Banks for vacuum massage. Try a new technique of losing weight

The can vacuum massage refers to the types of vacuum therapy. In eastern medicine, this is a very famous method of influencing the human body that is very popular. He is considered a highly effective therapeutic procedure that promotes health and weight loss.

This method uses special cans for vacuum massage. With their help, pressure drops occur, resulting in blood flow to the acupuncture points, microcirculation of lymph, interstitial fluid and blood increases. Against this background, stagnant phenomena disappear in the tissues of the body, toxins and harmful substances are released.

Can vacuum massage increases the overall tone, increases the flow of vital energy, has a positive effect on energy metabolism. It is advisable to conduct this kind of massage in conjunction with such methods of Chinese and Tibetan medicine as stone therapy( treatment with warm stones), acupuncture, hirudotherapy( leech treatment), acupressure, etc.

Banks for vacuum massage are used in the treatment of osteochondrosis, bronchial asthma, hypertension, vegetovascular dystonia, neuroses, insomnia and constipation. However, one should not rely on massage alone, these ailments require an integrated approach to treatment. In this case, positive results are achieved faster and more efficiently.

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Vacuum cans for weight loss help in the treatment of a disease such as obesity. They affect the altered skin areas that have undergone cellulite. Most often, anti-cellulite vacuum massage is performed in places of accumulation of the fat layer in the region of the forearms, buttocks, on the upper and back surfaces of the thighs and shins. Especially in recent years, there has been an increased interest in this safe method of eliminating excess weight and getting rid of the "orange peel"

. Banks for vacuum massage are indispensable for enhancing lymph flow, promote rejuvenation, strengthen and stimulate the skin, improve the activity of sebaceous and sweat glands. Intensified metabolic processes, there is a breakdown of fats at the cellular level, and this in turn entails a positive result - the body gets rid of excess weight. This method is also good because the skin will remain elastic as a result of weight loss.

Vacuum cans for weight loss, used in the process of anti-cellulite massage, destroy the subcutaneous adipose tissue, smooth the skin, eliminate swelling. They help the body to remove toxins. This type of massage has a general beneficial effect on the condition of the skin.

As a result of insufficient supply of cells with oxygen, the blood circulation, metabolism slows down, and this in turn leads to skin aging. Banks for vacuum massage will help to bring the skin to a stunning, healthy mind. With this massage, the synthesis of collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycan occurs, which creates a lifting effect, the so-called "orange peel" disappears, and volumes decrease markedly.

The course of massage lasts a maximum of fifteen days. In order for the result to remain fixed and last longer, it is suggested that this procedure be carried out at least two times during the year. Do not be disturbed by the small bruises obtained during the procedures, this is a temporary and quick-passing side effect. You can choose the winter time for this procedure, and by the spring you will restore your beautiful forms. A small painful sensation will not affect the overall impression of a can of massage, because the result after its passage is really stunning!