Roddom №3, Chelyabinsk: reviews, photos, a list of things

The choice of maternity hospitals in different cities is varied. Therefore, the question of where the child should be born, faces the future parents sharply. Always want to get quality medical care, especially in the period of procreation. Therefore, we have to study the opinions of girls about this or that institution. Today we will be interested in the maternity hospital №3( Chelyabinsk).How good is this institution? What to take with you for childbirth? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this organization? All this is important for every woman who is going to go here for childbirth. Perhaps, she will change her decision, having learned about some shortcomings of the organization. It is possible that the advantages of this medical institution will attract new "visitors".maternity hospital 3 Chelyabinsk

Not only the

hospital The first point to pay attention to is that the maternity hospital No.3 in Chelyabinsk is not just a place for childbirth. The thing is that this institution is located at the hospital. It is very convenient.

This phenomenon pleases women. After all, you can actually be observed during pregnancy in the hospital, choosing a doctor for delivery, and then go to the maternity hospital with the same organization. You will always be able to provide quality assistance here. That is why maternity hospital №3( Chelyabinsk) attracts many girls. It will not be necessary to travel all over the city in order to pass all necessary examinations and sign an exchange card. You can easily and easily do this in one place.


What address should I apply for if you need to visit maternity hospital No.3 in Chelyabinsk? To be honest, in terms of location of the organization, women are satisfied. It has already been said that this maternity hospital is located at the city hospital. This is a very good phenomenon. And these organizations are located at the same address.

Which one? If you want to go to the hospital number 3( Chelyabinsk), you need to go to hospital number 3.It is enough to know the address of the second organization to get to the first one. They are in close proximity to each other, on the same territory. In fact, the maternity hospital is simply a department of the hospital, which stands "apart" from the polyclinic. maternity home 3 chelyabinsk reviews

All interested persons can apply to the address: Chelyabinsk, Victory Avenue, 287. It is here that the maternity hospital №3 is located. His location pleases women in childbirth. After all, the medical facility is located in the center of the city. Hence, it is not difficult to get here.


What else should I pay attention to? On what services the OKB "3 maternity hospital"( Chelyabinsk) renders. The point is that this organization offers a variety of opportunities for delivery. It all depends on what kind of service system you choose.

You can give birth for free. For this, only the MHI policy is required. You will be given birth, but no special conditions will be offered. The general patrimonial branch, the general chamber on some people, is that is given free of charge. No wonder, you will simply be given a minimum laid down by law for normal procreation.

If you want special attention and comfort, you have to pay. And this is not about bribes or bribery. It is enough to sign a contract with the maternity hospital №3.Then, depending on the payment, you will be given special conditions of stay. what to take to the hospital 3 Chelyabinsk

For example:

  • individual delivery room;
  • the possibility of partner births;
  • single room superior;
  • choice of doctor and obstetrician;
  • choice of method of anesthesia.

In principle, nothing surprising. This division does not mean that "freelancers" are rendered poor-quality assistance. This is not true. Simply when you pay, you get a special comfort and moral peace. Most of the maternity hospital №3( Chelyabinsk) receives positive reviews from those who chose the paid basis of labor. This decision is often made because of the choice of a doctor, a single room and partner births. Despite the fact that by law the last item should be provided free of charge, the likelihood of the implementation of the idea is almost zero. After all, this service is provided only when there is a free individual delivery room. And they, as you know, are always busy with "payers".This fact is frustrating for some, but there are no exceptions. Who pays under the contract, he receives all the services prescribed in it in full. A similar situation prevails in all the birthplace of Russia.

