How to strengthen the heart? Cardiologist advice and three major steps towards a healthy heart

For everyday affairs and problems, we often overlook the most important thing - our health. To address to doctors only in case of a serious indisposition and to ignore annual prophylactic medical examination - mistakes which sometimes can cost lives.

Doctors more and more often note that "affairs of the heart" today bother people already at the age of 30 years. Such a trend undoubtedly disturbs the medical community. If you do not know how to strengthen the heart, the advice of a cardiologist will prompt the right path.


Problems with the heart and blood vessels accumulate gradually. At the very beginning, you may not even notice a deterioration in your health and seek help at the last minute. The list of simple ways to strengthen the heart invariably includes physical activity, rejection of bad habits and proper nutrition.

Simple rules can seem only at first glance, because in fact for the sake of health some people will have to radically change their way of life. We will discuss each of the three points in detail - useful exercises, recipes and tips read in our review.

how to strengthen the heart of a cardiologist


Unfortunately, adults and independent people sometimes do not even know how to strengthen the heart. The cardiologist's advice, first of all, concerns nutrition. The main enemy of the heart is overweight.

Studies have shown that because of obesity, the risk of stroke and heart attack increases by 20 times. Working in the company of tens of extra kilograms requires the body to make serious changes:

  • quadruples the load on the heart;
  • hypertrophy of the left ventricle appears;
  • blood becomes more viscous and dense due to decreased activity of platelets.

The only reliable way to lose weight and facilitate the work of the whole body is proper nutrition. The increase in the number of fruits and vegetables in the diet, the choice of lean meat and dairy products of medium fat, restrictions in sweet and flour - these are just some of the principles of healthy nutrition.


Some products just need to be included in the menu for those who care about the health of blood vessels and the heart. Dark red and orange fruits strengthen the walls of the vessels, vegetables and cereals supply the body with fiber, and linseed oil and fish oil will become sources of important Omega-3 acids. a list of simple ways to strengthen the heart

The question often arises of how to strengthen the heart and blood vessels with folk remedies. The main healer of our "motor" has long been considered a hawthorn. Berry decoction reduces pressure, strengthens the nervous system, eliminates tachycardia and arrhythmia, improves cerebral circulation.


One tablespoon of fruit, pour 300 ml of water and cook for 30 minutes. Give the drink to be infused, strain and take 50 ml before each meal.

Aerobic Exercises

If you do not know how to strengthen the heart, the cardiologist's advice will prompt the right way. Lack of physical activity leads not only to excess weight, but also to the weakening of the whole organism.

To begin training doctors recommend gradually, because excessive work will exacerbate the situation."Wake up" the body will help a small charge in the morning, which must necessarily include the lifts of hands and feet, mahi, walking in place, the rotation of the trunk, limbs and shoulders. Five minutes will be enough to get a charge of vivacity.

At least two or three times a week, take time to become more active. It's about dancing, running, aerobics, biking or any other cardio load. As an alternative even evening walks at a fast pace will do.

how to strengthen the heart and blood vessels folk remedies

In urban parks more and more you can see small groups of people with sticks that look like ski. Scandinavian walking is an incredibly popular form of physical activity that trains endurance, improves coordination and a sense of balance, burns 46% more calories than ordinary walking. Trainers on Nordic walking know how to strengthen the health of the heart.

The advice of cardiologists draws attention to the three main rules of cardio training:

  1. Follow the pulse. The optimal value is 120-130 beats per minute.
  2. Do not set records. Do not spend hours exhausting yourself at the nearest school stadium. Aerobic exercise should last no more than 60 minutes, with weak blood vessels - 30 minutes.
  3. Observe the mode. The desired result will bring 2-3 workouts a week.

Cigarettes, coffee and alcohol

Refusing bad habits is perhaps the most important item on our list. At the next break at work you can only dream about how to strengthen the heart. The cardiologist's advice in this case is categorical:

  • Nicotine. Promotes increased blood pressure and blood viscosity, increases the heart rate and destroys the walls of blood vessels.

how to strengthen heart health tips

  • Alcohol. The load on the heart in a state of alcoholic intoxication increases several times. You literally poison it with toxic substances. Those who like to drink suffer from cardiovascular diseases three times more often.
  • Coffee. The use of more than four cups of a fragrant drink a day can lead to a heart attack, especially if you combine coffee and cigarettes.

Do you want to strengthen the heart? The cardiologist's advice is to remember the full rest. Stress at work, lack of sleep, change of time zones - emotional overstrain negatively affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system.