City Clinical Hospital No. 50 on "Timiryazevskaya": address, reviews

Hospital 50 on "Timiryazevskaya" is a multidisciplinary medical institution. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment in all departments, which allows to cure the patient as soon as possible after seeking treatment.

A Brief History of

Hospital 50 on Timiryazevskaya was officially opened in August 1955.Construction of the first buildings began in 1950.The commissioning of buildings took place in stages. By 1956, two buildings were mastered: in one of them there were the departments of therapy and a polyclinic, the other was intended for surgical departments, a rest room, a therapeutic department, a diagnostic complex and much more.

By 1958, the city hospital 50 was equipped with ancillary facilities, and the polyclinic department was given the status of a separate institution and a new building on the street. Nemchinov. In the late 1950s, as part of the expansion of the clinic, new buildings were planned for construction. By 1958, the first stage was commissioned, and by 1962 the third and fourth corps began to be operated.

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Gradually the rest of the building was abandoned. In 1965, the clinic received its current name - the City Clinical Hospital named after SI Spasokukotsky. In the people behind the hospital the folklore name "Poltinnik" was fixed.

hospital 50 on Timiryazevskaya


At present, hospital 50 on "Timiryazevskaya" is a multidisciplinary clinic with modern equipment and advanced methods of treating various diseases. The institution carries out a wide range of surgical and plastic surgeries, carries out scientific research in the field of surgery, ultrasound treatment methods, and tests medical preparations. Several higher educational establishments base practical training of students and scientific activity on the basis of the hospital.

City Hospital 50 has advanced equipment for research, diagnosis and treatment. The staff consists of 1255 specialists, of whom about 300 doctors and nurses have the highest professional qualifications. At the clinic's offices, 820 patients can stay at the same time.

City Clinical Hospital 50 includes in the structure:

  • Twenty hospital departments.
  • Seven offices in a consultative and diagnostic center.
  • Maternity hospital( branch, temporarily does not accept patients).
  • Department of organization, development and provision of paid medical services.

Visitors of the institution in the reviews confirm that the equipment of the clinic is good. Many praise the medical staff for their great experience and quick diagnostics. All patients talk about a decent level of nutrition in the hospital and a large range of free services. The price of paid services for most patients was affordable. The shortcomings mention a long procedure of registration in the waiting room and a line to the doctors.

city ​​hospital 50


City Hospital 50 has a modern consulting and diagnostic center. There are seven departments in the polyclinic. When making a diagnosis of requiring hospitalization, the patient is referred to a hospital department of the appropriate profile. In the polyclinic department there is a specialized diagnostic room at the early stages of oncological diseases of the prostate gland.

Compartments of the center:

  • Consultative and diagnostic
  • Endoscopic.
  • Functional diagnostics.
  • X-ray, ultrasound, tomography.
  • Radioisotope laboratory.
  • Clinical laboratory.

Reviews about CDC

During the year a large number of patients visit the polyclinic, complaints about servicing are voiced over the long waiting of their turn. It is indicated that the clinic has an electronic patient reception system, but it regularly malfunctions, as a result of which the patient stays for a long time near the doctor's office.

m. Timiryazevskaya

The assessments of the work of specialists were divided into sharply negative and enthusiastic. Some patients talk about the lack of professionalism of doctors, incorrect treatment prescriptions and worsening of the condition. Many had to abandon the continuation of procedures and go to other clinics for follow-up. Most patients respectfully talk about specialists, claiming that they received rapid diagnosis and effective treatment.


The inpatient department accepts patients for treatment in the directions from the CDC.The service is carried out under the programs of CHI, LCA, on a commercial basis. The hospital has a capacity of 820 beds.

Structure of the hospital:

  • Receiving rest. Short-stay hospital.
  • Gynecology, otolaryngology, cardiology.
  • Three specialized intensive care units.
  • Department of hemodialysis.
  • Therapeutic service from three departments.
  • Neurological service( 2 departments).
  • Surgery( three compartments).
  • Urological service with three compartments and a remote stone crushing room with an X-ray method.


