The network of dental clinics "Tooth 33": the best place for dental treatment in St. Petersburg!

Dentistry occupies a significant segment in modern traditional medicine. Without the services of dentists, maintaining health at a good level would be much more difficult. This is due to the fact that a lot of bacteria accumulate in the oral cavity( if not perform proper care of it), which subsequently enter the body. Therefore, you need to monitor the condition of teeth and gums and if you suspect a malaise of the mouth, consult a qualified doctor. Thanks to the network of dental clinics "Zub 33", oral care has become much easier for residents of St. Petersburg, because this medical institution successfully combines professionalism and accessibility for ordinary citizens.

A brief history of the network of 33rd tooth clinics

The first clinic "Zub 33" was opened in 2001, at the address Botkinskaya, house number 1.To date, there is the main office and the main reception network. Thanks to the fact that the team of doctors worked tirelessly, the glory of the clinic quickly spread throughout St. Petersburg. Already in 2002, there was another opportunity to open a dental institution, the management of the network used it.

33 tooth spb

The network of clinics developed and grew, and already now it includes 7 "33 tooth" hospitals. SPb is a city where there are a lot of dental institutions, but this clinic has gained popularity among the citizens, because it has a number of significant advantages.

The advantages of the "33rd tooth" clinic

This network of clinics has the following advantages:

  • Application of innovative equipment and the latest materials in medical practice. The clinic "33 tooth" departed from the Soviet traditions of diagnosis and treatment of the oral cavity, in return, it took the best aspects in dentistry from Europe. Doctors use the latest equipment, the use of which is comfortable for the patient.
  • Highly qualified medical personnel. In the clinic, not only people with education in the field of dentistry work, but also doctors, for whom medicine is a vocation. Staff of employees strives to constantly develop in the chosen direction, to learn new things and gain experience.
  • The clinic has all the licenses and permits necessary for the work. The hospital was checked many times for the availability of necessary equipment for work, doctors' qualifications, sanitary and hygienic conditions, etc. The certificates confirm that the clinic "33rd tooth" corresponds to all norms of modern dentistry.
  • Affordable prices. Compared with other dental hospitals in St. Petersburg, Zub 33 offers its customers fairly low prices. Therefore, this clinic is also called a family clinic.

Dentistry 33 tooth

If you want to find out what the European dentistry is, "33 tooth" is the ideal dental institution for you, as this network of clinics is one of the best European medical care models in Russia.

Services of the "33rd tooth" clinic

Among other things, this network of dental hospitals represents a wide range of services:

  • Treatment of caries at different stages of the disease.
  • Careful tooth extraction( with anesthesia).
  • Sealing the seal.
  • Orthodontics - correction of bite by installing staples or braces on the teeth. The doctor will advise a suitable bracket system or plate, install it and check the alignment process for a few months.
  • Orthopedics - the installation of new teeth instead of lost or lost due to an accident. The doctor will select the optimal material for the patient's oral cavity, model the tooth individually for the patient and complete the installation.
  • Periodontics - treatment of diseases associated with gums.
  • Pediatric dentistry - includes the prevention of oral disease, the treatment of existing defects and the formation of a proper bite in the child.

Clinic 33 tooth

As we can see, the Zub 33 clinic provides all the necessary services for complex treatment of problems associated with teeth or oral cavity.

Treatment prices

The following table will give a more accurate picture of the cost of treatment in the network of clinics "33rd tooth":



Anesthesia for tooth extraction

250 руб.

Caries therapy

Depending on the severity of caries, the cost of treatment varies between 3000-4000 rub.

Installation of the bracket system( 1 jaw)

from 22 000 rub.

Mounting brackets

from 8000 rub.

Elimination of sensitivity of gums

from 5000 rub.

Treatment of caries of a baby tooth

from 2000 rubles.

Treatment of permanent tooth caries

from 2500 rub.

As we can see, this network of clinics offers quite reasonable prices for treating the oral cavity of the whole family. Therefore, if you have problems with your teeth and need a qualified dentist in St. Petersburg, contact the "33rd tooth" network and do not suffer from pain and other unpleasant symptoms. For more than 10 years of work, this dental network has earned the trust and recognition of many citizens of Peter.

Addresses of clinics "33rd tooth"

Tooth 33

As already mentioned above, 7 hospitals are included in the network of 33 tooth clinics, here are their addresses:

  1. Botkinskaya street, house 1.
  2. Savushkina street, 125, first building.
  3. Butlerova Street, house 40.
  4. Marshal Zhukov Ave., house 33.
  5. Prospectus of Testers, house 6.
  6. Ilyushin's street, house 1.
  7. Prospect of Enlightenment, house 30.