Professional activity and merit of Dr. Ilan Gil Rhone

Dr. Ilan Gil Ron is a professional doctor with the highest qualifications related to the treatment of cancer and radiation poisoning. The doctor in 1986 completed his studies at an Israeli university, studying at the medical faculty. After that he served in the Israeli army as a doctor-captain, got experience in the field.

After completing the service, he received a specialization in the treatment of oncology, then worked in Israel on the received specialty. It should be noted that, after several years of work, Ilan Gil Ron went to America for further training, here he also continued to practice for two years.

The last training was held in Britain, in one of the capital's hospitals. After completing the additional training, the doctor returned to his homeland in Israel, where he works in recent years. To date, the doctor's experience is 20 years, he published more than eighty scientific reports of great value for medicine. In addition, he is a member of many international associations associated with oncology and radiation poisoning.

At the moment he is engaged in research in the field of medicine and is an assistant professor of medical profile at Tel Aviv University. The main research laboratory is located in the center of Ichilov of this university, so the doctor manages to combine the education of outstanding students with the development of methods for treating oncological diseases.

Additional achievements of the doctor are quite extensive: among them are two higher degrees of a master's degree from New York University, an oncological BA degree from an Israeli university, membership in the world-famous cancer companies ISCORT - Israeli, clinical oncology, ASCO - American, radiotherapy and othersmeans to combat radiation exposure, ASTRO - American, the development of medical products.

For treatment at the doctor, you need to contact the Israeli company Nova, you will be offered a long conversation with the doctor, a full course of diagnosis and appropriate treatment that is right for your case. Ilan Gil Ron specializes in Radiotherapy, Treatment of tumors of the digestive system, breast cancer.

Every year the team of professors develop the latest effective methods of treatment practiced only in Israel. The treatment is this way - first Dr. Ilan Gil Ron collects complete information about the state of your body, with the most modern methods, then diagnoses and tries various treatments, choosing the most effective and convenient for you.

This scheme has been tested many times in thousands of patients, there is nothing to worry about. It is here that you can get a really high-quality treatment, with a high probability of full recovery. Of course, the price will be quite high, but the life of an expensive person can be at stake. Therefore, we strongly advise at any opportunity to immediately contact this doctor, for obvious reasons.