"Profertil" female: reviews."Profertil"( tablets) for men: reviews about the drug

Pregnancy is desirable for a woman, but despite this, some ladies can only dream about it. The basis for this is the health problems of a different nature, ranging from low activity of male spermatozoa to the violation of the reproductive functions of the organism of one of the partners. If there is a problem with the fertilization of the egg and for a long time it is impossible to conceive a child, then it is advised to take numerous female and male reviews "Profertil".

Composition of the preparation

"Profertil" is a natural biologically active food additive, helping to accelerate the onset of a desired pregnancy. Feedback "Profertil" refers to the most effective means, positively affecting the process of conception. The drug is prescribed only by a doctor. It happens male and female. Both of them have 100% natural composition.

For example, the herbal preparation for men contains the following active ingredients: L-carnitine - 220 mg, L-arginine monohydrochloride, vitamin E - 60 mg, zinc citrate - 20 mg, glutathione - 40 mg, coenzyme Q10 - 7.5 mg, sodium selenate 30 μg, folic acid 400 μg. Additional substances: gelatin and magnesium stearate.

In female dietary supplements, Omega-3 is contained in an amount of 500 mg, folic acid - 800 μg, selenium - 70 mg, vitamin E - 30 mg, catechins obtained from green tea - 4 mg, diosgenin extracted industrially from the rootyams, - 32 mg, spreader extract - 90 mg, glycyrrhizic acid from licorice root - 12 mg.

Pharmacological action of the drug "Profertil"

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Reviews about the drug in the majority there are only positive. They pay attention to the increased mobility of spermatozoa as a result of prolonged and regular use of tablets( at least one month).Ingredients in the composition complement the action of each other, saturating the human body with all the necessary for successful conception of vitamins. These are:

  • L-carnitine. It is found only in man's preparation. It is produced naturally by the body. Affects the vital activity of spermatozoa. Improves their mobility, quantity and quality.
  • L-arginine. Amino acid, irreplaceable for the human body. Reducing its amount in the body entails a low mobility of spermatozoa and a decrease in their number.
  • Zinc. Actively participates in metabolic processes of the body. It has pronounced antioxidant properties. Increases the concentration of sperm. Increases its activity and the amount of testosterone, which is the main in spermatogenesis.
  • Vitamin E. Positively influences the activity of spermatozoa. Creates conditions for the fusion of sperm with the egg.
  • Glutathione and selenium. Oxidate free radicals. Stimulate the activity of spermatozoa.
  • Coenzyme Q10.Increases the chances of successful fertilization. Affects the quantity, quality of sperm.
  • Folic acid. Affects the development and division of cells. Has an effect on the metabolism of nervous tissue. Involved in coronary processes.
  • Glycyrrhizin. It is included only in the composition of the female drug. It differs in anti-inflammatory properties. Normalizes the content of male hormones and anovulatory cycles.
  • Catechins. These are antioxidants, which possess anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic and hypolipidemic properties.
  • Diosgenin. Positively affects lipids and antioxidants in the blood. Stimulates the formation of estrogens. Affects the reproductive functions of the body of a woman.
  • Damiana. Normalizes the menstrual cycle and the content of female hormones. Prepares the endometrium for implantation of the oocyte. It plays the role of natural progesterone. She prepares work in the body of a woman for the onset of pregnancy. Increases libido. Tones, stimulates blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis, strengthens the uterine muscles.

Both these supplements with the name "Profertil" include many useful substances and improve the reproductive picture of the human body.

Indications for use

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Reviews "Profertil" is recommended for men to accelerate the process of fertilization of the egg. It is an additional source of substances such as L-carnitine, glutathione, coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, folic acid, zinc, selenium. Stimulates the movement of sperm.

For women, the drug is prescribed at the age of 28 years. Of interest are also ladies of all ages with cycles of anovulation and hormonal failures. Use pills for hormone dependence, ladies with underweight. Doctors recommend taking it if you have a history of miscarriages, people with autoimmune diseases and a predisposition to them.

As a result of a long regular reception it is achieved:

  • normalization of the menstrual cycle;
  • full maturation of the egg and its ovulation;
  • oppression of inflammatory processes;
  • prevention of miscarriages at all stages of pregnancy;
  • safe growth and development of the embryo;
  • prevention of malformations of the nervous system of the unborn child;
  • increased libido.


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Reviews Profertil is not advised to be taken without a doctor's prescription. Prohibition of the use of tablets may be the individual intolerance of certain ingredients in the composition of a dietary supplement. It is necessary to refrain from taking tablets during pregnancy and lactation.

Dosage and application

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«Profertil" female( reviews say about improving reproductive functions in women of different age with regular admission of the drug in the last month), take one soft capsule and one tablet once a day with food, drinking plenty of water. A soft pill is taken with the pill.

The course of treatment should begin in advance( for 1-3 months) before the alleged conception of the child and continue the entire first trimester of pregnancy.

Men drink the drug one tablet once a day while eating, squeezed with water.

When using the product, you need to remember that this is a dietary supplement and it is not a medicine. Before use, always consult a physician.

Clinical studies of

tablets profertil for men reviews

The preparation Profertil( reviews speak about its positive effect on the spermogram of men) has proved effective in a number of clinical trials. So, the remedy improves the quality characteristics of the sperm, widens the veins of the spermatic duct, increases the reproductive functions of the male.

Biologically active additive contains carefully selected substances. Each of them underwent a series of clinical trials and created the best conditions for the fertilization of an egg by a natural way. Profertil provides a fortunate condition for a woman throughout her pregnancy.

A special way of manufacturing components removed from the drug dioxins, heavy metals and allowed to achieve a special purity of ingredients.

price in the pharmacy network

Tablets "Profertil" for men( reviews suggest that they contribute to the prosperous conceiving a child) can be purchased from a network of pharmacies "Samson Pharma" or the official representative of JSC "Medingtorg".Sixty tablets will cost the patient 6 thousand rubles, and 180 pieces will have to pay about 16 thousand rubles.

The price of a woman's drug is 3400 rubles per packing in 56 tablets. One hundred and twelve pills cost six thousand rubles.

"Profertil": patients' reviews

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The drug is German and has proven itself in Russia in the best way. Patients say that not all doctors know about it. Many couples who despaired of conceiving a child naturally, Profertil for men helped to become pregnant by increasing the activity of spermatozoa, and also influenced their quantity and quality. It is noted that the result did not take long after 30 days of regular administration.

There are opponents, because some people this dietary supplement did not fit, and his reception did not yield any significant results. Some prefer cheaper analogs and say that they are no worse than Profertil.

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"Profertil Female"( reviews of women noted that it normalizes the menstrual cycle) to achieve the desired result should drink at least three months. There is little information about him, but the one that is available is only positive. The ladies say that, thanks to these tablets, they were able to conceive and bear the child. Some of them the gynecologist prescribed the drug during pregnancy.

Profertil is a modern natural preparation that helps to conceive a long-awaited child. The price is high, but the result is worth it.