What to do if the child has constipation

With the advent of the baby, parents face a lot of questions every day to take care of the child. How to properly apply to the breast, how to ensure a healthy sleep, what should be a normal chair? When a baby for some reason does not have a chair, troubled mothers in various ways begin to stimulate the process of defecation.

Such actions are not always justified, because a baby who is breastfed can empty the bowels after each feeding, and several times a week, and this will not be a deviation from the norm. But frequent enemas and stimulation with various objects( gas pipe, for example) can be addictive and even, if the procedure is inadequate, to harm the baby.

In older children, constipation appears, unfortunately, quite often. In this situation everyone suffers: the kid because of pain in the tummy, painful excrement;parents from experiences for the child. Worried and worried, they do not know what to do. If constipation is not a fatal disease, then it certainly brings a lot of troubles, not to mention its consequences.

What if my child has constipation? Determine the cause. Suppose you are firmly sure that the child is really constipated. How to be in this situation, than to help the baby? Strangely enough, the first thing to do is to determine the cause that provoked constipation. That's right, treatment, to which everyone is treated as a saving tool, will help, but if the cause itself is not eliminated, it will cause the appearance of a "relapse".In turn, several relapses can provoke a chronic course of constipation, and they are fraught with their complications.

Physicians distinguish two main causes of constipation: functional and organic. The second group includes constipation due to congenital anomalies in the structure of the body, their correction is the work of surgeons. But functional constipation occurs for many reasons( insufficient drinking, unbalanced nutrition, switching to natural feeding, consequences of nervous system damage, iron deficiency anemia, endocrine disorders, food allergy.)

In addition, the constipation may be feared to survive pain( if the previous act of defecationwas painful.) For children attending a kindergarten or school, constipations are often caused by the teacher's refusal to put her in the toilet during the lesson.etc.)

What to do if the child has constipation? Correcting the nutritional errors

In order for the intestine to function properly, the child's diet should be carefully analyzed. Normally, the basis of the diet should be the foods rich in fiber, freshvegetables and fruits, in fact, it turns out the opposite: the child eats dry foods, mainly high-calorie and refined foods. Small babies can be given vegetable purees, older - boiled vegetables, included in the daily dietvoschnye juices, herbal teas( chamomile, fennel), a decoction of dill.

In addition, you need to pay attention to products that have a weakening effect( apples, prunes, kefir, bread, beets, cabbage).

If the baby is breastfed, it is possible that the cause of constipation is in the mother's diet. In addition, constipation can occur as a reaction to a certain mixture or a sharp transition to "adult" food.

What if my child has constipation? We use massage, acupuncture and aromatherapy.

For babies it is very effective to massage the belly with a warm palm clockwise. To accelerate the progress of feces, you can press the baby's legs against the tummy( this also releases from the gases accumulated in the stomach).

If you are familiar with acupuncture, use it to help your child by pressing on the points responsible for the normal operation of the colon and stomach.

From aromatics you can rub a mixture of Roman chamomile, ginger and transport oil into the stomach area no more than once a day. The only "but": aromatherapy is not combined with the use of homeopathic medicines.

What if my child has constipation? We instill correct habits of .In this case, it is about the child's training in daily bowel movement at about the same time( preferably in the morning).

It is important that the child understands that you can not ignore the urge to defecate. If the body needs to poke, then you need to tear yourself away from toys or from watching cartoons and do an "important" thing.

In addition, you need to teach your child to perform the morning exercises. This habit will prove useful not only to eliminate and prevent constipation.

How to help a child with constipation fast? .

As an ambulance, you can use enema with boiled water at room temperature( you can add 1-2 tsp of glycerin to a glass of water), oil enemas( with vaseline, olive, vegetable oil).For newborns, the amount of liquid is about 25 ml, in 1-2 months about 30-40 ml, for children 2-4 months - 60 ml, 6-9 months - 100-120 ml, from year to 2 - 200-250 ml, from two to five years - 300 ml, from six to ten years - 400-500 ml. The enema tip should be clean and greased with petroleum jelly.

Also used for the treatment of constipation in children( from birth) are glycerin suppositories.

It is important to understand that the doctor should prescribe the treatment, and the mothers should follow their advice, and not try themselves in the role of a doctor, using the child as a play material.