Pantogematogen "Gorno-Altai" liquid: reviews, instruction on the use, composition and analogues

There are periods in life when the body is overcome by weakness, loss of strength, dizziness and other ailments. In this situation, people try a variety of means: vitamins, immunostimulants, sports, hardening, etc. It will help to strengthen health and restore the vitality of the pantohematogen "Gorno-Altai" liquid. Reviews of him say that after taking the drug there is an unusual burst of energy, there is energy, and all things are done much faster.

Characteristics of the Altai balsam

Maral bats - the substance on the basis of which this balsam is created is unique. Possess miraculous properties. Heals the body. They have long been considered the best adaptogens, and pant blood cures many diseases.

Pantohematogen "Gorno-Altai" liquid( reviews say that it not only restores strength, but also improves, stimulates potency) is a biologically active additive to food. Contains an active substance, such as pantogematogen dry, which is obtained from the blood of a maral during the active growth of antlers in animals. In the production process, the active ingredient undergoes special treatment with low temperatures, dehydration and sterilization technologies.

Form and Composition

Pantogematogen "Gorno-Altai" liquid( reviews show that it restores the body in the most difficult everyday situations) is packed in glass bottles of 100 and 250 ml, which, in turn, are enclosed in a cardboard box with one bubble each. Complete with the balsam is the instruction for use.


The preparation includes: pantohematogen in dry form, sugar, water, iodokein, iron, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate. For every 100 grams of product, there are 9-12 mg of iron and 160-240 μg of iodine.

Action balm on the body

Pantogematogen "Gorno-Altaisky" liquid( reviews say that he is a reliable assistant in the deficit of iron) effectively increases the body's immune system. Strengthens health with severe exhaustion, weakened condition, anemia. Helps to restore strength during cardiovascular failure, serves as a secondary means of saturating the body with iron and iodine.

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The balsam is prepared from the donor blood of the Altai deer( maral), mined during the cutting of the antlers( neo-aged young horns of deer) during their active growth. This event takes place according to a specially developed scheme. Take the strongest individuals and pump out each two kilograms of blood. This process does not do any harm to the animals.

Maral blood contains many useful substances. These are eighteen essential amino acids of the twenty-two possible that are found in nature. There are various macro- and microelements, such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, silicon, sodium, nickel. Contains glutamic acid, lipids, enzymes, propylene and glycine, nitrogen, enzymes and many other valuable substances.

pantogematogen liquid reviews from buyers and doctors

Pantohematogen is an incomparable fortifying agent. Increases the positive qualities of blood, improves its composition, increases hemoglobin, gives tone, energy. The daily norm of balsam contains up to 80% of the human daily dose of iron. In addition, the drug increases immunity, so people who use it, are sick less often than others even during an exacerbation of colds. The advantages of the Altai remedy include a rejuvenating effect that reduces the biological age of a person.

It has been scientifically proven that the active ingredients that make up the antlers and blood of these animals have the best effect on the diseases of the genitourinary system. Stimulate potency, heal prostatitis, increase fertility of women, restore the menstrual cycle, accelerate the treatment of uterine fibroids.

Positively acting balm on the intellectual abilities of man. Improves memory and brain activity. Reduces nervous tension.

Often, doctors advise taking a pantogematogen after surgery, with serious injuries, during a severe prolonged illness. In this case, the drug stimulates the regeneration of cells, promotes the speedy healing of tissues, accelerates the fusion of bones and tissues. Irreplaceable balm will be in the off-season, with a sharp temperature difference, weather change, poor ecology and poor nutrition. At strong loads of mental and physical character raises stress resistance, protective forces of the person. Has anti-Parkinsonian properties.

Indications for use

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Balm pantogematogen "Gorno-Altai"( 250ml) is used as an active additive to food. It helps to saturate the body with iodine and iron in the period of deficiency of these substances in the body. It is indicated for prophylactic purposes, in the treatment of colds and infectious diseases. It is a good adjuvant for asthenia, hypotension, serious physical and mental stress. The result is in combination with other drugs in the treatment of impotence.

Contraindications and side effect

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Pantogematogen "Gorno-Altaisky" liquid( the doctors say that it is indispensable for beriberi) should not be taken with:

  • intolerance of ingredients that make up the dietary supplements;
  • diabetes mellitus of varying severity;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • at elevated pressure;
  • excessive excitability;
  • malfunction in the cardiovascular system;
  • strongly pronounced atherosclerosis;
  • predisposition to thrombosis;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Do not use this medication for children under the age of fourteen.

