Contact lenses Air Optix Aqua( 3 pcs, 6 pcs.): Reviews, instructions, description

Currently, most people are increasingly adjusting their eyesight with contact lenses, treating glasses as vestiges of the past( and do not fit into the image, and are inconvenient to wear).

contact lenses Air Optix Aqua

It is important to remember: when choosing contact lenses for regular wearing, the corner should be at the head of comfort and safety.

Novelty "Ciba Vision"

The company "Ciba Vision" created a unique series - contact lenses Air Optix Aqua. Using an innovative material with a high degree of air permeability, the manufacturer company managed to achieve unique results: in comparison with most similar lenses from other manufacturers, these contact lenses have an oxygen capacity of 5 times higher.

Description and properties of

lenses These Air Optix Aqua contact lenses slide smoothly through the eyelid due to the smooth layer of their surface. And it's all about the special fluid agent that's connected to it. This property provides convenience and comfort with the direct use of lenses.

contact lenses Air Optix Aqua 6 pcs

Only available with one universal curvature radius. Due to the fact that the back surface of the lens can be adjusted to the cornea of ​​the eye, they are suitable for more than 80% of users.

Features of the

production The plasma technology is used in the production of lenses. The essence of this method is as follows: with the help of the effect of plasma, and more precisely, the flow of charged particles on the lens, its surface is protected even by the end of its useful life from contaminants, such as: cosmetic residues, protein and lipid deposits forming part of the tear.

In addition, plasma polymerization of the surface increases the wettability of the lens, and as a result - additional convenience in use.

Feature of the Aqua Moisture

system The unique products of the Air Optix Aqua contact lens include four components:

  • A lens lubrication agent that provides increased wear control.
  • Lenses are made from a special modern material Lotrafilcon B, which contains more than 20% moisture. Hydrogel silicone allows you to hold the liquid and prevent the fast drying of the lens, which ensures the use of them all day without discomfort to the eyes.
  • The surface of the lens is polished in such a way that it can be used for a long time without the formation of lipids and protein accumulations.
  • High degree of air transmission allows you to protect your eyes from oxygen deficiency, and improve the condition of the cornea.

contact lenses Air Optix Aqua 3 pcs

Types of lenses of the Aqua series

There are several types of Aqua series:

1. Soft contact lenses Air Optix Aqua.

2. Multifocal. These are corrective presbyopia contact lenses Air Optix Aqua.

3. NIGHT &DAY - for continuous wearing( not only during the day, but also at night) for thirty days.

Contact lenses Air Optix Aqua: instructions and specifications

Represents lenses for day, flexible or prolonged wearing.

The box contains contact lenses Air Optix Aqua - 3 pcs.or 6 pcs.

The main characteristics are:

  • partial protection of the eyes from ultraviolet radiation;
  • frequency of replacement - a month( in case of daily wearing) or a week( in case of prolonged wearing);
  • lens diameter - 14.2 mm;
  • uniform basic curvature with a radius of 8.6 mm;
  • moisture content - more than 30%;
  • is suitable for myopia and hyperopia.

Contact lenses Air Optix Aqua Description

Multifocal contact lenses Air Optix Aqua: description and characteristics of

The main purpose is to provide clarity and clarity of vision at any distance. This is an affordable and progressive method of vision correction for those faced with such a problem as "long-sightedness by age."They are created for those who are important not only to see the distance, but at the same time to read books( without glasses).These lenses have complex geometry and are assigned exclusively by an ophthalmologist.

It is possible to buy multifocal contact lenses Air Optix Aqua - 3 the box.

contact lenses Air Optix Aqua 6 lenses

Degrees of addition:

  • low( low) - up to "+1.00 D";
  • medium( medium) - "+1.25 D" - "+2.00 D";
  • high( high) - more than "+2.00 D".

The main characteristics are:

  • wearing mode - day;
  • the uniform basic curvature of radius - 8,6 mm;
  • frequency of replacement - month;
  • lens diameter - 14.2 mm;
  • with a moisture content of more than 30%.

Air Optix Aqua Night &Day:

features A novelty in the optical goods market is an improved version of Air Optix Night &Day. These prolonged-wearing lenses are approved by the USFDA( US Food and Drug Administration).

contact lenses Air Optix Aqua user guide

Night & Day - from the same line as the contact lenses Air Optix Aqua, the instruction for use of which recommends using them only with the permission of an ophthalmologist, since the continuous wearing of 30 day lenses is not suitable for everyone, unfortunately. At the end of the life of the eye should rest for 12 hours, then it is possible to return to the usual mode of wearing.

