Brewer's yeast for what use? Benefit and harm of brewer's yeast

It turns out that brewer's yeast is necessary not only for baking bread, getting wine, but also can have a therapeutic and prophylactic effect on the human body.

Many are interested in brewer's yeast for which you can apply. Doctors say that drugs based on them are quite effective in various disorders of metabolic processes, addiction to alcoholism, problems in the work of the nervous system.

Composition of brewer's yeast

In the environment, brewer's yeast is widespread. The protein molecules contained in them are distinguished by good digestibility. Their enormous benefit is explained by the content of essential amino acids, they are almost completely in the brewer's yeast. brewer

In addition to amino acids, brewer's yeast contains:

  • More than 10 vitamins, among them are all B vitamins, vitamins E, PP, H, provitamin D and many others.
  • Carbohydrates.
  • Essential fatty acids.
  • Numerous enzymes, for example, glucosidase, peptidase, proteinase.
  • Many minerals: calcium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium and others.

Now on sale it is possible to get various preparations in which structure enter beer yeast for what them to use, everyone should solve independently. Depending on the problem, you can choose a drug with various biological supplements.

Benefits for the body

Thanks to its rich composition, brewer's yeast is widely used in medical practice. Here are just some of the questions that can be solved with the help of this drug:

  1. Normalization of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism.
  2. Improving the processes of digestion and assimilation of nutrients.
  3. Restoration of normal operation of the digestive tract.
  4. Normalization of the pancreas.
  5. Removal of toxins from the body.
  6. With the help of yeast, you can make up for the lack of B vitamins.
  7. Because of the high chromium content that successfully fights against glucose, yeast is useful for diabetics. brewer
  8. Drugs with beer yeast help to cope with stress.
  9. As a result of the reception, the work of the nervous and cardiovascular system is normalized.
  10. If you have acne, acne eruptions, drinking beer yeast will help to cope with this problem.
  11. Hair becomes sturdy, dandruff disappears.
  12. Brewer's yeast reduces the level of total cholesterol, but at the same time increases the amount of useful cholesterol.
  13. You can pick up brewer's yeast for weight gain, reviews about such drugs are quite positive.
  14. Even with injuries and cuts, brewer's yeast helps to speed healing, as it accelerates regenerative processes.

Here is the huge benefit of taking such a familiar and cheap drug if you follow the doctor's recommendations and take the medicine as needed.

Yeast enriched with

A drug with yeast can have a different effect depending on the additives that can be contained in it. Enriched yeast can be:

  • With succinic acid. Its addition helps to increase the elasticity of muscles, the body quickly adapts to physical stress.
  • Brewer's yeast with magnesium quickly replenishes energy reserves in the body.
  • The addition of zinc to the preparation increases antiviral and antitoxic properties. Increases the resistance of the body to colds, which is most important in the autumn and winter. Zinc prevents accumulation of harmful cholesterol, protects against diseases of the prostate gland, skin problems and prevents the structure of nails and hair from deteriorating. brewer
  • Brewer's yeast with iron is useful for the prevention of anemia.
  • Selenium in brewer's yeast is in an accessible form, so its addition activates the antiviral protection, positively affects the liver. If you regularly take yeast with selenium, then you can prevent premature aging of the body.

It is necessary to discuss with the doctor what drug with beer yeast to choose, so that the benefit to the body was maximum.

To which yeast

is indicated

There are many diseases that can recede under the onslaught of brewer's yeast. Here is just a short list:

  1. Diabetes mellitus.
  2. Recovery period after a severe illness.
  3. Brewer's yeast is often used for weight gain.
  4. If there is a lack of vitamins, especially the B group.
  5. With regular appearance of cracks in the corners of the mouth.
  6. Diseases of the digestive tract. brewer
  7. Decreased hemoglobin level.
  8. Brewer's yeast for weight can also be used to normalize it, for example, with obesity.
  9. If there is psoriasis or eczema.
  10. After exposure to radiation or chemicals.
  11. In case of a metabolic disorder.
  12. If a person is constantly experiencing strong physical and mental stress.
  13. For the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  14. With problem skin.
  15. Nervous system problems.
  16. In adolescence, often prescribed brewer's yeast to fight acne.

