Headaches in temples and eyes: how to treat at home?

Headaches in temples and eyes disturb people in different forms. They can occur immediately in both temples or in any one and simultaneously pressurize the eyes. Painful sensations are acute, pulsating and blunt, prolonged or short-term. For proper treatment of such pains, it is necessary to find out their causes.

Causes of headaches in the temples and eyes

The cause of these painful sensations often become various infections. They are caused by meningitis, additionally accompanied by nausea, dizziness, weakness, unpleasant sensations in the nape. In this situation, the most reasonable thing is to see a doctor. Procrastination can lead to a rise in temperature, loss of mobility, coma and even death.

Headaches in temples and eyes

Often headaches in the temples and eyes accompany influenza, sinusitis and sinusitis. To similar painful sensations lead changes in vegetovascular system. They occur in cases of circulatory disorders in the brain, resulting in blindness, stroke or hypertensive crisis. They are often provoked by fatigue and stress, prolonged work at the computer. Cause such a brain tumor, arterial hypertension and head injuries.

Migraine is a common cause of temporal pain

When migraine headaches in temples and eyes are paroxysmal, pulsating. They are concentrated in the ophthalmic and frontotemporal region. Usually their location is noted on the one hand, although there are also bilateral painful sensations. Sometimes they are accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

A person with an attack may turn pale or blush. Soreness increases with the presence of sound, light and olfactory stimuli. Mental and physical stresses are difficult to carry, and sometimes completely impossible. The period of the attack is different. It can last several hours and 2-3 days. Pain is often stopped in a dream.

Headaches in the temples and eyes how to treat

In some cases, headaches in temples and eyes with migraine appear with an enviable frequency. They alternate with short periods of non-intensive pain. Such attacks are called migraine. Against this background, meningeal syndrome develops.

Temporal pain in pregnancy

Pain in the temples and eyes during pregnancy is considered to be a common phenomenon( especially those that occur in the first and third trimester).However, according to the doctors, they usually do not cause serious fear, although it is not easy to establish their cause.

Temporal pain of the first trimester is associated with hormonal reorganization, and the third - with excess weight, inevitably appearing in pregnancy, and other characteristic changes in the female body.

In pregnancy, headaches are provoked by cold food intake, caffeine in elevated doses, insomnia, fatigue and fatigue, allergies, visual overexertion, depression, hunger and dehydration. Unstable hormonal background shifts biochemical processes, which leads to headaches.

Pain in temples and eyes in pregnancy

The most common pain in the temples and eyes in a pregnant woman occurs against the background of migraine attacks, when the narrowing and widening of the blood vessels of the brain occurs. Statistics argue that about 15% of pregnant women experience migraines.

In addition, they easily arise in the background of lack of sleep and puffing, weather changes, loud sounds, excessively bright light, smoke-free air. Temporal pains with pressure on the eyes cause certain foods( tea, chocolate, nuts, preservation, carbonated water, alcohol, yoghurts and others).

Treatment of temporal pain by alternative methods

If there are headaches in the temples and eyes, how to treat them? Since the pains are of a different nature, it is necessary to identify their cause and establish an accurate diagnosis by contacting a doctor. The goal of treating headaches depends on the diagnosis. In some cases, appointing treatment, tend to reduce the intensity and frequency of pain. And with an infection that provoked a headache, efforts are directed to suppress the underlying cause.

Sometimes, with pain, alternative practices help. Someone's pain goes away under the influence of aromatherapy, following the intake of vitamins and mineral supplements, others are helped by herbal medicine. All that needs to be done before resorting to chiropractors is to consult a doctor. Multiple methods of alternative practices are very effective, although the scientific basis for them is not included.

Pain in the temples and eyes than treated

Changing diet and lifestyle for pain in the temples

A very effective way may be a power change. Low concentration of sugar in the blood often causes temporal headaches. Those who are burdened with migraine, note that attacks occur when there is no possibility to eat regularly. Reducing portions and increasing the frequency of nutrition( up to 5-6 times a day) eliminates migraine. The exclusion of products leading to headaches, can get rid of partially or completely from malaise.

If pains in temples and eyes are excruciated, treatment at home is sent to change of a way of life. For example, such measures as restoring sleep, abandoning bad habits or adequate physical activity, perfectly cure painful sensations.

Drug therapy for temporal pains

Drug therapy recommended by a doctor helps to effectively combat pain in the eyes and temples. For the removal of pain, prescription and over-the-counter drugs are available. Their correct dosages reduce the intensity and duration of soreness that occurs in the temples and eyes.

Pain in temples and eyes in pregnant women

If you are concerned about pain in the temples and eyes, what to treat them, what medications to use? Depending on the symptoms of temporal pain, doctors prescribe medications from a series of antidepressants, anticonvulsant or cardiovascular medications, spasmolytic drugs, painkillers or botulinum toxin type A.

Do not self-medicate, especially in pregnancy. Even with the help of a doctor, preparations for temporal pain affecting the eyes are selected for months and even years.