Children's "Lineks": instructions for use, description, composition and reviews

Biologically active food additives are used by the population everywhere. Some are designed to become a source of strength and energy, others guarantee the elimination of various ailments. A separate step in all medications is taken by drugs designed to restore and normalize the intestinal microflora. To such belongs and "Lineks" children. Instructions for use, the price and some of its substitutes will be presented to your attention in the article. After reading, you will be able to decide whether to accept this composition yourself, and whether to give it to the child.


Description of the additive

What does the instruction for use tell about such a tool as the children's "Linex"?The abstract claims that the preparation is available in the form of a powder. Its color can be from crystal white to gray. The product is packaged in separate silvery sachets. One such packet contains a daily rate of beneficial bacteria for the baby. The material of the package provides protection of its contents from moisture and penetration of foreign smells.

Sachets in a quantity of 10 pieces are placed in a small cardboard box. The front side of the package is represented by blue, white and yellow colors. In large letters it says: "Linex powder for children."Instructions for use of dietary supplements are attached to the drug in each such pack.

What does the medicine consist of?

What should I do before I give the child a child Linex? Instructions for use should be carefully studied by parents. Particular attention should be paid to the composition. What is included in it? The drug, as you already know, contains a complex of useful bacteria. The main are bifidobacteria. There are no less than 108 cfu. Among the excipients can be noted maltodextrin. It is contained in the preparation of 1.4 g.

On the child "Lineks" means the instruction for use informs that it is a source of probiotic microorganisms. The powder has the property of rapidly dissolving. Before use, it must be prepared.

powder for children instructions for use

Indications for use of dietary supplements

In what situations do physicians prescribe a children's "Linex" for use? The instruction for use states that the composition can be used for both treatment and prevention. Annotation reports the following indications:

  • infringement of intestinal and gastric microflora;
  • digestive problems characterized by constipation, flatulence and other symptoms;
  • the need for antibiotic therapy;
  • use of chemotherapy;
  • decrease in body resistance and immunodeficiency;
  • nausea, which is accompanied by eructations and sometimes vomiting;
  • poisoning;
  • intestinal infections;
  • poor absorption of vitamins and nutrients.

Despite clearly described indications, doctors do not recommend giving the drug to the child on their own. Doctors warn that any self-treatment can turn out not in the best way.

linex powder for children

Prohibition to use

What contraindications for use does it say for such a tool as the children's "Lineks", instructions for use? Annotation reports that the composition is not recommended for use with hypersensitivity to components. Also capsules for oral administration are not prescribed for children under the age of three. However, if there is no other option, then you can pre-open the gelatinous packaging.

Tablets are not prescribed for children with lactase deficiency, since they contain lactose. The drug in the form of powder for babies has no contraindications. This is evidenced by the instruction.

Side effects and reviews about them

Most doctors report that Linex powder is well tolerated for children. Instruction for use states that negative reactions can occur only in isolated cases. They are characterized by allergies and the development of intolerance of the constituents of the medication. However, consumers have other information about this.

Patients' opinions suggest that with the onset of therapy, a somewhat backlash reaction may occur. So, the child's gas production increases. Sometimes even a pain in the peritoneum may occur. However, in a few days everything passes. Doctors report that such a reaction is a consequence of the effects of beneficial and pathological microorganisms. When the microflora begins to be populated with normal bacteria, all the anxieties go away on their own. The reaction described by consumers does not necessitate the abolition of the use of the drug.

linex child instruction on application price

"Linex"( infant powder): instruction for use

How to give the child this form of the drug? As you already know, a lot of sachet must be dissolved. For this you can use any baby food. Uncover the sachet gently and pour the powder into the liquid. For infants, it is preferable to use mother's milk, an adapted mixture or juice with water. Stir the preparation thoroughly. Remember that the liquid into which you place the powder should not be hotter than 35 degrees. Otherwise, the medicine will lose its effectiveness.

The daily dose for a child under two years is one sachet. After 2 and up to 7 years, you can give one packet twice a day. After 7 years, the drug is shown in an amount of 2 sachets with a two-fold application. Preferably use the formula with meals. The duration of therapy is 1 month.

linex child instruction for use reviews

"Linex" for children in capsules: instructions for use

If your child has already reached a certain age and can swallow a capsule alone, then you can give him this kind of drug. The medicine is washed down with a large amount of water without preliminary shredding. Preferably take the pill at the end of the meal. Such a scheme will allow all the bacteria to be assimilated as efficiently as possible.

From birth to 2 years, the drug is prescribed one capsule per day with a triple application. In the period from 2 to 12 years, the medication is prescribed 2 capsules 3 times a day. The duration of application is determined by the doctor and depends on individual health indicators.

It is worth mentioning about the important moment. If your baby can not yet swallow the whole tablet, it is recommended to pre-print the gelatinous shell and mix its contents with a little water. The capsule itself is not needed. The shell does not carry any useful properties and is displayed unchanged.

linex for newborns

The price of the drug and its analogs

How much is the biologically active additive described? It all depends on the type of drug and region of your residence. Medication for newborns in the form of a powder can be purchased on average for 400 rubles. In this case you will find 10 sachets in the package. This means that on the course you need 3 boxes of the drug. Treatment in this case will be approximately 1200 rubles. If you buy the drug in the form of capsules, then be ready to give him about 350 rubles. For this amount you will receive 16 tablets. There are packages and with a lot of medicament content. So, 32 tablets will cost you 550 rubles, and 48 - at 700. As you can see, the more a pack you buy, the more it will be more profitable.

What about the analogues of the drug? One of the most popular is Bifidumbacterin. This is a Russian preparation, which also contains useful bifidobacteria. Also, you can replace the medicine for children with "Acipol", "ImoFlora".For children after two years, the drug "Normobakt", which has the taste of chocolate, is suitable. Newborn babies are also often prescribed "Primadofilus".However, the composition of this analogue is very different from the described agent. Nevertheless, the effect of treatment is the same.

linex for children in capsules instructions for use

Opinions about dietary supplements to doctors and consumers

You have already learned that it reports to the preparation "Linex child" instructions for use. Reviews about this tool are extremely positive. Parents of babies say that the powder is very convenient to take. After all, drink it only once a day. Also, the advantage of the drug is its pleasant taste. After dissolving the mass from the sachet, sweet water is obtained. If you use to prepare breast milk or juice, then the drug is completely invisible to the taste.

The capsules are also good reviews. However, parents talk about the inconvenience of their use. After all, pills have to be taken several times a day. However, older children can swallow the drug without much difficulty.

The action of the tool becomes noticeable almost immediately. Within a few days the microflora is restored, the intestines are cleared of toxins and harmful substances.vitamins and useful compounds are absorbed to the maximum extent.

What does the instruction on the application say about the preparation "Lineks"( capsules)?The doctors' comments and the abstract indicate that the medicine can be taken simultaneously with antibiotics. However, the effectiveness of the drug is not reduced. If the composition is used together with the sorbent, then it is necessary to make a small break. Usually 2-3 hours are enough for one medicine to be fully absorbed by the body.

linex capsule instructions for use review

A short summary of the information provided by

You were able to get acquainted with the "Lineks" product for newborns. Instruction, composition, analogs are presented to your attention in the article. Remember that before using any medication, you must always get a preliminary consultation with a doctor. Only after this it is possible to begin the therapy. Take healthy bacteria to feel great. Among other things, they also increase immunity, restoring protective functions. Be healthy!