Phlebeurysm. Folk recipes and recommendations for the treatment of the disease

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This disease as a varicose veins manifests itself as a result of swelling of the veins, their expansion and stretching in certain areas, resulting in the loss of the elasticity of the walls of large vessels. The veins of the legs, rectum and spermatic cord are most affected by this ailment. Most often, elderly women suffer from varicose veins, but recently an unpleasant tendency has been observed - many cases of the disease occur among young people who have not reached even the 20-year limit.

There are several causes of this pathology and among them a genetic predisposition is distinguished, but the most basic of the reasons are various disorders of the circulatory system. The very first symptom is the manifestation of vascular "stars", usually on the feet, but in some cases occurs on the face. Then the varicose veins begin to progress. Folk recipes in the initial stages will help get rid of the disease, without waiting until the increased blood pressure in the vessels will lead to the fact that the valves will not be an obstacle for the blood flow downward.

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With the help of lotions, you can achieve significant improvement in skin and circulation, reduce soreness with a disease such as varicose veins. Folk recipes, among which there are lotions, compresses, allow you to get rid of the ailment in its early stages.

  • Grind washed freshly cut wormwood leaves to the state of gruel, which is mixed with curdled milk in a small amount, the resulting mixture is applied to the skin. Secure the lotion with a gauze dressing and hold for half an hour. The remedy is to remove the inflammatory process, prevent the appearance of vascular "stars" and get rid of those already existing.
  • Washed lilac leaves( young) are poured with steep boiling water, insist on a water bath for 10 minutes, filter and cool. The cheesecloth is folded in several layers, moistened in the received infusion and applied to the diseased area, left for half an hour. Such lotions improve the condition in the early stages of such a disease as varicose veins. Folk recipes have a great many really effective means.
  • Wash the littered leaves of the lilac and apply them to the vascular "stars", fixing with a gauze dressing, after half an hour they remove. Improves blood circulation and removes inflammation.
  • Rinse several grape berries, apply to places with vascular "stars" on the face on the gauze bandage, which makes them invisible. Keep only a few minutes, remove and rinse the face with cool water.
  • For the same purpose, apply finely chopped peeled horseradish root, which is applied to the affected areas on the face on the gauze bandage, stand for several minutes and very thoroughly washed off.

Varicose veins. Treatment with folk methods using compresses

Compresses are an effective remedy for getting rid of a number of diseases. They are used as an auxiliary and preventive method for the disease of the veins of the lower extremities.

  • Washed fresh tomatoes, cut into thin plates, put on a bandage and attached to places affected by the disease. After two hours, the compress is removed and replaced with fresh. A noticeable effect is observed after a three-fold change in the compress.
  • At an early stage of such a disease as varicose veins, folk recipes recommend the application of crushed young branches of pussy willow to areas with vascular "stars".
  • Good results in the treatment of the disease can be achieved with an alcoholic tincture of Kalanchoe pinnate. Take a few freshly cut leaves of the plant, washed, crushed to a mushy consistency and poured into 100 ml of vodka. Insist the remedy in a darkened place for a week, filter and rub into the affected area for the night, wrapped in a warm cloth. There is a noticeable paling of the vascular "stars" after the fifth procedure, soreness disappears almost immediately. The use of this tincture for a long period( about 4 months) allows you to completely get rid of the external manifestations of the disease.
  • How to treat varicose folk remedies in a neglected stage? To do this, sprinkle areas with the manifestation of the disease with drinking soda, after which they cover well soaped toilet soap or household soap with cabbage leaves( white-collar).Secure with a warm cloth and leave overnight. There is a withdrawal of severe pain and a marked improvement in the condition of the patient.

This is only a small part of the prescriptions available in the treasury of traditional medicine, the use of which is able to prevent or cure the disease in the early stages, so you do not have to resort to medical treatment or surgery. In addition to the recipes given in the article, there are many different recommendations, for example, rubbing, masks, in combination with exercises for veins, with which you can achieve positive results. However, in any case, a specialist consultation and proper diagnosis are necessary. Do not forget that our health is in our hands. Be healthy!