Oregano: good and bad. Decoction of oregano

The nature of our land has always endowed people with medicinal plants. A huge benefit and a whole set of unique substances is a fragrant oregano, the benefit and harm of which are widely known to our ancestors. The mention of it is found in the writings of Hippocrates.

We all used to call it simply oregano. The people call the motherboard or incense, use it in culinary as a spicy seasoning. It has a spicy aroma and a bitter taste. Without oregano it is impossible to imagine Mediterranean and Mexican dishes. There are about fifty species of plants in the world.

This is a fairly tall plant reaching a meter. Externally, the motherboard resembles a small bush with bright shiny purple flowers that exude a pungent smell. Flowering can be observed from the middle of July to the end of August. By the way, this is still an excellent honey, beloved by bees.

It should be noted that the plant is a long-liver and multiplies in two ways: by dividing the bush and seeds. It is well cultivated, so it can be foun

d in many parts of the world. But the native land of oregano is Asia and North America. Today, many species of bush are found in Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine( except the northern zones).

Content of chemicals

A fragrant oregano, the photo of which is presented in the material, is full of medicinal substances. Even modern pharmaceutics has officially recognized the high utility of the plant. From dried raw materials( leaves, flowers), they make alcohol and water tinctures, decoctions, make aromatic tea drinks.

Scientists have found a large dose of vitamin K in the composition. Its role in the body is invaluable: it participates in the work of metabolism, it is responsible for the construction of bone tissue, blood coagulability, functional work of the liver and kidneys. It differs bactericidal and antioxidant properties of the motherboard.

The composition found rosmarinovaya acid, which, according to scientists, is fighting with malignant formations. Like many medicinal plants, oregano is abundant with useful minerals. A rich set of iron, fiber and manganese is fixed.

In the process of multiple clinical and laboratory studies, experts have found that essential oil of oregano and carvacrol substance exhibit antibacterial properties. They are capable of destroying pathogenic microorganisms that have high resistance to certain antibiotics.

Nature's gift - a cure for ailments

Oregano, the benefit and harm caused by chemical elements, is considered an excellent source of ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is plentiful in fresh leaflets. Alternative medicine has long appreciated the high therapeutic effect of this plant on the body.

In Russia, it was used to prepare medicinal medicines and used for rheumatic pains, seizures, stomach upset, flu and gynecological diseases. Practitioners recommend using herbal decoctions and infusions as a sedative. Vegetable raw materials help to eliminate nervous tension, kindle appetite.

Preparations from the motherboard have a slight analgesic and carminative effect. They use them for pathology of the liver, bile ducts and any stage of bronchitis. Broths rinse proudly with inflammatory processes. Internal reception is indicated for people with high blood pressure.

Compresses and baths improve the condition of the skin, relieve rashes, accelerate the regeneration of tissues and destroy bacteria. In combination with other herbs, oregano contributes to the normalization of sleep. Charges are prescribed for flatulence, cholecystitis, chronic constipation, enterocolitis and cough.

Precautions and contraindications

The benefits of the plant are enormous, as we have seen. But also it is worthwhile to understand that any medicinal herb has some limitations on the use. An exception is not fragrant oregano. Benefit and harm are two fairly subtle concepts. It is forbidden to use any drugs( decoctions, infusions, meals and drinks containing this seasoning) on ​​the basis of the motherboard during pregnancy.

According to doctors, oregano can provoke miscarriage or uterine bleeding. Even at the initial terms of gestation, it is worth abandoning it. In addition to pregnancy, contraindications to its use are hypertension, ulcerative pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, heart and vascular diseases.

Grass oregano( photo in the article) in therapy: folk recipes

  1. In the absence of a menstrual cycle( not related to pregnancy), you can prepare the next infusion: a spoonful of dry raw materials to brew in a glass of boiling water. Drink to 50 gr.- thrice a day in a strained state.
  2. To prevent epilepsy this infusion will help: take a spoonful of boiling water and take two spoons of herbs. Insist, filter and consume throughout the day. Duration - 36 months. The agent can be used for increased nervous excitability.
  3. If there is a violation of the stomach and peristalsis of the intestinal tract: per liter of boiling water, 30 g.raw materials. Drink fluids all day.

From insomnia

Pour boiling water( 200 ml) 30 gr.herbs and insist half an hour. Strain through gauze and drink the broth of oregano before preparing for bed.

For constipation, bronchitis and cough

Stir in sunflower oil( 500 ml) approximately 50 g.motherboard. Cover the container and leave in the room for eight hours. Take five drops( using a pipette) overnight.

From the allergy

Crushed raw materials( 20 grams) put in a glass of boiling water - insist 20-25 minutes. Eat 120 ml before eating. Liquid must be filtered.

Cold drink

In winter, the immune system should be strengthened and tea with oregano will help. Many doctors advise drink even during illness. Brew herbs as a regular tea - a few minutes. In the kettle you can put a bow of onions, it has antimicrobial properties. To improve the taste - add honey.

Oregano: consumer feedback

With the help of a plant, many managed to normalize their health. According to people who took herbal infusions of the motherboard, you can quickly relieve tension and calm down, especially after a hard day. Tea drink from oregano perfectly quenches thirst, relaxes and gives energy. The plant has proven itself as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent.

The use of compresses has a favorable effect on the skin. And with the help of mouthwashes can quickly eliminate stomatitis and toothache. Many positive reviews deserved the oregano, the benefits and harm from the plant will now not become a surprise for anyone. Before starting treatment, we advise you to consult a local therapist.