Doctors of

Doctors are the face of any medical organization. Therefore, they play an important role. For maternity hospitals, they are still a guarantee of quality service. What can offer maternity hospital № 3( Chelyabinsk)?Doctors work here a lot. And you can not say for sure whether they are good or bad. 3 Chelyabinsk maternity hospital reviews 2016 year

Anyway, when you address here, you can be sure that you are educated people who know what they are doing. Here doctors of the highest categories( for example, neonatologists and obstetricians), as well as candidates of medical sciences( mainly gynecologists) are gathered. Basically, all the staff have a rich experience, they know what they are doing. New staff is not very much, inexperienced "students" also try not to accept. If you see a young doctor, it means that he really has a talent in the field of medicine. It is exactly such conditions that the hospital of the City Clinical Hospital # 3 promises to you.

Younger staff

An important point is still what junior medical staff work in the organization. They are usually responsible for postpartum care and assisting women in childbirth. Also very important component of any maternity hospital, which has a huge impact on the rating of the organization.

In this area, the opinions of visitors are divided. It is impossible to say exactly how good nurses and nannies work here. After all, someone points to significant shortcomings in the behavior of junior staff, and some, on the contrary, praise him.

It is noted that you can hear rudeness and rudeness in your direction from a nurse or some other "secondary" employee of the medical institution. Usually all "incidents" occur immediately after the placement of the mother in the postpartum department. Very few people will help you, you will have to wait for a doctor or a daily detour. It is these opinions that can often be seen on a variety of sites-otzovik. But there are no confirmations to these statements.

Some indicate that the junior staff in OKB "3 maternity hospital"( Chelyabinsk) is sympathetic, kind and attentive. The exact opposite of previous statements. You will always be helped, supported, shown how to care for the newborn. You do not have to worry about rudeness or rudeness - it's just not there. These statements, too, can not be confirmed, but they want to believe more. After turning to this or that organization, I would like to hope that you will be treated with understanding and respect.

How is this really going? Practice shows that no one is immune to the human factor. The thing is that going to a maternity hospital is often a "roulette game".No one can know exactly how they will treat you. It is necessary to hope for the best, to prepare for the worst. In most cases, here really are attentive to the parturient women. Yes, the organization of the OKB "3 maternity hospital"( Chelyabinsk), the junior staff is not entirely friendly and responsible. But they try to fight with them. And such a minority. The overwhelming mass of junior staff pleases the visitors. You can not be afraid to entrust them the most valuable thing that only a woman can have - a child and his health. maternity hospital 3 Chelyabinsk

The furnishings of

An important role is played by the atmosphere that prevails in a medical institution. The "external" component sometimes for the parturient is one of the most important moments. This desire is understandable - I want to give birth there, where you feel comfortable. What can offer maternity hospital № 3( Chelyabinsk)?The comments of 2016 indicate that now the situation here is quite cozy. Repair, of course, is not "euro", but everywhere is light, clean and tidy. Do not be afraid to be in the walls of this institution. This applies to the maternity ward and the puerperal ward.

"Blanket" and "platniki" remain contented. True, the second category of visitors is more pleased with the services provided. After all, those who paid the contract and the chamber will be given special comfort conditions on official grounds. They can not but rejoice."Paid" women in childbirth indicate that in the comfort rooms they feel great. You can say, as in a resort or in a sanatorium. This phenomenon pleases."Complineers" also do not complain. Yes, they will not see increased comfort, but they provide all the essentials to the fullest. With its small flaws, but everything is available. For example, some people say that toilets in maternity hospital No.3 are not very comfortable. For parturient women, especially after natural childbirth, it is very problematic to walk here. A small drawback, but it is stressed quite often.

Physicians' attitude

Roddom GKB number 3( Chelyabinsk) reviews are various. It is impossible to say exactly how much this organization is bona fide. Everyone has their own personal impression about this institution. Pay attention to many features highlighted in the reviews.

For example, very often they speak about the attitude of doctors to women in labor. It is the senior, not the junior staff of the institution. And opinions are divided. However, as elsewhere. Some women point out that doctors do not fulfill their duties( for example, when signing a contract, you still have to give birth with a duty brigade) and can be rude. They talk about a slight disregard for the visitors. And, regardless of what form of service was chosen - paid or free. It is emphasized that before the negative from the doctors was less.

