First aid for home pain

Toothache often catches a person at the most unexpected moment. She is unsettling during an important meeting, at work or at home. All important spheres of life are automatically relegated to the background. The pain is exhausting and exhausting. But what if the trip to a specialist is impossible in the near future? And what first aid for toothache should be provided?

The main symptoms of

Any pain is a signal for a person that there have been some disruptions in the body.
In the first stages, tooth damage occurs absolutely asymptomatic. When the pain begins, it means that the damage to the bone tissue has passed to the nerve endings. first aid for toothache If this happens, and the patient feels a strong growing pain, then the disease has reached its peak and the trip to the specialist can not be postponed. By its nature, pain can be as acute as aching, and dull. Sometimes, due to toothache, you can clearly feel the pulsation, because of which the temperature rises. In such cases, first aid should be given in case of acute toothache, in order to somehow ease the time before visiting

specialist .

Causes of toothache

In order for first aid for toothache to be effective, you need to understand the main causes of pain.

  • Caries. At the very first stages, carious pain is insignificant and causes mild discomfort, the pain does not extend beyond the affected area. During eating, there are unpleasant sensations due to the thinning of the enamel of the tooth. With such a disease, the dentist performs treatment and puts a seal.
  • Pulpit. It is for this reason that people often turn to dentists. The pain overtakes suddenly, the condition is characterized by severe, acute pain. The cause of pulpitis is most often the inflammatory process or hypothermia. Often the patient does not understand which areas are sore. Since the area of ​​the lesion is very large and gives into neighboring teeth. With severe pain, the patient can not eat. Very often pulpitis causes a flux.
  • Cyst. Pain in the presence of a cyst is not pronounced and dull. Characterized by a cone under the affected area. Eating food and drinks does not cause unpleasant sensations. Treatment of this disease is carried out by the surgeon, he carefully removes the cone.
  • Periodontitis .Characterized by aching pain, which occurs rarely. In general, the patient can feel unpleasant sensations in the gum area. Rough food causes great discomfort. Treatment is prescribed by a doctor, and it is of a therapeutic nature. toothache first aid at home

It should be remembered that pain syndrome is a negligent attitude to one's own health. Microbes can cause great harm to all organs. Since microbes enter with saliva and food into the stomach, causing undesirable consequences.

Anesthetics for toothache

If a toothache occurs, first aid at home will come from a home medicine chest. Tablets that can alleviate pain are found in almost every home. Without them it is impossible to imagine the normal existence of man. first aid for acute dental pain But it is worthwhile to know which pain medications are suitable for toothache. There are several groups of drugs that can alleviate the first symptoms of pain.

  1. Non-narcotic painkillers. Used for weak toothache. Such drugs will easily relieve inflammation and fever. They have been known about them since ancient times. These drugs include - analgin, aspirin, paracetamol, etc. Non-narcotic analgesics of strong action. Used for severe pain. Good and effective drugs are "AND BUFFEN" and "AND booklets" .They are more safe for health, the main thing is to follow the dosage specified in the instructions. These drugs can be given not only to adults, but also to children. Another effective analgesic of this group are - "To etanes" , "N ayz" and "A catasulide" .These drugs relieve pain syndrome well, but you need to take them with caution, since there are contraindications.
  2. Narcotic group of painkillers. Are applied in rare or infrequent cases under the reference of the doctor. Such drugs include: "About multipone" , "Morphine", "P romedol" .
  3. There are drugs that have an antispasmodic effect. To such concerns, "But- Шпа" , "Папаверин", "Д ротаверин" .

What drugs can help

Adding to the list of drugs, first aid for severe toothache should be provided with the following medicines:

  • "Dexalgin 25".Eliminates pain after 20 minutes. Has many contraindications. Not recommended for pregnant women and children under the age of 12
  • "Grippostad" .Includes paracetamol and vitamin C. It is not recommended for children under six years old, as well as pregnant or lactating women.
  • "Actasulide" .An anti-inflammatory drug that relieves pain and all associated symptoms. Also has contraindications, which can be found in the instructions for the drug.

If a child has a toothache

First aid for a child's toothache should be given immediately. It is best to go to the doctor after the first signs of symptoms. If circumstances do not allow, then it is necessary to reduce the pain syndrome
first aid for a child For this, the following manipulations are suitable:

  • It is necessary to make sure that the baby has brushed his teeth and rinsed the oral cavity with the soda solution. This will help remove the remnants of food and relieve the pain.
  • Special ointments that are sold in every pharmacy are suitable.
  • If does not help , you should take the child " Nurafen" and immediately go to the dentist.

What is forbidden to do

First aid for toothache should be properly handled. Most people who experienced a deterioration of the condition, just got rid of the pain, which caused even more problems. To avoid undesirable consequences, you need to remember several rules.

  • You can not heat a sick tooth. It is necessary to exclude from the diet all hot drinks, and the food should be cooled to a warm state. Do not apply hot compresses. This can cause blood infection. All doctors recommend applying only cold compresses in order to delay the spread of the infection.
  • Do not take the horizontal position. When a person lies, unpleasant sensations intensify. We must try to adhere to this rule as much as possible.
  • If the flux has appeared due to inflammation, rinse mouth thoroughly with solutions of salt and soda.
  • It is forbidden to touch the sore spot with your hands, so as not to infect the infection.

Folk remedies

If the pain is taken by surprise, and none of the above medicines are at hand, first aid for toothache at home can be done with folk remedies. first aid for toothache at home

  • A piece of garlic, placed near a sick tooth, can relieve the pain.
  • Onion onion, placed next to the tooth, will reduce inflammation.
  • Pork fat will reduce pain.
  • Aloe juice will give some time to rest in pain.
  • Warm rinsing with boiled water cleans up the pain well.
  • Red beet will reduce discomforting sensations.
  • Clove oil, applied to gauze and attached to a sick tooth, can do wonders.

Prevention of toothache

In order for toothache never to happen, you need to adhere to some important rules. Do not eat too cold or too hot, as there is a risk of damaging the enamel of the teeth. first aid for severe toothache You should not eat rough foods for food, as there is a chance to stitch or damage your teeth. If you find even a small hole, you should immediately consult a doctor. It is obligatory to conduct a preventive examination at the dentist every six months. Carefully monitor the oral hygiene.

Teeth are an integral part of the human body and should be followed by quality care, as well as other parts and organs. At occurrence of the slightest pain it is necessary to appear immediately to the doctor. The drugs indicated in this article bear only temporary relief and eliminate only the symptoms, but not the cause. Therefore, long-term use of analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs is not recommended.