The drug is dispensed without a prescription, but despite this, you should consult your doctor before using it, since the remedy may in some cases cause allergies. Therefore, people who are predisposed to such phenomena, first time must take the drug with extreme caution.

How to use pantohaematogen "Gorno-Altai" liquid

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Reviews( the price of balm is quite acceptable) speak about the effective effect of dietary supplements on the immune system of the body.

According to the instructions, the drug should be taken within two weeks. Children aged 14 and over and an adult Altai agent are prescribed two teaspoons, which should be diluted in one glass of liquid( tea, water, juice or other non-alcoholic non-alcoholic beverage).You need to take this solution three times a day. The last dose is taken four hours before bedtime. In a year it is possible to carry out 3-4 such courses.

Analogues of non-alcoholic balsam

People left only positive reviews about the pantohematogen "Altai bouquet. Gorno-Altaysky. "To date, there are similar products on the market that are classified as pantogematogen. All of them are related by the presence in the composition of blood balsam of maral, extracted from pantov at the time of their growth. These are the preparations:

  • "Dar Altai";
  • "Lunar Altai";
  • "Narine";
  • "Pantohematogen - bio";
  • Two lines;
  • "Altai Maralenok" for children;
  • "Altai-Seligor".

All these and other agents are similar to the presence of a substance such as pantogematogen, and differ in their additional elements - these are various vitamins, extracts of herbs and fruits. The assortment extends preparations with maral blood in powdered form or in the form of capsules.

The cost of the drug

Pantogematogen "Gorno-Altai" is a highly effective and inexpensive drug. So, 250 ml can be purchased for 150-200 rubles, and 100 ml - for 90-150 rubles. The price varies depending on the outlet.

Buy the product and you can on the official website of the company "Altai Bouquet", there 100 ml will cost 95 rubles, and 250 ml - 165 rubles. To this cost will also be added a shipping fee, but despite this, there are always different promotions and discounts, so buying can become profitable. The minimum order amount is 400 rubles.

To begin with, the customer must register in the online store and choose the convenient way of delivery. Calculate the tariff. If the conditions prove to be suitable, then you can proceed with the registration of the order. When ordering for the amount of 4 thousand rubles, delivery by mail of Russia will be equal to 150 rubles. In addition, the company provides an opportunity to return the goods within ten days from the date of purchase, if necessary. In this case, the delivery fee is not refunded.

Also balsam is sold in pharmacies and branded stores.

Storage Rules and Shelf Life

Non-Alcoholic Balsam "Gorno-Altaisky" has a shelf life of one year. Keep it in a dark, cool and inaccessible place for children at a temperature of 8-25 ° C.

"Pantohematogen" balm: reviews

Instruction( the price for most people's survey is low enough for a means of this level) must be carefully studied before the beginning of the course of treatment. Do not neglect contraindications.


To many women the drug helped to recover after delivery, when other iron-containing drugs did not help. After a week of application, the tests changed for the better, the hemoglobin level in the blood increased. A good help was in the period of vitamin Pantogematogen liquid. Comments of buyers and doctors in this case indicate the effect of the drug, which for several weeks put people on their feet: restored their strength, energy, vitality, a good long sleep.

Many athletes use balm to restore vitality after a long competition, to increase efficiency. They note only a positive result, and men also declare about the improvement of potency. Help in this matter can and pant baths containing the same active substance.

Students often drink the course before passing the exams. Note that intelligence increases, the brain works faster and better, memory improves.

Women note that after taking the drug, the hair is no longer cut and dropped, nails are strengthened, the skin condition is improved. Gone premenstrual symptoms, the cycle was normalized. Even after severe fatigue and a short sleep, the ladies easily went to bed and got up. We were cheerful for several days in a row.

There are very few negative reviews, and those who did not get the drug talked about exacerbation of chronic diseases, abdominal pain, feeling unwell and dizzy.

Pantohematogen - an amazing drug that can restore strength in a few days, energize the body and restore broken health. At certain indications it can not be discounted, but it is not worth it to appoint it yourself. Before using it, consult a physician.