Ointment during pregnancy with hemorrhoids: reviews

Many women during pregnancy learn what is hemorrhoids. This is a very common disease, in which there is pain and burning in the anus, bleeding may occur.

Causes of the disease

ointment during pregnancy with hemorrhoids Many women come to the local gynecologist with the question of what ointment during pregnancy with hemorrhoids can be used. Most of them first encounter this problem during the period of gestation. Promotes this substantial growth of the hormone progesterone. It becomes the reason that women start constipation. And if you consider that the growing uterus presses on the rectum, then its vessels often under such influence begin to expand rapidly.

Provoking factors of the disease development are:

- constipation;

- lifestyle change( decreased mobility);

- a violation of blood circulation and vascular tension in the small pelvis.

In addition, during pregnancy, pelvic bones slightly diverge and expand, and this helps to increase blood flow in the area where the rectum is located. All these factors lead to the formation of hemorrhoids.

Tactics of treatment

To get rid of problems most often doctors recommend using local medications. Doctors can tell you which ointment to take with hemorrhoids during pregnancy. They can also advise the most effective and safe candles.

Local remedies can quickly anesthetize, remove swelling and eliminate inflammation. They can help restore blood flow in the rectum and prevent the formation of blood clots in the vessels. They act locally, so the risk of side effects during their use is minimized. Many of them are allowed during pregnancy, because they do not affect the baby in any way.

But it is worth noting that not all medicines that can be found in pharmacies are allowed for future mothers. Some candles and ointments contain substances that can penetrate the blood and pass through the placental barrier.

It is best to consult a proctologist who can determine the stage of the disease and choose the most effective treatment regimen. If a woman has 2 or 3 degrees of hemorrhoids, then it will not be possible to correct the situation with ointments alone. In this case, complex therapy is required.

Effective ointments

Heparin ointment during pregnancy with hemorrhoids You should not begin to treat hemorrhoids on your own during pregnancy. After all, a woman can not independently determine the stage of the disease and choose the most effective means.

The proctologist after the examination can assess the condition of the future mother and tell what to do to get hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Treatment( ointments are often used as one of the components of complex therapy) the physician will select, taking into account the period of pregnancy and the severity of the disease.

At first, you can get rid of the problem using conventional local tools. Popular use of heparin ointment during pregnancy with hemorrhoids. But she is appointed, as a rule, in those cases when a woman does not complain of acute pain. Otherwise, other means are recommended. The composition of such ointments as Relief Advance, Emla, Aurobin, Proctosan, includes an anesthetic, so they can eliminate discomfort. But some of these funds can not be used by pregnant women.

If the doctor determines that the patient has an active inflammatory process, then the treatment tactics change. As a component of complex therapy, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ointments, such as Diclofenac, Piroxecam, and Ibuprofen, can also be prescribed.

In some cases, during the examination, the doctor can see that the surrounding tissues are already involved in the inflammatory process. In this situation, not only ointment from hemorrhoids is selected, but also antimicrobial agents. These include such drugs: "Levomekol", "Ihtiol", "Mafenide acetate".Vishnevsky ointment from hemorrhoids during pregnancy can also be prescribed.

With active bleeding, you need a combination of drugs that have a vasoconstrictive, anti-inflammatory, venotonic effect. It can be "Relief", "Procto-Glivenol" or other similar means.

But it is worth remembering that some popular ointments from hemorrhoids can not be used during pregnancy. Therefore, you should choose the most suitable remedy with your doctor.

Features of the use of heparin ointment

In some cases, doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ointment during hemorrhoids during pregnancy. It should dissolve the existing blood clots and prevent the formation of new ones. This action has a heparin ointment. In addition, it also reduces pain due to the fact that it includes benzocaine.

This agent is used exclusively externally. On the affected area, heparin ointment during pregnancy with hemorrhoids is applied with a thin layer. On a section with a diameter of up to 5 cm is sufficient to 1 g of ointment: it is necessary to squeeze out 2-4 cm.

The effect occurs after 3-14 days of use. It can be applied to problem areas 2-3 times a day. However, if a woman has a thrombosis of external hemorrhoids, then it is necessary to apply the ointment on the linen pad and fix it on them. By the way, some recommend to make tampons with this ointment and insert them into the anus.

If a woman is not hypersensitive to the components of the remedy, the heparin ointment during hemorrhoids during pregnancy can be safely used. But with an increased tendency to bleeding and thrombocytopenia, one must be cautious.

Ointment "Relief"

Ointment Relief from hemorrhoids in pregnancy Shark liver oil in combination with other components of the product has a healing, anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictive effect. But to use ointment "Relief" from hemorrhoids at pregnancy without the coordination with the doctor it is not necessary. Although contraindications include only increased sensitivity to the components of the agent, granulocytopenia and thromboembolic disease.

This drug helps to narrow the vessels. Due to this, exudation, swelling of the tissues decreases, itching goes away. It can be used after each bowel movement or, regardless of bowel movements, in the morning and in the evening.

This ointment is applied with a special applicator. Through it, it squeezes out to the affected areas. You can lubricate the external or internal parts of the anus. The main thing is to thoroughly wash the applicator after each use and place it in a special protective cap.

Flemming Ointment

Fleming ointment for hemorrhoids during pregnancy No restrictions for future moms appoint external homeopathic remedies. Therefore, so often you can hear that the doctor recommended Fleming's ointment for hemorrhoids during pregnancy. But they also use it for dermatological problems and diseases of ENT organs. Its composition includes calendula, esculus, witch hazel, menthol and zinc oxide. The auxiliary substance is petrolatum.