Reviews about

Hospital The inpatient department received the most reviews from patients and visitors. Positive reviews have been left to many surgeons, gynecologists, otolaryngologists, neurologists and other doctors, whose work and attention have brought patients health and a normal future life. Patients did not stint on gratitude to nurses, service personnel, which depended on comfortable staying and qualitative performance of doctor's appointments. A significant part of the patients are sincerely sure that their great success was staying on treatment at the hospital No. 50 in Moscow( "Dynamo" metro station).

Part of the patients was not satisfied with the service in the hospital of GKB # 50( "Timiryazevskaya" metro station).Patients talk about inattentive attitude of doctors. Some visitors felt that experts behave rudely, do not answer questions, work slowly or simply do not know what to do appointments or how to correctly establish a diagnosis. Some visitors indicate that junior medical personnel skimp on their duties and provide the necessary procedures only after additional material incentive.

Hospital 50 on Timiryazevskaya how to get there

Paid services

Hospital 50 on "Timiryazevskaya" offers patients a wide range of medical services on a commercial basis or on VHI policies.

Directions of assistance:

  • All types of analyzes and diagnostic methods.
  • Surgical operations.
  • Ambulatory counseling and treatment at specialists.
  • High-tech types of surgical interventions.
  • Treatment, management of chronic diseases.
  • Examination, a set of measures for rehabilitation.
  • Consultations of leading hospital doctors.
  • Inpatient stay in the comfort chambers.

Reviews about paid services

Paid medicine, according to patients, in many ways is better free. The patients tell about the excellent service, qualitative examination and effective treatment. Visitors like the chambers, courteous staff and the opportunity to go through all the medical and diagnostic procedures without queuing.

city ​​hospital 501

But in the case of full payment of all kinds of necessary assistance, there is no guarantee that it will be provided on time and will be necessary, not invented. Patients of the paid chambers emphasize that perfectly renovated wards, a separate bathroom is fine, but treatment is not always adequately diagnosed and often many procedures, analyzes are appointed only because of their high cost, and not according to the patient's testimony.


The City Clinical Hospital No. 50( Dinamo metro station) is a sought-after medical institution where many patients address. Most of the visitors who left the clinic are satisfied with the treatment, diagnosis or advice provided.

From the stories it can be concluded that the surgical service of the GKB is one of the best. Surgeons have excellent knowledge, experience and desire to conduct operations with the maximum positive effect and necessarily monitor the further condition of patients until complete recovery.

Many good reviews were left on the gynecological department, where many women received the necessary treatment, rehabilitation procedures and a full range of rehabilitation measures. Also, the service of therapy and many other departments are praised.

City Clinical Hospital named after S.I.Spasokukotsky

In the stories of the patients there are also complaints - repair in hospital No. 50( Timiryazevskaya station) desires much better, but only because many work places are started, but never reached the finale. Many claims are made to the reception dormitory, where patients with pain must wait for registration within a few hours. It is also indicated that often after the patient is identified in the hospital, the primary examination by the attending physician does not always take place immediately, it is good when the specialist comes to the end of his shift, but sometimes he has to wait several days.

Useful information

GKB im. Spasokukotsky city of Moscow is located on Vuchetich street, building 21. The more familiar name of the clinic is hospital 50 on Timiryazevskaya.

How to get there by public transport:

  • From the metro station "Timiryazevskaya" - by buses of routes No. 319, 574 or 466( from Dmitrovsky highway), by bus No. 604( from Yablochkov street).
  • From the metro station "Petrovsko-Razumovskaya" - by bus No. 466( from the Dmitrovsky highway).
  • From metro station "Dinamo" - by bus routes No.22, 319 or 595.
  • From the metro station "Vodny Stadion" to the stop "50th city hospital" - by buses 595 or on weekdays No. 801.
  • From the railway station"Beskudnikovo" - by bus number 466.