Symptoms of menopause in women after 45 years. Gynecologist's advice, preparations

Sooner or later, every woman comes to menopause. Symptoms of menopause in women after 45 years are diverse, they all cause a lot of inconvenience. However, there are various drugs that significantly alleviate the condition.

Why women fall "

" The nature of the female body is such that when a certain age is reached, the reproductive system suffers changes: the level of female hormones decreases, menstruation comes less and less, the functionality of the ovaries fades. Since all organs in the body are interrelated, menopause affects their work too( take, for example, cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous systems).Changes occur in the musculoskeletal system - bone tissue is substantially thinner, the risk of fractures increases. Many people are interested in the question: "At what age should Climax be expected?"As a rule, the functionality of the ovaries fades in the region of 45 years. But cases of both early menopause( 36-40 years) and rather late( after 52 years) are not uncommon. Climax. Reviews

Factors that affect the onset of menopause

First of all, it is worth noting that for the time of menopause( more precisely, its onset) is not affected by such factors as age at the first menstruation, the number of children, sexual activity. However, there are a number of points, the presence of which can accelerate the process of the onset of female "autumn".Hereditary factor has a very significant influence. If the mom, grandmother, climax came before the time, then most likely, and the daughter will face such a situation. To accelerate menopause( in 40 years or earlier) may be poor social conditions, the presence of certain diseases. Untreated infectious diseases of the genital tract increase the chances of menopause. The psychological factor is also important. Constant stress can take several years of female youth.

Early onset of menopause. Causes and consequences of

If symptoms of menopause appear in women after 45 years, this is considered a physiological norm. However, menopause can occur and up to 40 years. This situation is the reason for an immediate appeal to a specialist. Possible causes of early menopause: defect of the X chromosome, Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome, other genetic disorders. Often have an effect on the extinction of the functionality of the ovaries problems with the thyroid gland, excess weight, chemotherapy, exhaustion of the body. This situation is quite dangerous for health. A woman after menopause who has come at an early age, runs the risk of acquiring hormonal diseases, metabolic disorders. Also the risk of development of oncological diseases is high. And, of course, do not avoid the rapid aging of the skin, the appearance of pigmentation spots, weight gain. Time of menopause

Stages of menopause

The period during which the functionality of the ovaries gradually fades( until their complete cessation) is called a premenopause. It can last for several years( up to 10).As a rule, at this time menstrual bleeding can be both abundant and rather scarce. In addition, the irregularity of the cycle is characteristic. Due to fluctuations in the level of estrogen, there may be discomfort in the chest. After a year has passed since the last menstruation, you can talk about the onset of menopause. The next stage is postmenopause( until the end of life).During this period, the production of sex hormones completely ceases, skin, mammary glands change.

The main symptoms of menopause in women after 45 years. Hot flashes, sweating

Almost every woman during the menopause experiences hot flashes. This is the name for the sudden sensation of heat in the chest, head. In this case, there is increased sweating. The tide lasts for 1 minute. This is the most common symptom characterized by menopause. Reviews of women say that with tides there is weakness, thoughts slow down, consciousness seems to cloud. The frequency of such manifestations is individual. In some women, tides are quite rare, others suffer more - they are up to 60 times a day. This symptom can also affect sleep. As a consequence, in the morning the woman looks tired, not rested, she is annoyed. Negative effects are exerted by the tides and not by the cardiovascular system. The cause of this symptom is the hypophysis reaction to a decrease in the amount of estrogens. Increases the production of luteinizing hormone, which causes a sharp increase in body temperature. Almost always tides are accompanied by increased sweating. And it can reach such a scale that you just need to change clothes. Drops of sweat just flow down your face. At night, such a state can not stop, but only intensify. Symptoms of menopause in women after 45 years

Headache, lack of air as symptoms of menopause

Along with hot flashes, there are such symptoms of menopause in women after 45 years as headaches. These unpleasant phenomena have an explanation. So, the headache can be a consequence of both the tension of the neck muscles, the head, and the result of an unstable psychological and emotional state. There are also sharp attacks( it hurts in the field of temples, forehead).They are similar to the signs of migraine. Often headaches provoke some medications. Many women complain of dizziness, lack of air. Sometimes this condition is accompanied by a ringing in the ears, nausea and even vomiting.