According to the instructions, it is necessary to use this remedy for 5-7 days. It is applied to problem areas up to 3 times a day. In the absence of an allergic reaction, the drug can be used by everyone, including pregnant and lactating women.

Means of "Troxevasin"

If it was found that the cause of hemorrhoids are weak venous walls, then drugs that can provide venotonic, anti-edematous, venoprotective and antioxidant effects are prescribed. The most famous is the ointment "Troxevasin".When hemorrhoids during pregnancy with it, you can alleviate the condition and reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process.

Ointment should be applied to the problem area twice a day, rubbing it until it absorbs completely. To eliminate the symptoms should be enough 6-7 days.

Usually given ointment during pregnancy with hemorrhoids is well tolerated. Information about any undesirable effects on the fetus when it is used there. But with sensitivity to the components of the remedy, an allergic reaction is possible - dermatitis, hives, eczema.

Ointment Vishnevskogo

Ointment for hemorrhoids during pregnancy To suppress the inflammatory process and accelerate the regeneration of tissues allows a mixture of birch tar, castor oil and xeroform. All these components are included in Vishnevsky's ointment. From hemorrhoids during pregnancy, you can be advised by both a proctologist and a district gynecologist.

Of course, this diagnosis is not in the list of indications in the instruction, but this remedy is used for many skin diseases. Ointment is able to dry the wound surface, slightly anesthetize the affected area and reduce the permeability of the vessels.

But with this tool you have to be careful. The tar included in its composition can irritate the skin receptors. It contributes to the fact that the flow of blood to the site of inflammation begins. But this accelerates the process of tissue regeneration.

You can not use Vishnevsky's ointment for individual intolerance, hypersensitivity and for acute purulent diseases of soft tissues and skin. But, in spite of the relative safety of the remedy, it can only be used according to the doctor's prescription. He can recommend not just apply ointment on the area of ​​the anus, but also do with her compresses at night.

Doctors usually warn that the sensations in the procedure can not be called pleasant. But the effect becomes noticeable immediately.

Ointment "Posterizan"

Unpleasant sensations in the anus can be caused by both hemorrhoids and formed anal fissures. To get rid of discomfort it is possible, if correctly to pick up an ointment at pregnancy at a hemorrhoids. Doctors do not recommend doing this yourself, because some drugs are not allowed to use during the period of bearing the baby.

The "Posterizan" ointment includes inactivated E. coli microbial cells. They are able to increase local tissue resistance to an active pathogenic microflora. The drug is able to stimulate T-lymphocyte immunity. At the site of exposure, it increases the activity of leukocytes and nonspecific immunity factors. In addition, its use contributes to a decrease in vascular exudation, normalization of their tone and permeability. Also, tissue regeneration is stimulated.

Without special restrictions, this ointment from hemorrhoids during pregnancy can be prescribed. The testimonies indicate that the "Posterizan" can remove swelling and ease pain. Assign it to hemorrhoidal diseases, which cause discharge and burning sensation in the anal area. It is also recommended to use it for anal itching and anal fissures.

Wound healing preparations

Ointment from hemorrhoids during pregnancy reviews You can quickly restore the integrity of the skin by using Levomecol ointment. It is quite inexpensive antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. It easily penetrates into tissues without damaging the cell membranes, and stimulates the regeneration process.

This ointment during pregnancy with hemorrhoids is often prescribed. When it is applied, the body's defenses are activated. Methyluracil, which is part of the "Levomekol", helps stimulate the process of protein production in the mucous membranes. Thanks to this, tissues recover faster.

Also indicated ointment is an adsorbent. It cleans the surface of the hemorrhoids and prevents the development of the infectious process. Bacteria can not multiply, and the affected areas are restored.

For treatment, gauze wipes soaked in ointment can be applied to the area of ​​the anus. Treatment should continue until discomfort is eliminated.


If in pregnant women hemorrhoids are accompanied by severe pain, it is necessary to choose an effective ointment with a pronounced analgesic effect. Temporarily ease the condition can be with the help of Emla ointment. But you can use it only on the advice of a doctor. It contains lidocaine and prilocaine. These substances can penetrate the placental barrier. But there were no any violations in the process of intrauterine development of children or negative effects on the reproductive process.

The doctor may also recommend the use of Diclofenac Ointment. It helps to reduce inflammation and has analgesic effect. If the doctor offers "Ibuprofen" ointment as an anti-inflammatory anesthetic, you should remember the following: in the first and second trimester, it can be used with caution, only as prescribed by the doctor, and during the last 3 months of pregnancy it can not be used.

Reviews of expectant mothers

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy treatment of ointments Finding out what ointments from hemorrhoids can be during pregnancy, it is necessary to focus on the data specified in the instructions. But if you do not self-medicate, and turned to a doctor with this delicate problem, then he will pick you the best drugs.

If the doctor offers several funds to choose, then you can find out about the effectiveness of these or other funds in other pregnant women. For example, many doctors say that the most effective heparin ointment from hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Reviews confirm that it helps with the formation of hemorrhoids, itching, pain and minor bleeding. Regular use of it helps to reduce the manifestations of this disease. If the nodes are bleeding, it is better to do compresses.

Also many future mothers praise Fleming's ointment. This tool is considered absolutely safe. It can be used both during pregnancy and after childbirth. When applying the ointment there is a pleasant chill. With regular use, pain is lost. Also, the edema decreases markedly.