Before taking the drug with yeast, you should consult with your doctor to determine the regimen and duration of therapy.

Who does not recommend the reception of brewer's yeast

Despite the huge amount of useful substances in yeast, their reception is not recommended to everyone. There are some contraindications that must be considered:

  • Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.
  • Kidney disease.
  • In the elderly, the reception is not recommended because of the high content of amino acids.
  • If there is atrophy of the optic nerve.
  • Fungal diseases.
  • Children under three years of age are not recommended for brewer's yeast.
  • During pregnancy, it's not advisable to start drinking beer yeast, it is necessary to consult a doctor.
  • Gout is also a contraindication to admission.
  • Candidiasis dysbiosis.

The intake of hormonal contraceptives, diuretics and alcohol consumption are not contraindications, but in combination with beer yeast it is better not to take them.

Specific guidance for yeast intake

Beer yeast reviews for weight, strengthen immunity, improve gastrointestinal function are only positive. Their reception is tolerated well enough, there are almost no side effects. Sometimes there may develop hives, an allergy in the form of skin itching.

It is recommended to combine brewer's yeast with magnesium preparations, if it is not included in their composition, since this element takes an active part in all metabolic processes.

You can not use brewer's yeast in conjunction with "Levodopa", since vitamin B6 significantly reduces the effectiveness of this drug.

If treatment is performed with "Theophylline", "Cycloserine", "Penicillin", then the dose of yeast intake should be increased.

Dosage and dosage regimen

Brewer's yeast is used for, we have considered, now it is necessary to find out how they should be taken. Most often, doctors prescribe their reception after meals. On the packages, the preparations always contain the desired dosage, but it is necessary to check with the doctor, because each patient may have its own peculiarities. brewer

If you managed to get yeast from a beer factory, then for one intake it is recommended to use 2 teaspoons for adults, first dilute in 0.5 glass of water once a day. Children enough 1 teaspoon.

The course duration is usually about a month, then you need a break for 2-3 months, and you can repeat the course if necessary.

If brewer's yeast is taken with a prophylactic purpose, adults can take 1 gram 2-3 times a day, children from 3 to 7 years at 0.25 1 time per day, 7-12 years in half a gram. Then it is necessary to take a break for three months and continue the prophylactic reception.

Brewer's yeast for those who want to lose weight

Brewer's yeast for weight gain reviews have positive, but they can be taken for normalization of body weight. Despite the fact that such drugs often cause an increase in appetite, this is due to the normalization of metabolism, so there is no risk that you will attack food. brewer

Amino acids, which are part of brewer's yeast, take an active part in the construction of body tissues in the presence of physical activity. As a result, there is a buildup of muscle mass. If the diet is not balanced and there are deviations from proper nutrition, then there will certainly be an increase in weight.

Nutritionists say that thinness, as well as fullness, is due to improper metabolism, and brewer's yeast just normalizes it, so you should not be afraid of excess weight.

For those who want to recover

If you decide to take for batch weighting brewer's yeast, which is better in this case to choose, you need to ask a dietitian. In pharmacies there is a large selection of such drugs from different manufacturers. Among the doctors, in order to gain weight, such yeasts are in demand:

  1. "Nagypol 100" contains vitamins B, F, H, many amino acids, lipids, protein molecules, nucleotides and enzymes. This drug is in demand among those who want to recover, in addition, it increases immunity, removes heavy metals.
  2. "Naturlivit" strengthens the immune system, after the course of treatment, patients note the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, promotes weight gain. brewer
  3. Yeast "Eko Plus" normalize metabolic processes in the body, recommended in the presence of acne, rashes on the skin. Can be used to increase weight.

Here's a useful drug - brewer's yeast. For what to use them, it is necessary to solve in each concrete case, but only after consultation with the doctor to avoid unpleasant consequences.