"Diagnosis Plus", Voronezh. Reviews, prices

Private medicine in our country is gaining momentum every year. It is in this area of ​​healthcare that the Diagnostics Plus Center( Voronezh) operates. The doctors of this medical center are renowned for their professionalism and are deservedly respected among their colleagues. Thousands of people were able to gain lost health due to their high medical skill. About the activities of the medical center in which they work, and will be discussed in this article.

General description of

The Diagnostics Plus Clinic( Voronezh) is a medical center that specializes in providing a wide range of medical services and has an extensive network of branches in the city and surrounding areas. He opened in 1997 and at the moment behind his staff years of irreproachable work. The Center has advanced medical diagnostic equipment, carries out various laboratory analyzes and instrumental studies, and successfully introduces modern technologies in the information support of medical activities.

Patients who applied to the Diagnostic Plus clinic( Voronezh) can be assured that they will be provided with the most comfortable and unobtrusive service. Professional specialists work here, quick examination and accurate diagnostics are provided, a trustful and well-disposed atmosphere reigns.

Structure of

Voronezh provides many opportunities for its residents."Diagnostics Plus"( Moscow Avenue) has several offices that offer a wide range of medical assistance to all who need it:

  • Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory;

  • department of ultrasound research;

  • CT and MRI diagnostics;

  • center of in vitro fertilization;

  • Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics;

  • advisory and treatment department for adults;

  • andrology-urology;

  • advisory and treatment department for children.

On the functions of each of these structural units, we will dwell in more detail.

Clinical diagnostic laboratory

This department in its turn is divided into several specialized laboratories:

  • bacteriological;

  • is an enzyme immunoassay;

  • polymerase chain reaction( PCR);

  • biochemical;

  • flow cytometry;

  • of instrumental allergodiagnostics.

All types of clinical, biochemical, immunological, bacteriological and other studies can offer a medical center "Diagnostics Plus"( Voronezh).The results of the analysis in some cases can be obtained as early as the day of the examination. In any case, it will be done in the shortest possible time so that the patient can receive a doctor's opinion about his health as soon as possible. The laboratory uses the latest high-tech equipment, which operates in a single information system.

Ultrasound investigation department

Ultrasound diagnostics is performed using the most modern premium equipment in the clinic "Diagnostics plus"( Voronezh).The results of this study allow the specialists of the center to promptly deliver the correct diagnosis. All somatic examinations, gynecological ultrasound, neurosonography, 4D fetal examination with recording results on the disk, hysterosalpingoscopy, joint examination, transrectal ultrasound with a biplane sensor, and much more are performed here.

MRI and CT-diagnostics

Among other things, the center "Diagnostics Plus" in Voronezh conducted a procedure of tomography. This is an informative and modern diagnostic method that helps to make clear volumetric images of blood vessels, internal organs and various systems of the human body. Such a result can not be obtained with other methods of investigation. In the clinic described by us there are two tomographs - computer tomography( CT) and magnetic resonance imaging( MRI).The joint work of these devices allows us to get a complete picture of the condition of the patient's internal organs.

In Vitro Fertilization

Various methods of reproductive assistive technologies are used in the center "Diagnostika plus"( Voronezh).Services in this field of medicine involve the use of the following procedures:

  • intrauterine insemination;

  • in vitro fertilization;


  • cryopreservation of embryos and sperm.

All these methods are successfully applied by specialists of the clinic. Many patients of the center managed to become happy parents only by turning to this center.

Obstetrics and gynecology

A lot of attention in the center "Diagnostics Plus" is paid to the health of the female reproductive system. Comfortable and comfortable environment, experienced and attentive gynecologists, endocrinologists help each patient prepare for pregnancy and subsequent childbirth, conduct qualitative diagnostics and cure inflammatory diseases, STDs, breast, appendages and cervical diseases, and select appropriate contraceptive methods. In addition, there is equipment for video-colposcopy in this department.

Adult treatment department

This multidisciplinary department provides services in the following medical fields: allergology, endocrinology, ophthalmology, immunology, gastroenterology, neurology, cardiology, genetics, physiotherapy. Here, each patient can diagnose and treat adrenal and thyroid gland diseases, and also recognize diabetes and other dangerous pathologies at an early stage. Timely prevention allowed many of them to maintain their health and prevent irreversible changes in the body. Therefore, even after complete recovery, they continue to contact specialists of the center for proper recommendations and medical assistance.

Children's treatment department

There is also own pediatric department in the clinic "Diagnostics plus"( Voronezh).The following specialists are taking part in it: allergologist-immunologist, endocrinologist, oculist, gynecologist. All of them specialize in providing medical care to children and can find an approach even to the smallest patient. The arsenal of the pediatric department has all the necessary equipment for working with children. Many parents trust the health of their children to clinic specialists and never regret it. In addition, the clinic has a vision recovery office, the work of which is highly effective.

Specialists of

The specialists of the Diagnostics Plus clinic are highly qualified and are able to provide medical assistance to any patient. It employs competent gynecologists, ophthalmologists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, genetics, allergists, physiotherapists, neurologists and many other specialists. They are able to recognize the disease at the earliest stage and offer quality and effective treatment. After healing and rehabilitation, many patients remain faithful admirers of this clinic and constantly return to it for recommendations and medical support. Doctors of the Center Diagnostics Plus constantly improve their skills and attend various scientific events. In their work they use both time-tested methods and the latest developments in the field of medicine. This perfect combination always leads to the desired result. Numerous clients of the institution described by us can confirm this.

Popular services of

The Diagnostics Plus medical center offers a wide range of services to all comers. The most popular of them will be listed below. In this clinic, you can undergo a diagnostic examination for allergies, diabetes, osteoporosis, anemia, hepatitis, HIV, syphilis, helminths, infection in the blood and scrapings, undergo a biochemical and clinical examination, take tests for inflammation markers, thyroid function, reproduction, oncomarkers, undergo ultrasound and tomographic examination and get results just a few hours after the examination. These procedures are carried out in the clinic in compliance with all the requirements of sanitary hygiene.


The prices in clinic "Diagnostics plus" differ democratically and seem to be not burdensome for the overwhelming majority of city dwellers. The simplest blood test will cost the patient only 40 rubles and will be held during the day. The analysis under the name "90 food products" will be made within 1-5 working days and will cost the visitor a much more serious amount - 6800 rubles. However, the cost of most of the procedures varies between 300-500 rubles. This is a low price for the services rendered at such a high level.

Patient Reviews

The Diagnostic Plus Center( Voronezh) enjoys well-deserved popularity among the population. Reviews about this medical institution indicate a wonderful organization of work in it. Here every visitor is provided with attention and timely care. All complaints of patients are taken into account and taken into account when making a diagnosis. Particularly well people respond about carrying out of various inspections in clinic "Diagnostics plus"( Voronezh).The results of the analysis were obtained by many of them within a couple of hours after the delivery of the biological material, which made it possible to speed up the diagnostic process considerably.


Thousands of patients prefer to take tests at the "Diagnostics Plus" center. Voronezh is a large city and it has a wide choice of different medical institutions. However, its residents seek to receive medical care in this clinic, which speaks for its good reputation. Accessible and quality medical care is very rare in our time. Therefore, turning to "Diagnostics Plus" for help, you will make the right choice. Remember this and be healthy!