Ginseng in tablets: instructions for use, reviews

To strengthen the immune status, increase endurance and the body's resistance to various infections, completely different vitamin complexes, tinctures and the like can be used. All of them are designed to saturate the patient's body with vitamins and minerals, significantly improving his state of health and contributing to a speedy recovery in various diseases. ginseng in tablets

The most effective and popular drug with similar properties is ginseng in tablets. The consumers' comments about this medicine will be presented below. Also, you will learn how to take this drug, what properties are inherent in it, and so on.

Packaging and Composition of the Drug

What do tablets of ginseng contain? The instruction indicates that the active ingredient of this medicine is 200 mg of ginseng root extract. This corresponds to 8 mg of ginsenoside.

It should also be noted that the use of calcium auxiliaries for hydrogen phosphate, gelatin, corn starch, microcrystalline cellulose, macrogol 400, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, iron oxide and magnesium stearate is also used to manufacture the film coated film.

Ginseng is produced in tablets, goes on sale in blisters, placed in cardboard packs.

Pharmacological characteristics of

How does ginseng( tablets) work? Instructions for use indicate that the active ingredient of this drug( i.e., the extract of ginseng root) is one of the most studied herbal remedies in the world.

According to experienced experts, the complex of biologically active substances of this drug has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, and also increases the physical and intellectual activity of the patient. Ginseng Pills Instruction

The extract of the ginseng root is made in accordance with special technologies for obtaining the basic elements from the root of the said plant.


Ginseng in tablets is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic. He is appointed in the following cases:

  • to increase the physical endurance of athletes;
  • to improve the physical and intellectual performance of the patient, including during heavy loads and fatigue.

It should also be noted that ginseng extract in tablets can be used in complex treatment for neurasthenic syndrome, including:

  • weakened sexual function;
  • vegetative vascular dystonia by hypotonic type;
  • asthenic conditions during convalescence;
  • recovery after surgical operations and severe diseases.

In addition, this medicine is prescribed to increase the body's resistance to various infections.


Ginseng in tablets is not allowed to take with:

  • convulsive states;
  • hypertension;
  • pregnancy;
  • increased nervous excitability;
  • during breastfeeding;
  • acute period of infectious diseases;
  • at the age of twelve;
  • hypersensitivity to one of the drug substances.

ginseng tablets instructions for use

How to take ginseng in tablets?

The dosage of the agent in question is determined on an individual basis. To prescribe medication, you should consult a therapist. If there is no such possibility, then it is necessary to study the instruction. According to the latter, this drug is recommended for adults and children over twelve years in the amount of one tablet per day.

Take this medication preferably in the morning.

Adverse events after taking medication

This drug rarely causes side effects. Sometimes against the background of taking tablets in patients, there are violations from the digestive tract, which manifest themselves as diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. Also, reactions associated with the hypersensitivity of the patient to the elements of the drug( for example, skin rashes) are possible.

In rare cases this drug causes tachycardia, insomnia, headaches, increased nervous excitability and increased blood pressure. ginseng in tablets reviews

Pregnancy and lactation

Can I take this medication during breastfeeding or during the period of bearing? According to the experts, this medication should be used in such conditions without consulting a doctor.

Special recommendations for taking

tablets If during pregnancy or during breastfeeding the drug caused side effects, you should immediately stop treatment and contact a doctor.

Other categories of citizens doctors are urged to use medication in the second half of the day to avoid problems with sleep.

Cost and analogues

Ginseng, produced in the form of tablets, is not very expensive. As a rule, its price fluctuates around 70-100 rubles.

There are many structural analogs to this tool. To resemble medicines with such an active ingredient as the extract of the ginseng root, the following medicines are classified: Biogenesis, Panaxel, Herbion, Ginsana, Gerimax, Ginsana tonic, Ginsana( a tonic without alcohol), "Ginseng Plus", "Doppellerts", "Ginseng with mineral and vitamins substances", "Ginseng-Royal Jelly", "Ginseng with Vitamin C", "Ginseng Biomass".ginseng extract in tablets


Specialists claim that the medicinal properties of this drug are caused by the beneficial substances contained in it. As it is known, pectins, tannins, resins, alkaloids, vitamin C, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, silica, zinc and aluminum are found in the root of this plant.

If you believe the reviews of consumers, taking this tool significantly improves memory and attention. In addition, it helps with depression, affects the level of sugar, stimulates immunity, supports the pancreas in a normal state, stimulates the breathing of brain cells, reduces the heart rate and stimulates the production of bile.

There are quite a few positive reviews about this drug and from men. As a rule, they use it to correct violations in the genital area.