Presented data contact lenses Air Optix Aqua 6 lenses and 3 lenses in a box.

It is assumed that they can be used a month without the use of solutions and other care products.

It is considered that for 30 days of continuous wearing, contact lenses Air Optix Aqua( 6 pcs in a box) - the most economical option.

The main characteristics are:

  • frequency of replacement - a month( in case of prolonged wearing);
  • all modes of wearing are available;
  • lens diameter - 13.8 mm;
  • the uniform basic curvature of radius - 8,6 mm;
  • moisture content - 24%;
  • is suitable for myopia and hyperopia.

Which lenses to choose

Choosing between the presented models of the Aqua series, certainly, only multifocal ones have special properties, and there is little choice. And if the problem of myopia / hyperopia is quite standard, then a number of questions arise: "Which lenses to choose? Wearing mode: continuous or daytime? Which are more advantageous: contact lenses Air Optix Aqua 6 pcs or 3 pcs in a package?"Etc.

Classification according to the wearing mode

According to this classification, contact lenses are divided into the following types of wearing:

  • daytime( DW) - must be removed at night;
  • flexible( FW) - can not be removed until two nights;
  • prolonged( EW) - can be worn seven days continuously;
  • continuous or continuous( CW) - continuously for up to one month.

Many choose daytime wearing lenses

Despite a huge variety of vision correction tools for completely different manufacturers, terms and modes of wearing, most people are ready to put up with the inconvenience, namely, removing the lenses for the night, and choose their daily use. This is due to a number of reasons: from the hygienic point of view, the lenses need moistening and disinfection: placing them daily in a container with a special solution, thus, they are wetted and cleaned and, accordingly, the risk of accumulation of lipid sediments of tear fluid, proteindeposits, cosmetics, etc. And as a consequence - reduces the possibility of infection of the eyes.

Solidarity with them and the same opinion and specialists who advise to use daytime contact lenses, and are continuous, only if necessary and in the absence of contraindications to it.

The results of some medical studies prove that when wearing lenses continuously for a year, the probability of obtaining microbial keratitis is 0.18%, and the reduction in visual acuity is less than 0.04%, which is higher than the parameters typical for day-wear lenses.

More details of the findings of these studies of different scientific organizations can be found in the table below.

contact lenses Air Optix Aqua reviews

However, it is important to note: the continuous wearing of daylight lenses can cause huge harm to the eyes. Not only that, the throughput of gases of such lenses is lower, and the eyes simply will not receive oxygen, and the following diseases are still possible: infection and neovascularization of the cornea of ​​the eyes( blood vessels grow into the cornea and spread to proteins).

An exception in this case is the contact lens of the Air Optix Aqua, whose unique manufacturing technology provides both comfort and safety in long-term wear( they do not adversely affect the eyes during the entire period of their operation).The only thing, it is necessary to take into account that the period of their use decreases.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow the instructions of use and save by choosing more lenses in the box, for example, contact lenses Air Optix Aqua( 6 lenses per package) - it turns out at times cheaper.

contact lenses Air Optix Aqua 6 lenses

In any case, there are people who, due to necessity, are forced to use a long mode of wearing lenses, for example, truckers. Since by virtue of the profession they do not always have the opportunity to provide sterile conditions for the care of lenses. Often these contact lenses recommend to users for therapeutic purposes( like a bandage after corneal surgery).

Here the recommendation can be one - choose the lenses of the appropriate mode. Otherwise, it can lead to a hypoxic complication of the cornea( due to its constant "oxygen starvation").

The choice is yours

Today, the contact lens industry has gone far ahead and is able to offer users a huge choice. Of course, it is impossible to be 100% sure in the convenience and comfort of the chosen options for the first time, and on the contact lenses of the Air Optix Aqua reviews on the Internet are practically impossible to find real ones.

contact lenses Air Optix Aqua

Nevertheless, the analysis of the ratings of several sites selling products of ophthalmology, showed that the lens "Ciba Vision" is among the top ten most popular.

It is important to note that contact lenses are a very individual thing! Therefore, it is necessary to find, by the trial and error method, exactly its ideal means of vision correction. Perhaps, it will turn out at once to pick up, and can pass not one month.