Blood pressure jumps, muscle spasms

Menopause is often accompanied by an increase in blood pressure. Thus the head starts to hurt or be ill; be sick, the heart rhythm is broken, there is a tachycardia. If the pressure exceeds 200 mm Hg. You should immediately seek help. Ignoring the problem can result in hypertensive crisis and even myocardial infarction. Another symptom of menopause is numbness of limbs, fingers, muscle and joint pain. Against the backdrop of hormonal changes can develop diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis. The muscle tone weakens, the ligaments lose their elasticity. These factors provoke the development of pain in the back area. Many women say that during the menopause they constantly feel a lump in their throat. Especially annoying such a symptom at night. However, such feelings go on by themselves during the year. It is not superfluous to turn to the endocrinologist to rule out problems with the thyroid gland. Woman after menopause

How menopause affects the emotional state of a woman

Many note the fact that during menopause, there is excessive anxiety. The mood jumps, memory worsens, it is difficult to concentrate attention. In addition to all this, there are significant changes in the body. All this can not only worsen the mental state, but also provoke the development of depression. It seems to the woman that she loses her former attraction, she is haunted by thoughts of serious illnesses. Insomnia, hot flashes, painful sensations have an extremely negative effect on the body. However, it is necessary to know that modern medicine offers a variety of remedies for menopause. They not only facilitate the symptomatology, but also allow you to return to the usual mode of life.

Herbal preparations for menopause

To softly reduce the symptoms of menopause, non-hormonal agents based on herbal components are used, for example, a biologically active food additive. ESTROVEL® capsules are a complex of phytoestrogens, vitamins and trace elements, the components of which act on the main manifestations of menopause. ESTROVEL® contains vitamin K1 and boron, which help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Experts recommend such herbs in climax: hawthorn, sage, mountain ash, clover. From them prepare broths and every possible tinctures. Salvia does a good job with increased secretion of sweat glands. In addition, this plant strengthens the nervous system. Dry grass is steamed with boiling water and drunk like regular tea. The duration of the course is two weeks, then you should take a break. Another remedy for profuse sweating is hyssop infusion. Judging by the responses, the hawthorn will help to cope with the tides and increased pressure. It is taken as a tincture, and prepare a healing tea. It includes other herbs( climax is effective collection of some plants): motherwort, chamomile, cassava. To strengthen sleep it is recommended to drink a drink from thyme, lemon balm. In pharmacies, you can buy and special homeopathic preparations that contain extracts from medicinal plants. One such means is "Inoklim".It is based on soy extract. The drug helps to cope with both tides and emotional instability.

Herbs for menopause

Remens: action on the woman's body

In menstrual disorders, certain diseases of the reproductive system and during the menopause, specialists often designate Remens. This drug can be in the form of drops, and in tablet form. The main components are the racemous cymicofug, sanguine, pilocarpus. Also included in the composition are snake venom, a secret from the cuttlefish gland. The drug "Remens"( the price of drops - about 650 rubles) has a complex effect. It stabilizes the emotional state, helps to reduce tides, reduces the manifestations of hyperhidrosis. In addition, after taking the metabolic processes, the fat mass does not increase. Another positive property of the drug is the restoration of microcirculation in the pelvic organs. Tablets "Remens"( their price is not so high - from 200 rubles) also have an anti-inflammatory effect on ovarian tissue. The duration of such therapy with menopause is approximately six months. As a rule, the drug is well tolerated and has no special contraindications. The only nuance is the individual sensitivity to its components. Remens. Price

Hormone therapy

To date, a special technique has been developed that allows a woman to transfer the menopause much more easily. The so-called hormone replacement therapy can protect against cardiovascular diseases, reduce irritability, nervousness, and sleep. Hormones contribute to the preservation of bone tissue, the number of fractures with this therapy is significantly reduced. Another undoubted advantage is the preservation of skin youth, the improvement of the mucous membranes. Hormones with menopause( "Klimara", "Divina", "Klimen") can continue for a while and menstruation. In America and Europe, such treatment is more common than in our country. Modern drugs have a lower content of sex hormones( they can be low-dose and micro-dosed), they practically do not contribute to gaining excess weight. However, such therapy also has contraindications. These include diabetes mellitus, the presence of malignant neoplasms, liver disease, kidney disease, endometriosis. And what side effects can hormones cause? With menopause, women are already suffering from unpleasant phenomena. Therapy is designed to eliminate symptoms, but according to experts, hormonal drugs can sometimes not only not have the proper effect, but also aggravate the situation: cause headaches, swelling, provoke problems with the digestive tract. Therefore, the choice of a particular drug should be approached with all responsibility. And of course, acquire the product only after consulting a specialist. Hormones with menopause

How to relieve manifestations of menopause. Advices of the female doctor

First of all, one should remember that climax is a necessary condition, therefore it is best to know in advance those moments that will help ease the condition. Experts recommend to revise their menu. It is not superfluous to restrict the use of spicy, salty foods, to minimize the number of drunk coffee, alcohol. It is necessary to pay attention to foods rich in calcium and magnesium. These microelements are found in dairy products, fish, spinach. Infusions of herbs can also significantly affect well-being. Women are recommended physical exercise, fitness. They are not only able to cheer up, but also help to maintain the old form and avoid excess fat deposits. It is known that during the menopause the risk of various diseases increases, so visits to specialists should be regular. Particular attention should be paid to the pelvic organs and mammary glands. Good mood, healthy sleep - the main factors that ensure a harmonious life for a woman in such a difficult period. If cope with the approaching depression alone does not work, you need to ask the doctor to choose drugs that have calming properties.