Dental prostheses: what, where and how much?

Prosthetic dentistry in Belarus , perhaps, is the most demanded procedure not only among Belarusian citizens, but also foreign guests. For many, this procedure is able to present long-awaited comfort and convenience in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

The reasons for the treatment of patients for dental prosthetics in Belarus are always different: it can be high erosion of teeth, chips, partial or complete absence of teeth, etc. With complete absence of teeth, basal implantation systems are effectively used by root Swiss implants. Read more - https: // mify-o-bazalnoj-implantacii-zubov

The cost of dental prosthetics in Minsk

Of course, the final cost of dentures can be determined only after examination and consultation, as well as undergo some preliminary procedures. Even after all manipulations it will be easier to determine specifically with the method of prosthetics.

The preparatory stage before dental prosthetics usually includes the following procedures:

  • Consultation with a specialist on whom general examination takes place, sanitation of the oral cavity, hygienic cleaning, etc.
  • Study of the patient's medical indicators: chronic diseases, infection, allergy to honey.drugs, etc.
  • Elimination of all deficiencies and diseases as far as possible for further prosthetics
  • Assessment of bone tissue condition
  • To assess the structure of the jaw and various inflammatory processes that a patient may have, it is necessary to take a picture of the OPTG or 3D
  • tomography
  • analysis. The decision on the method of prosthetics andcalculation of the cost of prosthetics

Types of prosthetics in Belarus

Prosthetics in Minsk imply the latest developments in dentistry. The kind of prosthetic teeth is determined by the doctor after the preliminary preparation described above. Types of prosthetics are as follows:

Fixed prosthetics

This technology is usually used in cases of partial adentia, where the load is only for healthy teeth .

Crown installation

Crowns are made from various materials. There are metal crowns, metal ceramic and ceramic crowns. The first are distinguished by their longevity, however, they will have to forget about aesthetics. Metal ceramic is a metal rod, which is covered with ceramics. Ceramic crown is the most expensive material, which completely imitates a real tooth.

Prostheses bridged

This is a design that can make up for the absence of 1-2 teeth. The prosthesis clings to the filed molar, on which the crown is put. Such a prosthesis does not require long-term habituation and is more gentle compared to implantation.

Crown inserts

This method is suitable for those with partial tooth fracture. The insert is most often made of cobalt-chrome alloy and ceramics

Composite or ceramic veneers

Peculiar lining on the teeth. They require the cutting of the upper surface of the tooth and serve mainly only for aesthetic purposes.

Prosthetics on implants

One of the most sought-after ways to restore a smile with full or significant adentia.

The systems of single-phase basal implantation are also gaining popularity - when the implant and crown are placed in one operation( 7-8 days).In contrast to classical implantation, the patient has the opportunity to restore chewing and aesthetic function in a few days. Of course, this kind of implantation is not shown to everyone, and not every implantologist owns this technology. Therefore - to choose a really experienced specialist in basal implantation, in this case, a qualitative result will be guaranteed.

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