Where and how to take HIV tests anonymously

HIV today is the problem of all mankind. This is the presence in the body of a viral infection that affects the immune system. A person does not have protection against various kinds of diseases. The illness proceeds slowly and at the first stages does not make itself felt. When, as a result of reduced immunity, a secondary infection enters the body, a stage called the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome( AIDS) begins.

How to pass or take analyzes on vich The disease became widely known in the eighties. Now the ailment touched even the children. The task of medical personnel is to talk as much as possible about HIV infection, its transmission methods and means of protection. Unfortunately, there are no medications that could get rid of problems. Only in the early stages can the progression of the disease be stopped. Therefore, it is very important to diagnose a disease in a timely manner. How to pass the tests for HIV, the district doctor in the clinic will tell. By the way, this virus came to Europe from West Africa. According to the latest data, there are about 50 thousand infected people worldwide.

How is AIDS transmitted?

Sexual contact is the main way of spreading the infection. A condom is the best protection not only from an unwanted pregnancy, but also from a serious illness. This is worth remembering people who do not have a regular sexual partner. It is necessary to know where to pass the test for HIV.

blood for HIV

When you visit a gynecologist, you should use disposable instruments. Such a kit can be purchased at any pharmacy kiosk. For treatment and sanitation of teeth, it is also advisable to visit a professional clinic where quality material processing is provided. There are cases when people received an infection in medical institutions. After all, getting infected with blood is also possible.

Medical personnel who work directly with blood should take all precautions. All manipulations should be done with gloves. Once a year, all doctors and nurses pass an HIV test for free.

When should I seek help?

If one or more enlarged lymph nodes are detected on the body, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately. Unfortunately, this can be one of the signs of the disease. At night, much worried about sweating? You also need to get on a medical examination and must donate blood for HIV!To begin to worry it is necessary also in the event that at a normal food for a long time does not pass a diarrhea.

where to pass the test for HIV An unreasonable decrease in body weight, frequent colds, the presence of herpes in the body - all this can be a sign of the development of the disease. Make sure that there are no serious problems, it is possible only in the doctor's office. The specialist will advise you and tell you where to take tests for HIV and at what time it is convenient to do.

When is the compulsory examination shown?

It is mandatory to take tests of the girl when registering for pregnancy in the women's consultation. The blood is also taken to HIV for the spouse. There are many cases when a child is born with acquired immunodeficiency. Infection is given to the newborn by the mother.

HIV test for free Be sure to donate blood for HIV to those who have had unprotected sexual intercourse with an unfamiliar partner. When hospitalized in a hospital, blood is taken to all patients. Even if there are no unpleasant symptoms, everyone can go to the local doctor and take a referral for the tests.

How and where to pass the HIV test?

Blood sampling is carried out in a special room. A person comes to an examination on an empty stomach. Blood is taken from the vein. Everyone has the right to be examined anonymously. The patient is only given a number according to which he will be able to find out the result after some time. You can donate blood in any adult clinic.

anonymous HIV testing Before taking HIV tests, it is advisable to have a good night's sleep. Often, patients with fainting experience fainting. The manipulation room has everything you need to bring a person into normal state of health.

How to get the result?

The result of the HIV test can be found after 24 hours. The doctor will tell you the time and place of the information receipt in addition. It should be remembered that after infection, the infection can be noticeable in the blood not earlier than in a month and a half. Therefore, if there is a suspicion, the test should be repeated after a while. By the way, there are more in-depth and expensive methods of diagnosis, which in two weeks will be able to show the presence of the virus in the blood.

Why not give up the test?

Some believe that the infection with HIV infection is simply not possible for those who lead a normal lifestyle. Unfortunately, the absence of bad habits and promiscuous sexual intercourse is not a guarantee of success. You can get infected in the dentist's office, in the beauty salon, during the medical examination.

HIV testing The reason for refusing to analyze may also be the fear of publicizing the result. But you can pass an anonymous HIV test. This should be remembered! The earlier an infection is identified, the easier it is to monitor it. Even if a terrible diagnosis is made, a person decides independently when to inform relatives and friends about it. But to live with ignorance about the existence of infection is not the best option.

Myths that should be dispelled

Many years of medical practice shows that even well-educated people believe in various myths about HIV and the ways of its transmission. The disease does not spread in everyday life: through general soap, towels, dishes. It will not be possible to get infected also during kissing, if the partner does not have wounds in his mouth. All this suggests that the HIV-infected person can lead a normal life, observing only some rules.

Many schools hold lectures on the topic of acquired immunodeficiency. They also tell how to pass HIV tests to live a full life in the future. Medical staff are invited to the lessons. A qualified doctor is happy to answer the questions of the children.

A positive result on the immunodeficiency virus does not mean the end of life. If you fully eat, take the necessary medicine, the patient will live up to old age. In addition, the status of HIV under the laws of the Russian Federation is not the reason for refusing to work. When passing the commission, you should find out how to pass HIV tests to confirm the history of the diagnosis.

And those who are healthy, it is worth observing the elementary rules to avoid infection. Sexual life with a trusted partner, seeking medical help in a reliable institution, as well as regular examination are three elements that should always be remembered! It is necessary to take an HIV test once a year. Time can not be lost!