Pharmacitron Forte" instruction? The summary indicates that the composition may cause a negative reaction from the human body. Most often this happens with an overdose or uncontrolled use of the medication.

Among the side effects can be noted allergy. It is expressed by a rash and itching. Arterial or intracranial pressure may also increase. During treatment, there is sometimes a pain in the abdomen, which is accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea. With prolonged use of the drug, a negative effect on the liver is possible.

pharmacitron powder

"Pharmacitron Forte": instructions for use

Before using the medication, you need to carefully study the method of taking. The preparation requires preliminary dilution in boiling water. For one bag you need 200 milliliters of water. This number corresponds to one mug. Pour the powder into the liquid and mix thoroughly for a minute. After that, take the compound inside.

You can repeat the manipulation up to three times a day. However, the interval between doses should be 4 hours. The duration of therapy should not exceed three days, if you use the composition as an antipyretic. In the presence of pain medication is allowed to take up to 5 days.

How does the tool work?

You already know that it informs about the preparation "Pharmacitron" instructions for use. Children are very rarely appointed. Without consulting a doctor, the use of medicines in children is unacceptable.

The effect of the drug is due to its composition. Paracetamol is an excellent analgesic and antipyretic substance. He is able to bring relief to the patient in a short time. So, the withdrawal of pain begins within 10 minutes after taking. Eliminating the fever takes a little longer, but not more than half an hour. High efficiency of the drug is due to a large dose of the described substance. Also, the liquid form plays a role. This type of medicine is more quickly and better absorbed in the digestive tract.

Ascorbic acid is a substance that helps boost the body's immune defenses. Also this component fights against viruses and pathogenic microbes. The drug contains 50 mg of ascorbic acid, which is about half of the daily allowance for an adult.

Phenylephrine is a component that is part of many remedies for combating the common cold. When it is used, the swelling is removed from the mucous membranes and breathing normalizes. Phenyramin is an antihistamine that enhances the effect of the previous substance. This component removes itching, eliminates tearing, normalizes the patient's condition.

pharmacitron instruction for children

Reviews about the drug

You have learned what important information the user has about the "Pharmacitron" drug instruction. For children, the composition is not recommended because of the high dosage of paracetamol and additional substances. However, some parents still gave the drug to their children. At the same time, the babies normally tolerated such treatment. Consumers note that they just divided the volume of the glass in half. It was the second part of the substance that the child accepted. Doctors strongly do not advise to rely on such reviews. After all, you do not know how your child can react to such a correction. Doctors say that at present there are more affordable and safe compounds for children, helping to combat the above symptoms.

There is also evidence that the drug was used to treat pregnant women. The latter noted that there was nothing wrong with their baby. Women rely on the fact that during the waiting period for the birth of a child, you can take paracetamol. However, doctors ask to pay attention to a large dose of medicine. It can become pernicious not only for the fetus, but also for the internal organs of a woman. After all, they have a double load in this period.

Patients in their majority agree on a positive opinion about the drug. The reviews report that the drug acts quickly and eliminates the main symptoms of colds and flu.

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A short summary of the results of

You have become acquainted with a drug based on paracetamol, which is called "Pharmacitron".You can buy it in almost every pharmacy chain without a doctor's prescription. The drug "Pharmacitron" - this is the drug that should always be present in the medicine cabinet, because at any time a person can feel an ailment, pain or detect a rise in body temperature. In this case, the described medicine will quickly bring the patient in order and put him on his feet. The composition has a pleasant taste, so you can drink it like regular tea. Always remember limitations and contraindications. Do not exceed the dosage indicated in the instructions. If there is no effect of using the powder for a few hours or a rapid deterioration of the state of health, immediately call for emergency help.