But someone says otherwise.3 Chelyabinsk maternity hospital reviews( 2016) for their doctors receive positive. Someone emphasizes that the attitude of the senior staff of the maternity hospital is simply remarkable. Every woman is treated with understanding, attention and kindness. You can always get help from a doctor, he will answer all your questions. It is these opinions that are attracted to a medical institution.

What to believe? His intuition. After all, in fact, there is no significant evidence of neglect of doctors. There are only numerous negative opinions of women in childbirth. At the same time, there are no confirmed positive responses either. This is an occasion to ponder. As practice shows, negative opinions more often than others are found on different sites-otzovik. This is a good reason to think whether this organization is good. Just remember: no one is immune from negative experience. You may be lucky, but maybe you do not have luck. Similarly, the situation is with other maternity hospitals. Straight "Russian roulette" - lucky, no luck. list of things in the hospital 3 Chelyabinsk

Collecting documents

Many people think that they take them to the hospital №3( Chelyabinsk).This is quite a normal question, because in each medical institution on this account their own rules. Therefore, you need to know the exact information in the maternity hospital that you have chosen.

An important component is the collection of documents. For direct delivery of the childbirth and the postpartum period, this is not an important point, but the paper will be required for the registration of you as a mother in childbirth, and then for the issuance of the corresponding birth certificates for your child( reference).What to take with you?

First of all you need a passport and an exchange card. Without these documents, you can not do without. You will also have to take a policy with a copy, SNILS and generic certificate. If you do not have the last document, it's okay. He will be given out by the maternity ward, or one of the relatives can take the certificate from the women's consultation in which you were observed. In principle, this is almost the entire list of documents required for delivery.

What should I take to maternity hospital №3( Chelyabinsk)?The documents are not enough for the whole process to be successful. It is necessary to collect things in the birth department, the postnatal ward, and also for discharge.

The first package is hygienic. In it, add up all the things to maintain hygiene. Just remember, not everything can be taken with you. Usually this package is needed immediately after delivery. Take with you: toothpaste with a brush, soap, towel, washcloth and shower gel( you can use liquid soap), washable slippers, comb, shampoo, sandwiches( for birth, on the official website it is written that you can take a sandwich with cheese), chocolate and water. You can also take a phone or a book with you. If you take gadgets, do not forget the chargers from them.

The next package is for the child. The list of things in the hospital №3( Chelyabinsk) for the baby consists of only a few items. This clothing, cap, scratches, socks - 2 pairs. Do not forget about diapers! This information is not indicated on the official website, but it is advisable to have a small package of diapers with you.

Next - a package for mom. You will have to take with you: a plate with a spoon, a fork and a cup( a plate is not necessary), sanitary napkins( 1-2 packs), a nursing bra, disposable panties( about 5 pieces), chest pads. Women still advise to grab the cream from the cracks on the nipples. For example, "Bepanten".It would be enough.

On statement

The last moment, which should only be taken into account, is an extract. The thing is that this event is very important. Usually new parents make memorable photos and videos. I want to look beautiful in such a crucial moment. So do not forget to prepare a separate package for your statement. photo maternity home 3 Chelyabinsk

Put clothes where you want to leave, as well as a cosmetic bag. For the baby it is necessary to take a special kit( usually it's a pajamas, a "bodik", socks, scratches, a hat, a blouse on the fasteners), an envelope and a ribbon for it. It would be enough.


As you can see, you can not be afraid to contact this organization. It's not the worst, and it looks good. Photo maternity hospital № 3( Chelyabinsk) and its branches were presented. You can estimate for yourself how comfortable you will be in this institution. This is not the worst place for childbirth. You can trust doctors, but do not think that 100% will go smoothly. It has already been said that any birth is a "roulette game".Nobody is immune from negativity, which occurs in maternity hospitals in Russia.