Dry heels: possible causes and effective ways of treatment

With a problem such as dry heels, many face. Not only that such a phenomenon delivers a lot of uncomfortable sensations, so also the appearance of the legs becomes unattractive. If you want to boast of soft and pink heels, you need to provide them with gentle care.

dry heel treatment

Dry heels: the reason for

Girls like to show their beautiful legs. On the street, on the beach, in the office, at home - yes, anywhere. Nevertheless, dry heels can significantly spoil the mood and force beauties to wear closed shoes. The following factors can serve as the reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon:

  • wearing uncomfortable high-heeled shoes;
  • lack of vitamins A and E, which affect the skin condition;
  • fungal infections( in this case, in addition to dryness and cracks, skin discoloration may occur);
  • improper foot care and neglect of personal hygiene;
  • disorders in the endocrine system.

heel is dry and cracking

Whether it is necessary to consult a doctor

Quite a common problem are dry heels. What if the problem persists for a long period of time? Of course, contact a doctor. The fact is that if the problem of rough skin can not be solved with the help of cosmetic procedures, then, most likely, the reason lies in health problems:

  • deficiency in the body of vitamins( both seasonal and chronic);
  • fungal diseases;
  • thyroid problems;
  • fungus or herpes;
  • eczema;
  • diabetes mellitus of any type.

If you have any of the above problems, then no cosmetic procedures can cure dry heels and cracks. You will have to undergo complex medical treatment.

Softening procedures

Dry heels - this is a serious problem, but it is quite solvable. Continuous and gentle skin care is important. The main thing is that at the first signs of dryness you need to start intensive therapy, which can include the following procedures:

  • Regularly pamper your legs with herbal baths. With dryness and cracks helps to cope with a combination of chamomile, marigold, sequins and sage. It is worth noting that this procedure has not only softening, but also anti-inflammatory effect, which will be an additional prevention of fungus.
  • Sea or ordinary table salt is an effective remedy against cracks and peeling of the skin on the heels. It is necessary to lower your feet for a quarter of an hour in a warm concentrated solution. If the dryness has reached a critical level or there are deep cracks, then add milk to the bath.
  • Beneficial effect on the skin red wine. It will not only soften your heels, but also relieve fatigue. For two liters of water you need to take 2 glasses of wine( you can substitute grape juice).After 20 minutes you will not recognize your heels.

To make the effect noticeable and stable, you need to complete the procedures correctly. Legs should be wiped dry and lubricated with moisturizing creams or nourishing oils. You also need to wear cotton socks.

dry heels at home

Compresses for dry heels

Due to the fact that the load on the feet and heels is large enough, they quickly lose moisture. As a result, the skin splits and becomes rough. To reanimate dry heels, you need to regularly make nutritional compresses. The following recipes work best:

  • remove the upper coarser layer of skin will help you onions. It should be grated on a fine grater, then mixed with a small amount of honey and milk. On the bandage or gauze, apply the resulting gruel, attach to the heel and wrap it with polyethylene. Top with dense socks and leave a compress for the night. In order to eliminate an unpleasant onion smell in the morning, wash your feet with soap and apply cream.
  • Honey is a real salvation for dry skin. They need to lubricate the problem areas, cover with polyethylene and put on warm socks. It's better if the honey pack stays on all night. After you wash your feet in the morning, be sure to apply the cream.
  • If the skin is not too hard, then the green apple will help you solve the problem. Rub it in puree, wrap in a piece of bandage or gauze and attach to the heels. To fix the compress you need cellophane bags and socks. It is better to leave for the night.
  • Perhaps, the most simple and effective enough can be considered a cabbage compress. You just need to stretch in your hands or beat off a clean sheet with a rolling pin and attach it to the heel. Fix the compress with a bandage, and remove it in the morning and apply a cream to your feet.
  • Purity is a healing plant that helps to cope with a variety of problems. If you have dry heels, at home you can make a healing compress. Grind the fresh sheet( you can beat it with a rolling pin) and attach it to the problem site. As in previous cases, the legs should be wrapped in polyethylene, put on socks and leave the product overnight.

dry heels what to do

Pumice treatment with

Many people face a problem such as cracked or dry heels. What to do? Of course, treat them with pumice stone. Despite the fact that this is the most popular method, many make mistakes. So, for example, it is wrong to work on the heels during showering, or immediately after they are heavily steamed. It is better to do this about half an hour before bathing. The effect will be more pronounced, if before applying the pumice stone you will grease the heels with a nutritious cream.

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Dry heels - treatment with pharmaceutical means

In the pharmacy you can find a lot of tools that are aimed at solving not only medical, but also cosmetic problems.so if the heel is dry and cracking, then try using the following drugs:

  • "Five days" is a nutritious cream with a rich composition, thanks to which your legs will simply change. It has not only nutritious, but also disinfectant properties. Thus, in addition to the healing of cracks, the prevention of fungal diseases will also be carried out.
  • "Sea Wolf" is an effective budgetary tool that struggles with a lot of problems( from the aggressive impact of water, sun or cold and ending with a lack of vitamins and nutrients).Components of the cream contribute to a speedy regeneration, and therefore your heels in the shortest possible time will change.
  • "Bepanten" is a popular remedy that helps to cope with skin problems. Thanks to such a component as lanolin, the epidermis softens, and the cracks quickly heal.

dry heels and cracks

Proven "grandmother" tool

Dry five and cracks on the legs - this is an age-old problem. At the moment, pharmacies and beauty shops can find a lot of tools and devices that help to cope with it. And what did women do in those days when only ineffective pumice was available? There is one effective recipe.

Buy a bubble of glycerin, as well as vinegar essence. That's all you need to make a preparation. The container with glycerin will be incomplete. In it you need to top up the vinegar essence, close tightly, and then shake vigorously.

Wash your feet well with household soap, rip them in a bath( you can use herbal or hydrochloric salt) and carefully rub with a pedicure brush to remove the top layer of coarse skin. Now you need to wipe the skin with a towel.

Shake the vial with glycerine and acetic essence well, moisten the cotton swab in the liquid and process all the roughness that is on the feet, paying special attention to the heels. Next, you need to put on your feet cellophane bags and tight socks. It is best to do the procedure at night. But if you decide to spend it in the afternoon, then rest assured that the composition will be absorbed into the skin in about 40 minutes. After the procedure, you can slightly rub the heel with pumice stone, but this is not necessary. Wash your feet with soap and oil them with cream.

If your heels are in a neglected state, then at first the procedure will have to be carried out daily until the skin comes to normal. After that, it will be enough once a week to maintain the effect.

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Preventative measures

Dry heels and cracks can give ladies not only physical, but also aesthetic discomfort. Naturally, it is much easier to prevent the problem than to fight it later. Preventive measures include the following:

  • try to wear comfortable shoes, and use special gel insoles;
  • do not neglect the rules of personal hygiene - wash your feet daily using antibacterial agents;
  • regularly use pumice stone, as well as scrubs( shop or home);
  • before bedtime, clean feet with moisturizing creams or nourishing oils;
  • periodically drink the course of vitamins A and E, and also include in your diet products containing them( carrots, apples, grapes and so on).


Dry skin on heels, cracks - all this does not add beauty to your legs. Unfortunately, many women do not pay enough attention to this problem, which can lead to quite serious consequences. If you want to be at every situation, if you like to wear open shoes, and if you want to become the queen of the beach, then your feet need regular and high-quality care. Do not neglect the rules of personal hygiene, watch your health and nutrition, and regularly pamper your legs with herbal baths and natural peelings.